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Reincarnation-Chapter 3


Reincarnation-Chapter 3

Theme: Death is not an option


Its... Its.. Its him.

'Christ!! WTF!! ' she continued cursing inwardly cus strangely she strangely couldn't find her voice.

"Breath, Miss Martin, Breath " he said to her in a loud whisper with a lopsided smile.

"Kmhp kmhp" she cleared her throat and looked away , realizing that she had actually stopped breathing.

"This is Detective Leonardo Perez Freeman ". General's voice rang into her thought.

She glanced at him again but strangely she couldn't look away or breathe.

"So.. Miss Martin we meet again". Leonardo said strecthing his hands forward.

"Uh.. Kmhp.. Ye.. Yes we meet again" she finally got her voice back.

'Where were you when I needed you the most? ' she thought.

She finally brought her hand forward to shake him.

"Jesus!! " she almost yelled out the moments their hands touched, she quickly withdrew her due to the electrifying force she felt as the palms met and with the way he looked down at his hands she guessed he felt it too.

"You guys know each other? ". Christopher asked.

That was when she remembered that they were also standing there.

"Uh.. Yeah.... He.. He's the guy that saved me that night " she replied.

"Really!!, what a coincidence! " General exclaimed

"Leonardo here was just telling me about his last encounter with the B. M. Bs" he added patting Leonardo's shoulder.

"So you're the Lady he saved? "

"Uh.. Yeah " Cecilia replied unsure of what to say

"Hi, I'm Jamie Lynn ". Jamie said stepping forward.

"Leonardo Freeman ". Leonardo replied and they briefly shook hands.

' Leonardo Freeman? Where have I heard that name before? Cecilia thought.

"Why don't we step into my office, we have things to discuss " General said entering his office and they all followed him.

"Cecilia, the information in the flash drive you gave really went a long way in helping us". He continued as they were seated.

"Really.. that's.. Um.. Good to hear" she answered with a quivering voice.

In all honesty she was not OK, all she wanted right now was to get out of this place, go far from this man who affected her so much.

But she knew that aint gonna happen any time soon and with him seating by her side wasn't helping one bit.

'Perhaps I made a big mistake by coming back now' she thought.
"Yes it is ". General's voice rang into her thoughts again.

"That's why we have called you here, " he continued

"Leonardo here is also working on the B. M. Bs case, initially I was thinking about putting you guys together to dig out more about the case, but since you both have met before, and coincidentally you were both on the same case that night, you guys are definitely working together ".

"I'm sorry, what did you say? " Cecilia asked the moment he finished his speech.

"I said you guys will work together " he answered smugly.

"General please, can you explain the meaning of working together? " she asked.

Hoping and praying there was another meaning, apart from the one they all knew.

"Cecilia, what other meaning does working together have? You guys are now partners, because so far you're the only one who has gone deep into this case, so for now the both of you are the best options for us, and putting you together will definitely yield faster results " he explained.

"General I'm a reporter, a journalist not some underground detective " she replied defensively
"I know that Cecilia, and I'm still wondering why you fell into that line because you have great skills " he said, with a smug expression on his face.

"I... Listen... General.... I just.. Can't do it.. I mean.. " she stammered helplessly

"I know you must be scared, honestly its quite dangerous, but I'm sure Leo here will be able to protect you both he has done it once and I'm sure he can do it again, and besides you're not going to be the only ones working on it, its just that you guys will be going to places where we can get leads". He explained further.

"Uhm.. I.. Shit!! ". Cecilia groaned.
Who was she to argue with Allan? He would beat her to it. If he's made a decision, no one questions it, mostly because he always makes the best decisions but this was an exception, it wasn't the best, at least not for her.

"Look Cecilia, I know this is quite sudden, but right now everything is just dropping like a bombshell, and looking at it, its the best. If you both work together, it'll better because no one would suspect a beautiful lady standing with an handsome man in fact you can even pretend to be a couple, whatever you wish, but you must work together. " he concluded.
'Couple!? ' she thought.

She knew she couldn't argue, everything he just said seemed right but she just didn't want to work with him.

' But wait' she thought.

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'I should be happy right, I'll finally be able to get into this case with backup '

Maybe it is the best, but there was only one fear she had now; this man.

He affected her, so much to the extent she felt waves pass through her when she touched his hands and right this moment she was afraid her heart will pop out of her chest with the way its beating and its all because he's sitting beside her.

Now is that not something to worry about?

They just met, well technically this is their second meeting and they've hardly said anything to each other, yet she had all this feelings and she couldn't even concentrate, how will she be able to work with him.

"So how are we going to do this " Leonardo spoke up.

"I mean if we are going to be working together, we can't always be here and we need to be close when we're not on the field at least to discuss one or two things ". He explained.

"That's true, you need to be close, in order to share your findings ". Christopher answered.

"Um.. Jamie do you perhaps have a vacancy, like a position to offer to Leo so he can be able to work with you guys ". General asked.
Okay now this is not how Jamie expected this meeting to be.

Well the fact is, he doesn't want this man to work with Cecilia, and now General is indirectly telling him to employ him.

He couldn't help but feel jealous or insecure rather, because he knew this man was way more good looking than he was.

'What if Cecilia falls for him? '
"Jamie " Christopher called when a reply was not forthcoming.
"Uhm no, there's no vacancy ". Jamie replied.

'How stupid '. Cecilia thought.
He was the practically the owner of the place, if he wanted he could employ ten more people, no one would question him.

Now he's saying no vacancy 'very very stupid ' she thought.

She knew why he said that, it was because he was jealous, 'but he employed a hot chick as he's PA.

"Wait, there's a vacancy " she said aloud. Earning a glare from Jamie.
'Payback time ' she thought smirking at him.

"I was actually looking for a PA " she added

"Good its settled then " General concluded again.

Cecilia enjoyed the look on Jamie's face and for a moment she totally forgot that she wanted to go as far away from Leonardo, now she just sealed a contract with him.

"So that'll be all for now, I think everything is settled" General said getting up.

"If you'll excuse me, I have another meeting right now ". He added.

"I'll see you guys soon, Leo please call me if you find anything new". With that he walked out of the office.

"I also need to be there " Christopher said walking to the door.

"Bye" he said and walked out.
Leaving an angry Jamie, excited Cecilia and an expressionless Leo.
What a combination!!

"Why did you do that? " Jamie asked angrily, forgetting that Leonardo was sitting there.

"Why did I do what? " Cecilia retorted sweetly, fueling Jamie's rage.

"You know what I'm talking about " he drawled.

"Look Jamie I don't have time for this, we'll talk about this some other day " she replied getting up.

"Mr Leonardo, I think you're coming with me " she said looking at Leonardo.

For another moment she got lost staring at him. That was when she got a proper look at him and Damn!! He was just to handsome to be true.

"Shall we " Leonardo said jolting her out of her reverie.

"Um... Yeah " she replied and spurn towards the door.

But before she could to the door he was already there holding it open.

'That was fast '. she thought.
They both walked out of the office with an angry Jamie stalking behind....

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