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Reincarnation-Chapter 2


Reincarnation-Chapter 2

Theme: Death is not an option


"What did they say they want? " Cecilia asked as she and Jamie briskly made their way down the hallway.

"I don't know, Walden just called and said our attention is needed " Jamie replied.

They reached the last door at the end of the hallway. There was a big RESTRICTED AREA sign on it.

Jamie brought out an ID and placed it in front of the censor that stood in place of a door knob or handle.

The censor scanned the ID, confirming it was genuine a green light flashed and the door slided open.

They walked straight into an elevator inside the room and the door slidded shut.

Cecilia took a deep breath in and out, she was nervous.

Secret Security Agency (SSA) was similar to the FBI only that SSA like the name implied was secret and only few people knew about them.

They were a small team of experts, ranging from detectives, to police officers carefully selected by the government itself. Being a secret they were able to gain access into places where the police are not welcomed. They would enter, and come out without drawing attention.

Now how are they concerned with the printing press?

SSA is the main reason why Lawrence Malays Printing Press Cooperation were at the top and they were also the genesis to the 'Cooperation ' being added to the name.

Unknown to the public the Printing press was no longer private, it was now partially owned by the government.

The SSA would provide vital and genuine information for the journalists and reporters to supply to the public and in return the SSA would operate under the grounds where the Printing press stood and also give them leads on other infos .

It was a give and take relationship.

The last time they went down to the SSA's station was about a month and half now, that was when Cecilia went to give them what she found in the B. M. Bs hideout and that was the day she was promoted.

In a way she was no longer working for the Printing press but for SSA because they were impressed with her abilities.

Now Cecilia wondered what would prompt them to call urgently.

'Well I've gat to go and find out' Cecilia thought as the elevator reached the last and final floor and it dinged open.

They were now about half a mile underground .

They came out of the elevator to be welcomed into a different world.

No one, absolutely no one would ever dream that a place such a this existed. Not even all the staffs of the printing press were aware that it existed, only trusted officials knew about it.

"Good morning guys". Jamie greeted as they made their further into the station. Cecilia was too engrossed in her thoughts to greet or answer anyone.

"Well hello there, information mongers " a masculine voice halted them.

They both turned around immediately, it was Christopher Meloni, second in command of the investigation officers.

"And hello to you too information digger " Jamie retorted making the man eye him dangerously.

"Miss Martin " Christopher called stretching out to Cecilia to shake.
"Mr Meloni " she answered meeting his hand halfway.

"It been a while hey? ". He asked playfully.

"It's been just a month " Jamie answered dryly.

"A very long month " Christopher said ignoring Jamie.

For some reason the both of them never seemed to get along, despite the fact that Christopher was two times Jamie's age.

"Heard you went on a vacation somewhere in the land of beaches " he asked looking at Cecilia.

"Yeah I had to and its called Hawaii " Cecilia answered.
"Had a good time did ya "

"Yep "

"Where the hell is general and why are we here? ". Jamie asked interrupting the awkward conversation.

"Yeah, where is general " Cecilia asked sweetly, saving Jamie from being murdered with the look the man sent at him.

David Allan Nicolas a. k. a General was the head officer in SSA.

"He's somewhere around " Christopher replied walking into the hallway that led to General's office and the two journalists wordlessly followed him.

Allan was standing outside his office and he seemed to be having a serious conversation with a man that was with him.

'He seems familiar ' Cecilia thought as she looked at the man, he was backing them so she couldn't see his face.

"Aahh Miss Martin!! ". Allan exclaimed as he sighted them.
"You're here" he added walking to where they stood and blocking the view of the man who had also turned around.

"General, its been a while " Cecilia answered shaking hands with him and stylishly cocking her head to the side aiming to look at the man's face.

"Mr Lynn " Allan acknowledged Jamie in a curt tone.

"General " Jamie answered in the same tone.

"You called for us General? " Cecilia asked.

"Um. Yes I did.. Uh I want you to meet someone ". He answered shifting to the side to reveal the man he was talking to.

"Holly shit!! " Cecilia cursed inwardly and her eyes almost popped out of their sockets as she stared blankly at the man.
'Its... Its.. Its him ' she almost screamed....

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