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Reincarnation-Chapter 19


Reincarnation-Chapter 19

Theme: Death is not an option


Continuation from the last chapter.....

She skipped off the bed and started looking around..

"Where's your phone? ". She questioned with authority.
"It's in my pocket " he mumbled breathing heavily.

She jumped on the bed pushed him on his sides and removed the phone from his pocket.. As if on cue the phone beeped, notifying that a message just entered. The message was from an unknown number..

She opened the message and behold.. It read..

Mc Kinley hills, Pomona
Tuesday, 9:00 pm

You better not be late.
Moran smiled triumphantly.. She didn't expect her job to be so easy.. 'Well maybe luck is on our side '. She thought.

She brought out her phone and quickly copied the message to her phone. Then she brought out the lipstick she collected from Erika and drew random marks on parts of his body.. Then she removed a pen and paper from one of the drawers and wrote a note so he would not suspect anything... Coz when he wakes up he would only remember all that happened before coming to the room..

She got off the bed, straightened her dress and headed out,, before she reached the door it opened and Justin entered,, with an uncertain expression on his face.
"Justin? ". She called.

"Are you alright?? ". He inquired scrutinizing her.

"Did the bastard touch you? "

"No". She replied

"I'm fine,, really"

"Good,, else I would have cut off his balls and fed them to my dog". He said with seriousness.

"Really,, you would'nt do that". She replied laughing.

"Moran, you have no idea of what I'm capable of". He mumbled with no trace of unseriousness in voice.
"Okay!! Chill dude I'm fine". She nugded.

"You're the first lady calling me a dude " he blurted out, his hardened face was a bit soft now.

"Really?! "

"Yeah.. Only fellow guys call me dude"

"Oh.. ". She mouthed and he smiled.

"What did you get? ". He asked looking around for any sign of the assh*le.

"You would not believe
"Tell me"

"Not here.. Lets go back to our suite " she replied pulling him with her.

Erika stared blankly as the door opened and a tall well built man entered the room.

He walked briskly into the room. He stopped when saw the lasers and tryped some figures on a transparent keyboard on the wall.
Immediately the red lines died down.

'After all my hard work all he did was just wriggle his fingers and the stupid lasers disappeared'. She thought dryly.

He continued his journey farther into the room, she gulped down nervously when he walked passed her.

She was glued to the wall and he didn't see her.

'It worked!! I'm f**king invisible ' she rejoices inwardly.

Susan had instructed her to press a botton on the suit and a hoodie covered her face,, all she had to do was stick to the wall and no one would see her..

She watched as the man dallied to a a door, it was different from the other doors cause a type pad was in place of the handle and the door itself was metallic.

She slowly followed him,, still sticking to the wall as quiet as possible.

He reached the door and typed a code before it slided open. He entered and just before it closed she also dragged herself in.

The sight that greeted her in the room was shocking,,

The whole room, from top to bottom was filled with money frigging MONEY!!

She used her hand to cover her mouth to prevent her from screaming down the place.. Never in her life had she seen such a huge stack of money.

'What the hell is all these money doing here? '. She thought
'What in the world happened to banks? '

Like in this modern day,, an educated person would keep things like this in the house?? No not even in the house, in a hotel!!
Well.. The thing is.. He has too much illegal money and if he saves them in the bank it would only stir up trouble and series of investigation and that's the last thing Orlando was thinking of dealing with.

The man picked up a briefcase from a row of them on a metal shelf at on corner of the room.

The room was actually very big, with computers on one side, a shelf on another, where different sizes of briefcases occupied and some files were also stacked there. But the most part of the room was filled with dollars.

The man opened the briefcase, filled it with money.. Then turned around and made to exit.

But then he stopped and looked around as if he felt the presence of another person.. She gulped down in fear.hoping that her cover would not fail at this moment..
After a while he resumed his journey to the door and her anxiety increased because she was standing beside it.

But he didn't seem bothered, coz he hurriedly typed the code.. She took advantage of the opportunity and peeked at the keys he punched.

He typed it fast though, so she had to slowly reflect back after he stepped out and the door slided shut.

M O N E Y A N D M O N E Y was what he typed.

"Jesus!! This man is obsessed with money ". She said to herself leaving the wall and she became visible again.

Immediately the coldness of the room hit her.. 'Of course this much money would require very low temperature. '. She thought going straight to where the files where.. That was the only thing that made sense right now,, coz she can't even think of laying her hands on a single dollar..

Cecilia and Leo were still trying very hard to keep up the act and answer numerous questions from the people they.. Like now they were speaking to an Indian man Mr Sham.

"So when are you setting up the business? " he asked and they both struggled to understand his words because of his accent.

"Uhm anytime soon ". Cecilia answered.. She got his message faster.

"That's good ". Mr Sham intoned nodding.

"But I'm sure my father would inform you,, before the launching ". Leonardo added.

"He should, because I would help him bring clients,, from my sector but I must have a commission you know? ". He said with a grin.

The both of them were already thinking of a suitable answer to give when Cecilia's cell phone
rang. Saving them the trouble..

"Excuse me". She said before moving aside to a less noisy area.
She looked at the caller ID.. It was Charlie..

'What could be the problem? ' she thought before picking it.

Hello Charlie?

Uhm Cecilia!! He called his voice laced with urgency.


There's something or rather someone very very important you need see..

Who is it?

I followed your advice about taking the kids and Leah to Texas, but at the same time I was still trying to get info about what you requested and to cut the long story short.. I just ran into someone ". He explained

Someone very shocking ". He added

Where are you now,,? I'm actually in Texas myself..

Great I'm at our place in Diamond block

Okay Charlie, I'll be there as soon as I can..

Alright but hurry up
Okay I'll see you..

She said and ended the call

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