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Reincarnation-Chapter 21


Reincarnation-Chapter 21

Theme: Death is not an option


Charlie wordlessly turned to the woman and removed the doc tape from her mouth and asked..
"Who are you"

"Ouch that hurt". She winced, touching the area that he'd forcefully pulled the tape.

"That doesn't answer my question miss.. Who are you? ". He repeated.

She hesitated for a while before a humourless response slipped out of her mouth..

"I'm nobody ". She whispered faintly.

"You're no one? ". Cecilia repeated still in shock.

"This is the same response she's been giving, since we found her". Charlie bellowed frustratedly.

"Where did you meet her? ". Cecilia asked her eyes still on the woman.

"At the casino after Diamond Mall ". Leah replied.

"How's this even possible? How can two people look the same? ". Mumbled directing the question to no one in particular.

"I think they're sisters ". Leah spoke.

"Sisters? But Fay doesn't have a sister, her siblings are all males and she told me they're dead". Cecilia responded trying all her best to pick any sense or meaning to the whole issue.

"I don't think so" Charlie retorted.
"How? "

"Look we found this photos with her". He answered giving her three pictures. In it were two ladies.. Fay and the woman in question.. Their faces looked exactly the sam, the only difference is the hair and eye colour.

"Are you sisters? ". Cecilia questioned looking at the lady who kept staring at her like she'd seen a zombie..

"Answer her! ". Charlie half yelled,, he was obviously frustrated.

"Allow me". Leonardo spoke for the first time reminding the rest that he was actually there..

He'd dealt with numerous cases of stubborn suspects and he knows how to handle them.

He wasn't particularly sure about how this 'Fay' was related to their main mission but since Cecilia and her folks seem to be really bothered about it and the SSA is involved here he's got to step in.
"Mademoiselle " he snickered squatting before her.

"Don't you have a name? "

She stared intently into his eyes like she'd seen him before or had some kind of connection with him.
"I do " she spoke up at last.

"Would you mind telling me? "
"Silvia Stars" she forced out.

That instant he knew that all these was his concern, whether or not it was part of their mission.. She is not Silvia but she just lied she is... That means she's somehow connected to Silvia.

"Silvia Stars? ". Cecilia gasped
"Then you must be Fay's sister ". Charlie spoke.

"But how? Even in the file it stated she has only brothers. " Cecilia said mostly to herself.

"Hey Missy will you just explain? ". Leah snarled at the supposed Silvia.

She took a deep breath before answering.

"We're twins, we were separated at birth, we only met years ago at a dance school in Paris but our parents were dead already dead by then, Fay left the dance school to further her education a few years ago and since then I haven't heard from her ". She explained coldy.

"Then why didn't you just explain all these to us in the first place? ". Charlie drawled running his hands through his hair.

"I was afraid you'll go after my sister, I don't want her to get into trouble "

All these while Leo just listened to every word she spoke with rapt attention.. He has lived long enough to know how a person spoke when lying and this woman here just lied and of course the rest of them believed her.. That's just the reason why he always solved all his cases.. He observes carefully.. Aside from that she just unconsciously exposed herself.. That name she just claimed to bear has already put her and her so called ' twin' in very very big trouble..

'But wait.. So Fay's surname is Stars? '. His subconscious pointed out.

That means she knows something about Silvia.

'This is just so complicated ' he thought frustratedly.

He stood to his fee, his height towering over the woman seated, then he looked at her straight in the eye and burst her bubble.

"You're lying ". He snarled, earning a surprised look from her.
"I.. I'm not ". She stuttered in response.

He sighed and squatted again in front of her.

"You're lying " he repeated this time almost in a whisper and he was looking at her intently.. Patiently waiting for her to give herself away.. And with her reaction he knew she was really lying.. She looked nervous and beads of sweat were already forming on her temple.

"If I were you Missy.. I would just speak the truth now". He continued threatingly.

"Else I would be forced to involve the cops and both you and your so called twin sister would be in deep deep shit"

"But.. But I. Swear I'm saying the truth ". She stuttered nervously.

"Okay I'll help you.. First this name you mentioned is fake... Silvia Stars died a long long time ago.. I can vouch for that..And you can't tell me that you bearing it is just a coincidence.. That name is no ordinary name.. The people bearing that name got it for a reason.. Now tell me mademoiselle how the hell did you come up with yours? "
By now she was already sweating furiously and she looked damn nervous.. Like someone that was just caught red handed.. No no no she has actually been caught red handed.

"I'm listening miss don't let me loose my patience ". He hissed.
"Okay okay.. I'm not Silvia... I'm Anne Marie Locke, Fay is just my friend " she rushed out.

"Then how come you have the same face? ". It was Cecilia.

She didn't respond, she just bowed her head and whimpered.

"Would you just answer.. Is anyone biting you? " Leah snarled.
"We.. We. Don't have the same face ". She sobbed.

"How!? ". Cecilia, Leah and Charlie asked in unison.

"It's.. It's.. It's... "

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