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Reincarnation-Chapter 17


Reincarnation-Chapter 17

Theme: Death is not an option


Moran stylishly cat walked to where Dante Orlando Orleans was sitting in a secluded area in the hall talking to a young man of about 25 years.

When she was about to pass their table she pretended to trip and fall, gaining the attention of the two men.

Dante being a chronic womanizer and a sucker for heels, couldn't take eyes off the falling lady.

He quickly got up and helped her up.

The instant he looked at her, he knew she was going nowhere.. 'The hell? Let a pretty woman go?
No way!!!

Since he couldn't get an escorts tonight, there's no harm in taking this one.
"Thank you". Moran mouthed taking his hand.

She stylishly dusted nothing of her bossom making Dante's eyes trail to her boobs.

"Are you alone? ". Dante asked with a charming smile.

"Uhm yeah ". She answered.

"I'm Dante Orleans, the heir to the Orleans limited, my father owns this place, do you mind joining me and my friends so I can get to know more about your elegant self? "

'So much for just an intro ' Moran thought dryly before answering.
"Sure uh I'm Kimberly Wilson ".

" Kimberly, wow such a beautiful name for a damsel.. Please come with me " he said placing his hands on her waist before walking her to the table...

"This is Mark, my business partner ". He introduced drawing out a chair for her.

"Mark, this is Kimberly "
"Hi" she greeted with a coy smile.

"Hi pretty ". He replied with his Mexican ascent a small smile tugging at his lips.

"Uhm Kimberly, would you mind hanging on a bit, let me round things up with Mark here , then we could talk privately? ". Dante asked beckoning at a waiter.

"Of course not, you can talk no problem ". She answered looking at the so called 'waiter' who was approaching them.

Justin who was dressed as a waiter was seething angrily as he watched Dante eye f**king Moran. He almost punched the stupid pr*k when he reached the table.
He handed Moran a glass of juice, then he gave Mark whiskey, and finally he gave Dante the Mo'f**ker a glass of spiked white wine.

"So Mark as I was saying ". Dante resumed after the waiter had walked on.

"You'll have to increase the pay, even if its just by one percent coz the step we're taking now is shakier than the one we took before "

Moran, hearing this quickly pressed a button on the watch she was wearing, Susan said it was a voice recorder.. She glanced at Mark the young blonde Mexican and wondered 'why would he be involved in such stink'. He looked so young and agile and quite good looking too.

"The bosses are the one's to make that decision not me". Mark replied.

"That's why you should make them accept it, I don't know them and they don't allow us to meet them in person, else I would have explained things to them myself ". Dante urged sipping his wine.

"Okay, I'll try to talk to them".

"Good good Mark, thanks "
"Would that be all? ". Mark asked.

"Yes, when is our next meeting? "

"In three days, I'll send you the address in a few"

"Alright then Mark, it's nice doing business with you "

"No no no, it's nice doing business with the bosses ". Mark corrected.
"Yeah the bosses ". Dante answered and they both laughed.
"I'll see you then ". Mark said and they shook hands before he got up.

"Miss, have a good evening and a wonderful night with my good friend here". He added with a nod and left, disappearing into the crowd.

"So Kimberly, are you from around here? " Dante inquired slowly marking all her sexy features with his eyes.

"Uh actually I'm from Austin ". She replied.

"Really?? Did you follow someone here? ". He asked because he didn't remember inviting anyone that looks like her here.

"No.. Actually I came here for business, I finished this afternoon, since I was bored alone in my room, I decided to attend the party, one attendant informed me about it ". She explained.

"Oh, so what do you do? "

"I'm an interior designer "

"No wonder you look so dashing ". He complimented and she laughed.

"So only interior designers look dashing? "

"No but they have a different kind of aura. "


"So you mentioned something about being bored? ". He asked eyeing her sheepishly.

"Yeah I'm as bored as fuck". She replied coyly.

"Uh I could help you with that you know " he whispered loudly tracing circles on her thighs upward.

"Really? " she breathed out with a smirk on her face but inside she wanted to smack his face...

"Yeah, let's go to my suite and you'll have the fun of your life ". He said close to her ear and pecked her cheeks.

"Come". He said taking her hand.
"Okay ". She mouthed.

"But what about the party? ". She asked innocently.

"Oh fuck the party ". He drawled.
He was beginning to feel drowsy and he was only managing to stand.

"Are you alright? " she asked pretending not to know what was happening to him.

"Yeah, I think it's the wine". He answered and led her out of the hall..

"Susan are you there? ". Erika called from above..

"Yeah, take the right ". Susan answered.

"Now take left, then go straight ahead ". She explained.

"Continue going straight, then take left and left again and finally right "

"Yeah I'm almost in " Erika beamed excitedly and opened the frame.

"Be careful, it might be dangerous in there ". Susan warned as Erika jumped in.

"My my Suzy this place smells money " Erika drawled scanning the suite
It housed a set of mahogany couches, mahogany wood designs, expensive looking antiques and onate looking glass pieces.

"Yeah, dirty money "

"Be careful Erika, it might be trapped ". Susan warned again.
"It's okay,, I will ". She answered placing her hands on the wall, but surprisingly it duged in, the area sank further into the wall.

Almost immediately red lights started flicking, few seconds later all the traps shone clearly.

"What's wrong? ". Susan asked.

"Lasers!!,,,, frigging Lasers!! ". She exclaimed...

Sawyer took the elevator to the highest and final floor of the building, most of the rooms on the floor were meant for official use only so it was kinda deserted coz most of the workers were doing one thing or the other.

He was dressed in all black , a black bag hung on his shoulder and he held an oxygen mask.
He scuttled down to the last door where a bold OUT OF BOUND SECURITY ONLY was written.

He looked around for the umpteenth time before opening the bag and brought out a small round bottle that looked like a perfume container, then he carefully wore the mask before knocking on the door.

Shortly after the door opened revealing a stout man, who should be in his late forties.

Before the man could throw any questions at him, he sprayed the content of the bottle on the mans face, then he pushed him inside and entered.

"Who are you? " one of the men inside the room thundered when he saw the intruder.

Sawyer quietly brought out more of the bottles and opened them, releasing the gases in them..

The five men in the room started laughing the moment they inhaled the gas including the first man who was almost unconscious...

"Who... are.. you... and... what .. do you want? ". Another one asked admist serious laughter.

He just ignored them and locked the door before going to sit in front of the numerous screens, showing the movement of everybody from the security cameras in the building..

"You.. Can't.. Touch.. That ". One of the men said to him when he started typing something on the keyboard, but almost immediately he said that he passed out.

Sawyer glanced at the men who were now lying half dead on the ground..

"Punks". He muttered before turning back to the computer.
"Now let's see what we can get"....

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