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Reincarnation-Chapter 22


Reincarnation-Chapter 22

Theme: Death is not an option


Fay stood at the balcony of Jamie's house.

The were now at one of his many houses in Texas... She stood staring into the darkness of the night as the cool breeze cascaded through her.

These days the darkness seem to interest her, maybe because she found solace in it, maybe because there was nothing but black in it, maybe because there were no taunting images in it.

Strong muscular arms suddenly came round her waist and oh.. Those butterflies performed the lily dance they always did when he touched her.

She sighed and relaxed into his arms..

"What are you doing here? " he breathed close to her ear.

She smiled and wondered what he did to her.. She was kinda scared of what the outcome of these feelings would be.. It wasn't part of the plan to fall for him. 'Just get what I want and flee' was the plan. And now she was already falling helplessly for him.. Helplessly yes she couldn't help but smile when he whispered sweet nothings to her.. When he told her how beautiful she was... How gentle he was..

"Nothing ". She finally replied with a sigh.

"Nothing? "


"Aren't you tired? "

"I am.."

"Then let's sleep " he bellowed leading her back inside..

She didn't even bother arguing with him, she kinda needed someone to boss her around and tell her what to do or what not to do..

When they got in, he made her lie on the bed and layed beside her.
She took that as an opportunity to ask her questions.

"Jamie? "

"Yeah? "

"I saw Cecilia and a man at the party , she was disguised, why? "
'Oh not again ' Jamie thought rolling his eyes because he knew she wasn't seeing him.

"Uhm, the man you saw with her is her new assistant" he spoke.

"What were they doing at the party? "

"Uhm they were trying to get info from inside.. Like an insider.. The reason they disguised themselves is because some people might recognize her.. You know she's quite famous for people like that". He lied.

"Oh" Fay mouthed, not believing him, she knew he wasn't saying the truth.. But what she didn't understand is why he lied.. Perhaps he knew about her intentions... No no, can't be.

Well since he was still playing hard she's got to take things slow and maybe enjoy this moment.. At least it felt real.

Jamie on the other hand was quite sure about what he felt now.. It wasn't just lust anymore.. She was the first person he's cuddled after the act.. She's the first woman he could just lay on the same bed with and not think of numerous positions to use... This can't be lust... He thought.. It can't be lust..

"It's... It's... It's.. Very complicated.. I don't know how she's doing it but she's using my face ". The lady (Anne Marie) sobbed.

"What do you mean its complicated? ". Leah asked.

"If she's using your face, it means she had a plastic surgery on her face or she wearing a mask ".
Charlie added.

"It's not a mask.. And I'm not sure if its a plastic surgery either ". Anne answered.

"Wait ". Leo bellowed.

''First tell us everything.. How all these happened "

"It's a long story " She sighed in response.

"It's a long night and we've got sleep to spare " he nudged.

"Okay.... Okay... I met Fay in El Queiro Dance school about ten years ago.. She was the nicest person there, she'd been dancing there for a long time before I even came... She was a teacher and also a student.. She took me in and treated me like her sister but there was just one strange thing about her, no one there had ever seen her face "

"Why? " Cecilia interrupted.

"I don't know she always wore a mask.. She was called 'The masked fairy ' she always isolated herself and I was the only close to her.. Five years ago.. She said she wanted to further her education, her dream was to be a journalist but there was only one problem.. Her face, she couldn't show her face to the world.. Whenever I ask her why she would always say it's complicated.. I don't even know whether she's beautiful or not, but I can bet that she's really beautiful... She begged me to give her my face to use.. She said we could just share it and act as twins.... At that time I felt pity for her and I agreed, that's all I know, the next day I woke up to see another me with reddish brown hair and brown eyes... That's what happened,, she left few months later to complete her education,, we speak on the phone time to time but the last time we spoke was three months ago". Anne narrated.

"That's weird " Charlie mumbled.
"Are you sure you're telling the truth? " Cecilia asked giving a hard stare.

"Yes, I promise " Anne breathed out.

"All what you just said sounds fake, but I'll try to believe you.. Still there are some things you need to tell us... When you were with her.. Did she act like she had an hidden agenda? ". Leo questioned..

"No.. In fact.. She hardly receive phone calls, she was always alone.. Her family died a long time ago, it's just her "

"Hmm but there must be something hidden.. She must have something in mind coz all these doesn't make sense. ". Cecilia said.

"Then how did you come up with the name... Silvia Stars? ". Leo suddenly threw at her.

"She told me that Silvia was her sister,, so I should just say my name is Silvia if I'm questioned about myself from someone who knew her".

"So you gave up your real identity just for her? ". Leah asked.

"No.. I would only pretend to be Silvia, whenever I'm in a situation like this "

Leonardo sighed and raised himself to his feet.. He paced frantically to and fro around the room thinking hard..

He now had an assurance that anyhow it is, Fay must surely be connected to Silvia.

He thought about what to do before finally speaking out.

"Guys we need a plan"....

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