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Reincarnation-Chapter 6


Reincarnation-Chapter 6

Theme: Death is not an option


Somewhere between Pomona Valley and San Gabriel Valley...
Five men were sitting round a table inside an abandoned factory.
Though it looked rattled and unkept from the outside but inside it was well furnished with the latest and most expensive gadgets.
Though with all the that, the whole place still smelt ILLEGAL and DANGER.

Goods were going in and out, and in this world goods meant ; drugs, hard drugs, very very hard drugs ; Narcotics, Sedatives.. Weapons ; deadly weapons, bombs ; latest and well to do TIME BOMBS; even a single one can wipeout the existence of a whole country.
This place smelt f**king DANGER.
And the funny and most interesting fact about this place is that it can't be found, not even when you walk into it.

It is well equipped with high technology
kinks that even the government can't get to it.

Many times.. So many times, police officials, Security agencies have followed trails only to meet an abandoned, old factory.

The only way you can get into the main building is if you're one of them and that is an almost impossible task, because not just anyone can be part of them , only certified ; killers, assassins, smugglers, drug dealers, hitmen, corrupt retired security officials.. Just name anything bad and illegal you'll surely find it here.

And the reason why no one has been able to find them?

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Well because it is runned by the deadliest, most promiscuous brothers ; The B. M. Bs.

Born into a family of crime and lies it is only a natural fact that they'll carry on the legacy, but how they are able to keep everything hidden and walked around like free men still remains a mystery . Their identity, their place of operation is unknown, so that makes them invisible even though they're clearly visible and they roam from place to place like clean people.

Years after years, detectives to detectives, spooks to spooks nobody has been able to find them.

But then about a month ago a journalist , a female journalist trailed them and stole stole something that could completely ruin their hard earned stink.
Now the three brothers just called a meeting with two of their strongest and most trusted allies.
"So Mr Bahar, what's happening, is she dead or not? ". The youngest brother asked running his hands through his copper black hair.

"Uh from what we've got so far she's still alive and fine" Mr Bahar Arman replied with his Iraqi intone.

"How can a mere journalist get into our lair and steal such info, I thought your job was to take control of the security team, how the hell did a common ninny get inside?!!! ". The eldest of them yelled banging his hands on table.

"Calm down bro " the second one said tapping his elder brother's shoulder.

"Don't tell me to calm down!! "

"Okay okay..just keep it down a bit". The second brother said an turned to the second man.

"Mark I thought I told you to kill her? ". He asked his hazel eyes staring piercingly at the trembling 25 year old Mexican guy.

"I did order my men to kill her but somehow she escaped " he replied with a quivering voice.

Right then Mark Anthony was wishing he never met these devils incarnates, he wished he refused their offer, he was way to young to be involved in such a dung,' but its already too late ' he always said to himself whenever the thought of quitting crossed his mind.

"I should have killed her myself " the youngest of them said drumming his fingers on the table.
"I wish I was here that night here that night, I would have blew her head off myself ". The eldest drawled seethingly.

"Bro you know we could still use that info as bait to get her or whoever sent her here ". The one with hazel eyes spoke up.

"How? " the youngest of them said his deep brown eyes held curiosity.

"That disc contains most of the our personal information, so I'm sure they'll come looking for us and if they look for us they won't find us, if they don't find us they'll look for anyone related to us.. And the only person they'll find is.... "

"Her". The eldest completed his light brown eyes beaming.

"And once the find her, she'll lead them straight to us" he continued.

"Smart thinking brother ". The youngest complimented grinning sheepishly.

And as if they were programmed, the three of them turned to face the other two men together.

"Get her here". They all said at once....

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