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Reincarnation-Chapter 7


Reincarnation-Chapter 7

Theme: Death is not an option


Jamie was leaning forward on the counter top of his bar and slowly sipping the newest French wine in his collection, reminiscing on the days event.

He was still somewhat pissed at Cecilia for her nonchalant attitude towards him and his new assistant.

He understood the reason why she was behaving that way, few months ago she employed a fresh graduate from the university of California to assist her, but just because he was an handsome geek, he totally disapproved of it, claiming that there was no need for him to be there, he even went as far as getting a new job for the young man.

He made Cecilia and Moran stay in the same office, so they could both help each other out, he claimed that since they were both experienced it would yield more efficient results, but deep down the reason he did that was because he felt insecure; he likes Cecilia and felt extremely jealous when he sees her with another man or rather another very handsome man and the fact that she doesn't feel the same was not helping matters AT ALL.

The reason he employed Fay was just to make Cecilia jealous so she could realize she had feelings for him, or so he thought. But now he just realized that, that wasn't the reason, it was because of the lust he felt for Fay.

She's beautiful, smart, intelligent, and Damn she could turn heads.
The moment she walked into his office, he new he wouldn't be able to let her go just like that, but he tried to cover it up.

Right now he knew for sure that what he felt for her was just an infatuation.

He doesn't even know how he felt ; he likes Cecilia, that's for sure and he also sees her in his future and wants to build something strong with her. Fay on the other was just someone he saw on his bed and nothing more. ' It's just lust'. He thought. And even if they were going to have something together it would just be a promiscuous relationship and nothing more.
That's the reason why he couldn't resist her when lured him into her arms this morning.

If only he resisted her, he probably wouldn't be in this emotional mess right now.

"Ahh ". He sighed

O Fay ; how hot she looked in that clingy dress, how her hips swayed as she majestically walked about, her lovely voice, beautiful eyes, killer lips, her full bosom, how they felt in his hands....

"Sh**t " he cursed aloud ,, when he realized he was getting hard.
"Damn you Fay Stars " he mumbled frustatedly.

"I wonder how I'm going to continue being a celibate "' he said to himself.

"O God Fay what are... " he trailed off, hearing the doorbell ring.

"Huh " he breathed out glancing at the clock. The time was '9:45 '

It rang out again, prompting him to get up from the stool.

He quickly went to the door and opened it without checking who it was.

"Oh! " he exclaimed seeing who it was.

"Fay... "

Great!!!! . Just great!!

"You know him? " Leonardo asked taking in the look on their faces.
"Uhh.. Yyy. . yes.. Kind of " Moran stuttered.

They were shocked , not just because in the image an arrow was pointing at Fay's supposed father, but because it was the same picture!!! The same frigging picture they were talking about awhile ago.

'Is this coincidence or what? '. Cecilia thought.

Now she was intruiged, there must be a whole lot to discover behind that picture.

"How do you know him? " Leonardo asked.

"Where did you these picture from? " Cecilia asked before Moran could answer.

"From the drive you gave the SSA, why? "

"What year do you think they took this picture? ". She asked again.
"Uhm... I believe it was about 50 to 60 years ago I can't say, now would you mind telling me what all this is about? " He asked restlessly

Cecilia got up and began to prowl to and fro, round the room.

Moran quickly scuttled back to the dinning table, few seconds later she returned with the file.

"Here, I think you need to see this ". She said handing the file to him.

"Okay you guys have to tell me what's going on". He said with a confused look, flipping through the file.

"What does this even mean.. " he was saying when he got to the last page and saw the picture.

"Oh" he whispered

"That file contains the background check of Jamie's assistant ". Cecilia started.

"Why does is this picture in it? ". He asked.

"That's what we were talking about before you came, and we're now seeing the same picture in the drive ".

"And we saw it in the library too" Moran added.

Leonardo was elated
This picture was like a jackpot to get to the people from his first life, and maybe if he gets them he'll be able to know the reason for his predicament.

Three months ago he returned to Pomona after so many years and as fate would have it he stumbled upon this same picture on his first attempt to trail the B. M. Bs.

But there's just one thing he's trying not to think about, they can't be the B. M. Bs.

" Cecilia ". Moran called lowly.

"This girl can't be Fay, this picture is more than fifty years old, how on earth can it be Fay!! "

"Look at the girl in this picture again, look this isn't Fay ". She continued pointing at the girl who they'd they'd assumed to be Fay.

"Look closely". Moran urged.

Cecilia picked up the file and brought it closer to the Laptop, then she looked intently at the both pictures.

"These pictures are not the same". She finally spoke up.

"But the same people are in it". Leonardo completed.

"How? ". Moran asked.

"Look closely again Moran, the picture in the file is not complete, I think it was cut out from the full picture, look at the picture on the screen there's a hand on the girls shoulder but the body has also been cut out and you're right this isn't Fay, the only common thing between them is their auburn *(reddish-brown) * hair . "

"Leonardo could please zoom into the picture ". Moran asked
"Wait.. Wait.. That's fine, look ".
She she pointing at the girl

"She has a tattoo on her arm and I Fay doesn't have anything on her arm"

"What could this mean? ". Cecilia mumbled pacing frantically.

"I think we should go to the library and check it out ". Moran answered.

"Yes we should go back there". Retorted Cecilia.

"Uhm.. I think that'll have to wait "
Leonardo spoke up immediately.

"Why? "

"We have to meet the crew tomorrow " he replied.

"What crew? " Moran asked
"We can't do this alone, we need a team of trained experts and we'll be meeting them tomorrow ".

"Wow, this is gonna exciting " Moran squealed.

"I hope so" Leonardo answered getting on his feet.

"I'll leave now, its late you should get some sleep "

"Sleep ". Cecilia scoffed

"I don't think that'll come to me tonight "

"Well Miss Martin, I'll advice you to get some, because this might be the last night you'll have the time to"

With that said he pecked Moran on her left cheek, he didn't even dare do that to Cecilia with the scowl on her face. He said a low goodnight and walked out.

Moran wobbly collapsed on the couch, she was obviously in cloud nine right now. Cecilia on the other hand went back to the Laptop, grateful that he didn't take the flash drive with him, she began skimming through the files.
There were many mysteries left to unfold and this was just the beginning......

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