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Reincarnation-Chapter 5


Reincarnation-Chapter 5

Theme: Death is not an option


"So you're telling me that he was the guy that saved you that night? " Moran asked Cecilia spooning a mouthful of pasta. They were now in Cecilia's house and Cecilia just narrated her day's events to her.

"Nooo, I'm telling you he's the one who kidnapped me ". Cecilia replied with a sarcastic tone.

"You could just say yes"

"Did I not just tell you what happened, what's the need to ask again "

"You're such a meanie " Moran mumbled with her mouth full.
"Okay so what did Charlie find out about Jamie's assistant? "

"Nothing much" Cecilia answered bringing out the file containing Fay's information.

"Let me see"

"Hmm but I still suspect her, what if there's something she's hiding? " Moran mumbled with her eyes on the file.

"Yeah, she might be hiding something, I don't even know why Jamie would employ just anybody, when he knows that we're with the SSA,. I mean why would he not... "

"Cecilia! " Moran cut her off.
"What's wrong? "

"Look ". Moran replied giving the file back to her

"Look at this picture, doesn't it look familiar? ". Moran asked pointing pointing at a picture of Fay's family on the last page of the file.

"I didn't even know there was a picture in it and yes it does look familiar ". Cecilia answered stroking her chin in a thoughtful pose.

"Where have I seen it before? Where.. Where... Where "

"I think I know! " Moran suddenly squealed.

"Then tell me! "

"Remember, that time we went to the city library? When we we're looking for people who are connected to the Mayors death? "

"Yes? "

"We saw this picture in one of the newspapers, from the 90s, in the history section, don't you remember? "

"Yes.. Yes.. I remember now, but why would a picture of Fays family be in the library and in a very old news paper, we were not even born then ". Cecilia answered.

"Or did Charlie perhaps get the wrong info? " Moran asked.

"No I don't think so, look this is Fay, but she looks a little bit younger " Cecilia answered pointing at Fay in the picture.

"But come to think of it, the picture does look old, like very very old ".

"Yes, what could it mean? " Cecilia mumbled still stroking her chin.

"Well there's only one way to find out, first thing tomorrow morning, we go back to the library and check it out ". Moran suggested.

"Yeah we should.... "

She was interrupted by the door bell.

"Huh? " they both said at the same time.

"Who could it be? ". Moran asked.
"At this hour" Cecilia added.

The bell sounded again and they speechlessly got up Cecilia grabbed hold of her pistol and Moran removed a small knife from under the table.

Slowly they scuttled to the door.

"Who's there? " Cecilia asked as they got to the door but there was no answer. She looked through the small hole on the door but there was no one.

"There's nobody there" she whispered to Moran. Just then the bell rang out again.

"Fuck ". She muttered and opened it immediately with her pistol pointing at whoever it was.

"Whoa ... Whoa .. Whoa ". She heard a voice she was not expecting.

It was Leonardo!!!!

"Take it easy there Missy" he said pushing the pistol away .

"What are you doing here? " she asked dumbfoundedly.

"Can I at least come in first? " he asked leaning on the door frame in a way that Cecilia found herself drooling and imagining things.

"Cecilia? " he called after awhile of silence.

"Oh. Oh. Uhm.. Yeah, you can come in " giving him space to enter.

He entered and walked pass the already drooling Moran and looked around the house.

"Nice place you've got here" he said with his eyes still roaming around.

"Uh.. Hi" Moran greeted shakily.
He looked back at her as if he didn't see her when he entered
"Hello damsel " he replied flirtingly and flashed a toothy grin at her.

At that moment she had to hold a chair for support so she wouldn't collapse and she was already forty shades of red.

Cecilia rolled her eyes and dropped her pistol on the table.

"What are you doing here? " She asked in a business like manner.
"What are you doing with that? " he asked instead pointing at the pistol.

"And that " he added gesturing at the dagger Moran was holding.

"We've gat to protect ourselves from unwanted guests, now tell me why are you here Mr Perez? "

"I came to have tea". He replied making Moran chuckle.

"Did all the tea shops go on strike? " Cecilia asked unphazed.

"Yeah kinda" he mumbled taking a sit on the couch.

"Oh and its Freeman not Perez " he added.

'Freeman? Perez? I've seen that name somewhere before' she thought but now was not the time for that.

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"Uhm... Would you mind if I made you some? " Moran spoke up.

"Of course not beauty, it'll go a long way in soothing my nerves right now " he answered with a sly smile making her blush more furiously.

And with wobbly legs, Moran got on her feet and practically dragged herself to the kitchen.

Once she was out of sight,, Cecilia sat down opposite him and resumed eating her Pasta.

'Since he's not ready to talk then he can seat all he wants, that ain't gonna stop me from eating ma sweet meal ' she thought.

But then something crossed her mind.

"How did you know my house? " she blurted out.

"I have my ways Miss Martin " he replied with a smirk making Cecilia arc her brows questionably .

"So that means you're stalking me? "

"Miss Martin I said I have my ways, that doesn't mean I'm stalking you"

"Of course you're stalking me, if not, how were you able to bring me back home that night... I mean that's the first time we met or perhaps you even knew me before then". She rushed out her words.

Leonardo was just sitting cross legged with a smug expression on his face, but inside he was thinking of a logical explanation to what she was saying.

"What are you even doing here? " she asked when she didn't get an answer.

"What else will I come here for if not work". he answered smugly.
"Are you telling or doing anything related to work now? ".

"Well that's because you've not even given me a chance to explain why I'm here ". He retorted.

"Alright explain yourself Mr Freeman ". She fired back placing her half eaten food on the table, she used a napkin to clean her lips after that, she sat upright and crossed her legs.

Now they looked like they were about to seal a business deal.

"I'm listening Mr Freeman ". She bellowed business like.

"Well Miss Martin, I think I've gat something you need to see " he replied matching her tone.

"And what would that be? "

"This " he answered bringing out a flash drive from his breast pocket.
That was when Cecilia observed that he was wearing a Tuxedo.

'Who would wear a Tux by this time of the night? '. She thought
"Tea is ready ". Moran sang returning with a tray containing three tea cups and a China kettle, which of course had the tea in it.

"I felt we should all just have tea " she said placing the tray on the center table.

She poured a quarter full of tea into one of the cups and gave it to Leonardo.

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"Thanks " he said lowly and she blushed again.

Then she poured out another one and gave it to a seething Cecilia then afterwards she poured one for herself and sat down.

"What? I'm part of the team too you know ". She shot at Cecilia who was giving her a 'You shouldn't be here' look.

"There's no problem Miss Devin you can stay ". Leonardo said to her.

And yet again her cheeks heated up.

'He knows your name!! ' her subconscious screamed at her and her inner goddess did a few flip flops.

"What were you saying Mr Freeman? " Cecilia bellowed impatiently.

"Ah.. Yes.. Can borrow your Laptop for a sec? ". He asked.

"Yeah " Cecilia answered handing over her Laptop .

He inserted the drive into the Laptop, punched some characters on the keyboard

"Do you perhaps know this man or have you seen him somewhere before? ". He asked turning the Laptop to face her.

"The f**k " she cursed at the image shocked.

"Jesus!! ". Moran half yelled also staring at the image in mock horror ....

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