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Reincarnation-Chapter 4


Reincarnation-Chapter 4

Theme: Death is not an option


"OMG Cecilia did I ever say Jamie is a demi god? " Moran squealed in delight the instant Leonardo walked out of the office.

She had been drooling over him since he walked into the office with Cecilia. They both agreed that they would start their mission the next day with the crew from SSA.

"You know what, I take that back" Moran continued "Jamie is nothing compared to him, He's a Greek god, OMG he's sooo handsome, Cecilia you're just too lucky ". She continued squealing non stop.

Cecilia quietly stood up and slipped out, she walked straight to Jamie's office and without knocking she opened the door and entered.

Fay was sitting in front of her computer, typing something, there was a frown on her face and immediately she noticed Cecilia, she quickly got up and tried covering the screen.

"Ma'am... Uhm.. I was just screening some of the applicants, do you need anything? " she rushed the words out.

"No " Cecilia replied waving her off.

"Oh and I've gotten someone, there's no need for that " she added and entered the inner office.

Jamie was standing in front of the ceiling to ground windows with a mug in his hands.

He turned around, a scowl appeared on his face when he saw who it was.

"Jamie, I need the report from last months budget " she said simply, as if nothing had transpired between them.

Jamie on the other hand, had things to say.

"Cecilia, why did you do that, back there? "

"What did I do? " she asked in a mock tone.

"You know what you did Cecilia, why did you take him in? "

"Jamie are you listening to yourself? " she sneered collecting the mug from him.

"We work for the SSA, they work for us, we presently have one goal and that is catching the B. M. Bs". She continued placing the mug on a side table.

"This man you're talking about will help us get them, now tell me why he can't work here as my PA, just tell me the f***king problem!! " she half yelled.

"Look Jamie, " she hissed poking her finger at him.

"You better get a hold of yourself, you are not the boss of me and it seems you're forgetting that we're dealing with real criminals here, don't you dare bring up personal issues into it"

"Oh ok then" he retorted raising his hands up.

"Let's talk about our personal issues, why did you suddenly get angry when you saw me kissing Fay.. Uhn.. Tell me" he yelled.

"Like I said Jamie I am not having this conversation today, maybe some other time.. And its most certainly not going to be here or anywhere close to this place ". She retorted walking towards the door.

"Tell your assistant to send the report to me" she added and stalked out.

Outside the office, Cecilia threw a dangerous glare at Fay, hissed disdainfully and went straight to her office.

"What happened this time " Moran asked the seething Cecilia.

"Nothing, I'm done for today, see you tomorrow " Cecilia replied, picking up her keys, purse, a stack of files and she walked out.

"Wait Cecilia, I'm spending the night at your place!! " Moran yelled behind her.

"See ya!! ".

"Hey!! Ceci" Charlie Lennon, head security officer of the press, called from a table at the far end of MELINDA'S COFFEE SHOP
Cecilia who just walked in sighted him and went straight to the table.

"Charlie!! ". She half yelled hugging him slightly before sitting down.

"Princess, where on earth have you been? " he asked arching his brows.

"I've been resting Charl, I needed it "

"Yeah baby, you really need it "
"How's Leah and the kids? "

"They're doing good, Leah's been on my neck lately, she wants us to go Texas "

"Then you should go".

"And what about work? "

"You just said it awhile ago, you need rest Charlie, take your family to see the Northern mockingbird or Texas, Longhorn, nine banded armadillo or even Guadalupe bass or you can... "

"Okay.. Okay I get you " he cut her off chuckling.

"That's great advice, it really helped alot " he added sarcastically
"Uh uh" she hummed with an eye roll.

"Do you want to order something? " Charlie asked bekoning at a waitress.

"Yeah, Cappuccino would do " she answered.

"One black coffee and one Cappuccino ". Charlie said to the waitress who quickly scribbled it on her note.

"So what did you find out about Fay? " Cecilia asked, after the waitress left.

"Uhm.. Nothing much ". He replied dropping a file on the table.

"She was born here, but her family moved to LA three years later " he explained further.

Cecilia opened the file and started reading it.

Fay . M. Stars
D. O. B : 19th August 1994
Relationship status : Single
Mothers name : Theresa M Stars
Fathers name : Ian M Stars.

"No criminals records, nothing much about her.. But.. " He stopped talking when the waitress returned with their orders.

"Your plain black coffee sir, your Cappuccino ma'am ". The waitress said placing their drinks in front of them.

A low "Enjoy " slipped out of her mouth before she walked on.

"Wait her father was a smuggler? " Cecilia asked her eyes still on the paper.

"Yes he smuggled, foreign products from Asia into the US, that's the reason they kept on moving from state to county, from county to state ". He answered taking a sip from the steaming cup.

Cecilia continued reading.

Father state of origin : Florence, California.
Mother's state of origin : Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain.

"Her mother is Spanish? ". She asked

"Yes "
Siblings : Three (all males)
"She has three brothers? "

"Yes, she's the youngest among them " he replied.

"Where are her family now? " Cecilia asked, dropping the file, to take a sip of the Cappuccino.

"That's the only thing I found strange about her, her family's nowhere to be found, apart from the information there, there's nothing else about them"

"Hmm That iiss strange " Cecilia said stressing the IS.

"Wait, why are even checking her? " Charlie asked, wondering why she would be interested in her employee's personal life.

"I don't know Charlie, there's just something off about her and she looks familiar, I feel like I've seen her somewhere ". She replied, picking up the file again.

Occupation ; Reporter.
Skills : Tap dancing. (Was a dancer at El Queiro Dance School, Paris.)
"How long did she dance? "

"I don't know, but from what I got, she's been dancing since when she was a kid"

"She finished from the University of California ". He added.

"There is really nothing much about her " Cecilia mumbled quizically

"Yes, only the disappearance of her family. Charlie answered.
"What does the M in her name stand for? "

"That's another point, I tried finding out what it represents but I found nothing, its just an M, its just there. ". He replied.

"Hmm, she looks clean, but there are some missing gaps, no criminal records? "

"Uhm.. Charlie, would you mind checking out the rest of her family for me, I mean before they disappeared? " She asked pouting her lips

"No not at all, anything for you Cecilia ". He answered.

"I.. Really owe you Charlie "

"Sure you do, just make sure.. " Just then his Cell phone started ringing.

"Its Leah". He said looking at the caller id.

"I've gotta Cecilia, I'll update you on anything I find ". He breathed out. He pecked her and they hugged before he hurriedly scrambled out of the place.

"Fay M Stars " Cecilia said to herself, once she was alone.

"Whatever you're hiding will surely come

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