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Reincarnation-Chapter 18


Reincarnation-Chapter 18

Theme: Death is not an option


From afar she stood watching him..

She couldn't believe he came, she knew he was alive but she certainly was not ready or expecting to meet him here.

"Fuck". She muttered as she watched him hold the woman he came with.

'What if he'd got to me? '. She thought

She knew she wouldn't be able to answer any question he'd ask her.
How they're still alive?

What happened the night of his engagement?

What happened to Amy,, the lady he should have married..??

What this??

Why that??

"'I really have to be careful " she said to herself.

Though she knew,, careful or not it was an almost impossible task to find her.. She was dead to the world,, they were dead to the world but how they still remained hail and hearty still remains a mystery.

She wasn't even sure about what her brothers told her,, she didn't wanna believe it actually.. She just wished she would die once and for all so that her past crimes would not stare at her like they way it does.. Maybe if she was dead he wouldn't have seen her today.. Maybe if she was also killed like his fiancee she wouldn't be left to wallow in guilt and do her brothers dirty job... Like now,, she came to represent her brothers,,, she let people see her face because she knew they would never see it anywhere else... She seduced and killed men for her brothers.. All sort of stink just for them and all because of what???

Because they did one thing for her... Just that one request she made turned her life miserable and she couldn't even have what she asked for,,, it was staring at her face,, so close to her but she couldn't even hold or feel it.... But still she paid the price.. She's paying the price and will continue paying it....

Her life right now is just filled with loneliness,, sadness,, shadows from her dark past... All because of her obsession with him...

Her cell phone rang jolting her from her trance..

Hello Mark, what do you want?
Ma'am where are you I just finished talking to Orlando's son.

So what the fu k do you want?
I'm heading back to your brothers.. Are you coming?

Did we arrive here together??!!
No ma'am

Then f**king leave without me!!
Alright.. But ma'am are you okay??

That's none of your frigging business.. Just go and tell my brothers I'll see them when I'm ready!!

With that said she hung up and nearly threw the phone against the wall... But then she remembered this is the third phone she bought this week.
"Stupid.. Life ". She muttered

"Erika are you sure you can get pass those lasers? ".

"Of course, I've gone through more complicated ones, and besides these are stationary, it'll be much easier ". Erika answered still carefully studying the digital traps set before her..

"This only means that Orlando is hiding something ". Susan said thoughtfully..

"Yes,, now please shut up, I'm about to go through ". Erika drawled before jumping.

She carefully started jumping and flipping and sliding between the spaces in the red zigzag rays.

A minute later she was on the other side of the room..

"I did it". She squealed childishly
"Uh I know Erika, but I think you need to hide someone's coming ". Susan responded.

"Who? ". Erika asked searching for a place to hide.

"Its Orlando's manager, like one of his agents ".

"Omg what does he want now,,,? Where will I hide?! ". She grumbled, just then she heard footsteps and the next moment the door screeched open and her eyes widened in shock..

Moran managed to drag Dante to his suite, the instant they got in she pushed him on the bed and sighed,, the wine was already working on him.

"Heeyy. Kim... Ber.. Ly... ". He drawled..

"You're... Really.. Beautiful... you.. Know.. Come.. Here.. I wanna touch.. You"

"You wanna touch me? ". Moran asked rather sweetly..

"Yeeesss... Plleeasse"

"Alright then.. Touch this ". She drawled and a tight slap landed on his face..

"Oouch that hurts ". He mumbled childishly rubbing his cheeks..

"Yes baby it hurts bad.. ". She answered and slapped him again..

"Why are you hitting me?? ". He mumbled

"Say thank you for hitting me ". She replied instead.

"Thank you for hitting me ". He grumbled.

"Good boy". She squealed patting his head.

"Now ". She continued sitting beside him on the bed.

"I want to ask you some questions,, do you promise to be a good boy and answer them honestly? "

"Promise ". He replied with a stupid childish smile.

"Good, first of all do you have anything to do with the B. M. Bs? "
"Yes,, we're working for them ". He answered straight away.

"Really,, so what kind of work do you do for them? "

"We smuggle drugs and other poisonous substances for them "

"Wow.. But tell me is that a good thing? "

"No.. But there's money so it's worth it". He answered dreamily.
"Did they send anyone to the party? '

"Yes they sent Mark and their sister "

"Mark? The man I met you talking to? "

"Yes "

"The hell! ". She cursed
How did she miss that?

What she was looking for was right in front of her..

Just then an idea struck on her head..

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