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Reincarnation-Chapter 8


Reincarnation-Chapter 8

Theme: Death is not an option


"Cecilia... Cecilia!! " Moran yelled shaking Cecilia vigorously.

"Wake up already!! " she drawled smacking Cecilia's ass.

"Whhaatt". Cecilia groaned
"I thought you said you wouldn't even sleep a wink, get up Leo's here "

"Leo? Who's Leo? "

"My God!! " Moran sighed frustratedly

"Leonardo Freeman your assistant, the one from the SSA, remember we're starting our mission today "

"Mission? ". Cecilia suddenly sprang up with her eyes wide.
"Finally". Moran sighed deeply.
"Get ready , Leonardo is downstairs waiting "

"What's the time? " Cecilia asked yawning.

"9:52 am"

"Whoa, I slept that long? "

"No you slept this long". Moran replied with a sarcastic tone.
"Just get ready, we don't have much time ". She added making for the door.

"Did you cook? " Cecilia asked sniffing the air.

"Yep, and I just made your coffee, so you better come and have it while its still hot ". Moran replied shutting the door.

Cecilia took a glance at her room ; it was a mess, stacks of papers lying carelessly on the floor, clothes, shoes hanging on different corners.

She sighed and got off the bed, making a mental note to call Wanda her housekeeper...

Jamie woke up to the sweet aroma of home made food.

He stretched smiling ; feeling ecstatic that a woman was in his house and she spent the night on his bed.

'When last was it? ' he thought.
When was the last time he brought a lady home.?

That was before he started nursing romantic feelings for Cecilia.

He completely shut out the erotic world all because of a lady who doesn't even feel the same.

Fay came to him last night and asked him to continue from where he stopped in the office.

Jamie who had been starved for months, had little or rather no resistance towards her.

So and so and so it happened.
'Well it does feel good to have a woman at home '. He thought entering the bathroom for a quick bath.

When he came out he met Fay in the room in front of his Laptop , she was clad in one of his shirts which was obviously times three of her size and her hair was wet, that told him that she must have taken her bath already. She seemed to be looking for something in Jamie's computer and she was looking for it rapt attention because she didn't even notice his presence.

"Hey " Jamie whispered holding her from behind.

She flinched at first but she quickly turned around and blocked the screen.

"Hi " she whispered back a little nervous.

"Uh.. What are doing with my Laptop? "

"Nothing, I was just checking if I could log into the office system from here ". She answered smoothly this time.

"Oh OK". Jamie replied.

He was too blinded by lust for her killer body to even bother checking what she was REALLY doing.

"I made breakfast ". Fay said playing with his wet hair.

"Hmm". He breathed out placing small kisses on her neck. His lips trailed from her neck up to her face and he slowly placed his lips on hers.

Fay didn't hesitate to respond and she stylishly pressed the CANCEL button on the laptop.

Few seconds later the slow kiss had dominated into a hot sensual kiss.

Jamie roughly picked her up and she wrapped her legs around him.
"How about a hot quickie before breakfast? ". He asked huskily against her lips.

And well from a hot quickie to the shower to the couch and back to the shower again before they finally got their hands off each other.

"I'll join you in a minute ". Fay said to Jamie who was exiting the room for the kitchen.

"Alright then". He answered arranging his messed up hair and crumpled clothes.

Once he was out of sight, Fay practically flew to where the Laptop was and inserted a flash drive, she quickly downloaded the file she had been reading.

After downloading it she removed the drive and shut down the system.

She removed an elastic band from her purse and packed her hair in a bun.

She carried her ankle boots and carefully inserted the drive inside a tiny pouch in the boot before wearing them.

Glanced at her reflection in the mirror and dashed out.

"You look hot ". Jamie commented the moment she reached the dinning room.

"Thanks ". She whispered loud enough for him to hear, before drawing out a chair to sit.

"And the meal is delicious, I didn't know you could cook this great "

"Thanks, I learnt it from my mum" she answered

"Really, she must be a great cook "
"Yeah she was "

"She was? "

"Yep she's dead " Fay whispered tearfully

"I... I'm sorry, I didn't know ". Jamie rushed his words out, holding her hands in a bid to sooth her.

"Of course you didn't, it's okay ". She replied wiping a tear drop off her cheek.

"Uhm where are the rest of your family now? ". He asked after a while of silence.

She hesitated for a while before she finally answered.

"They're dead, they all died in a car accident "

"Sh*t... I'm really sorry.. I shouldn't have asked "

"Its alright, Jamie, it's not your fault, I just don't like talking about it " she replied with a small laugh.

"Let's eat up before the food gets cold ". She urged looking at Jamie who's eyes were filled with concern.

"Yeah " he answered resuming his meal.

"Uhm.. Can we keep this thing between us down, I mean we should keep it a secret ". She said looking at him.

"Y.. Yes... Of course... I was actually thinking the same thing ". He sttutered, relieved that he didn't have to ask her first.

He wasn't ready tell anyone yet, they could just keep it a secret at least until when he was sure about what he felt for her..

"Oh and Jamie I have another question " she said again
"Yeah go ahead ". He answered munching the last bite of his omelette.

"Do you perhaps know anything about.. Uhm..Secret Security Agency .. SSA? "

This time he chocked on the food and started coughing..

"Sorry.. Drink this ". Fay said handing a glass of water to him.
"I'm..Sorry What? ". He asked after he stopped coughing ..

"Do you know anything about uhm.. SSA? " she replied.

"No". He quickly answered.

"What's it, is it a company or something? " he asked faking a curious look.

Not that he didn't trust her, but the SSA was top top secret, he couldn't just reveal it to anyone and he also didn't want to put her life in danger but still he couldn't help but wonder why she would be asking about it.

"It's uhm.. An investigation agency... Like the FBI.. You know what never mind.. I just read about it somewhere and I was curious, that's all". She breathed out and quickly piked up her plate and his and dashed into the kitchen.

'Weird '. He thought.

A minute later she returned.

"Uhm.. I'll see you in the office, I need to head home first " she said picking her purse.

"Then I'll drop you off " Jamie replied also picking his car keys.

And together they walked out....
With Jamie wondering the cause for her sudden change of mood and with Fay thinking of other strategies to get what she wants....

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