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Reincarnation-Chapter 20


Reincarnation-Chapter 20

Theme: Death is not an option


Continuation from last chapter...
She returned back to where Leo and Mr Sham were, but another man was there talking to them.

"Oh there she is". Leo said when she reached them, he placed his hands on her waist and drew her closer, sending shivers down her spine.

'If only he knew what he's doing to me'. She thought.

"This is my lovely wife Anastasia ". He introduced to the other man.

"Ana this is Mr Brad Hayes "

"Nice to meet you sir"

"And you too beauty,, Frank does have good taste ". He replied and they laughed.

"Leo something just came up, I need to go somewhere ". She whispered close to his ears.

Leonardo who had been looking for an opportunity to get out of the place, quickly responded.

"Mr Sham, Mr Hayes if you'll excuse us, it's almost ten , we have and early morning flight tomorrow. "

"Of course, you need rest, no problem we'll see you some other time ". Mr Sham answered.

"Have a good rest and safe trip and don't forget to send our regards to your father ". Mr Hayes added.

"Yes we will, it was a pleasure meeting you ". Leonardo intoned.

"The pleasure is ours "

With that they shook hands and dallied off to look for Orlando.

"So soon? ". Orlando complained when informed him they were leaving.

"Yes Orlando, you know we have to leave early tomorrow ". Leo answered.

"Hmm okay then I'll see you tomorrow before you leave "
"Alright, thanks for your hospitality, we had a good time "
"No no don't mention, that's why we're partners, good night then ".

They shook hands again and the sherade couple hurried out of the hall.

"What came up? ". Leo asked the moment they were out.

"It's Charlie "

"Who's Charlie? "

"He's our head security, I asked him to run a background check on Fay, Jamie's assistant "

"The one I met a while ago? "

"Yeah "

"So what's up with it? "

"He said there's someone very important I need to see "

"Okay but it's late already do you have to go now? "

"Yes he said it's very important "
"Okay then, I'll come with you".

"Thanks ". She intoned and they hurried off... But they were stopped by a voice.

"Hey you guys, wait up!! " it was Conan, they'd completely forgot about him.

"Where are you guys running off to? " he asked as he reached them.
"Uhm we're going to Diamond block downtown Houston ".
 Cecilia answered.

"And you didn't inform us? "

"Sorry man.. It's kinda urgent " Leo spoke up

"Okay I'll just tell the others, we're leaving tomorrow right? "

"Yeah, please you guys should wrap things up, when we get back we'll discuss our next move "

"Okay then,, just get back soon ". Conan breathed out.

"See ya". Cecilia waved before they hurried off to the parking lot where their rented car was parked.

"Susan, you would not believe what I just found ". Erika said into the Bluetooth.

"What's that? ". Susan replied.
"A room full of money!! "

"You're joking "

"I'm not! "

"Is that the only thing in the room? "

"No they're some files too, I'm about to check them out". Erika replied opening some files.

"Okay, but you should scan them so I can check them out from here "

"How will I do that? "

"Just open your palms over the file it'll scan and send it to my computer "

"Okay ". She answered doing as she was told. She started scanning all the files she came across.

"That's all ". She sighed as she skimmed through all the files.

"Good now you should head back, before someone comes in "

"Okay ".

She quickly arranged the papers the way she met them and contemplated whether or not to take some money.. But later decided against it, she didn't wanna stir up suspicions.. Orlando doesn't even have an idea that someone's onto him.

She punched the code on the pad and door opened.

"Phew ". She sighed wiping off imaginary sweat from her face before going up the path she followed into the room.

Sawyer on the other hand deleted every footage that each of them appeared in, he temporarily shut down the cameras and programmed them to only start working in the next thirty minutes..' That's enough time to get back to the suite '. He thought.
He put everything back in place and dragged the men to sit on their seats, then he quietly slipped out and went straight to their room..

Cecilia and Leonardo arrived at Charlie's home in Texas, about half an hour later.

Cecilia rang the door bell and a minute later, it flew open revealing a beautiful blonde woman.

"Leah! "

"Cecilia! "

The two women exclaimed hugging each other.

"How have you been? ". Leah asked grinning from ear to ear.

"Oh Leah, great how are the kid's and how's your vacation? "

"Great all thanks to you though, please come in "

"Thanks to me? "

"Yeah thanks to you, if you didn't talk some sense into him he wouldn't have agreed ". Leah replied shutting the door behind her.

"So who is this handsome man? ". She asked eyeing Leo playfully.

"He's my colleague,, please don't mind me, ".

"This is Leonardo, Leonardo this is Leah my cousin and Charlie's wife ". Cecilia introduced.

"Nice to meet you ma'am ". Leo greeted stretching his hands for a handshake, but she surprised him by pulling him into a bear hug.
"Leah ". She corrected

"And nice to meet you too". She added pulling away..

"So he's just your colleague you say? ". Leah asked giving Cecilia a knowing look.

"Yes Leah!! ". Cecilia replied with a 'please don't start with your boyfriend talks' look.

"Hmm if you say so". Leah answered heading towards the stairs.

"Follow me Charlie's up stairs with her". She nugded going up the wooden stairs.

"Who? ". Cecilia asked trailing behind.

"The lady he wants you to see, but promise not to shout or make any noise when you see her, the kid's are asleep ". Leah answered in a manner you wouldn't believe she was cheerful just moments ago.. She sounded strict and business like.. One of the qualities Cecilia loved about her, she could handle crime and family life together.. The main reason why Charlie aloud her assist him in his numerous mystery cases.

"Who's the lady and why will I even scream when I see her? ". Cecilia asked feeling confused.. Now she was beginning to feel scared..

"You'll see ". Leah replied opening a door.

The three of them entered and with Leah leading the way they walked into the room, it was empty except for a small bed and a standing fan.

Charlie was standing facing a woman who was sitting on the only chair in the room.

"Charlie we're... ". Cecilia started saying but trailed off when she saw the lady's face.. Now she understood why Leah told her not to make a noise.

"Fay?!! ". She exclaimed almost in a yell.

But Fay was at the party before she left.

"She's not Fay". Charlie replied.
That when she noticed the difference between Fay and the woman sitting on the chair with her mouth taped.

She had brown hair and blue eyes..

"If she's not Fay then who is she? ". Cecilia bellowed confused.

Charlie wordlessly turned to the woman and removed the doc tape from her mouth and asked..
"Who are you?? "

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