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Reincarnation-Chapter 16


Reincarnation-Chapter 16

Theme: Death is not an option


The moment the fake couple entered the party hall all eyes turned to them. Most of the bachelors wished that the woman standing beside him was theirs.

"Oh Frank, you're here!! ".
Orlando exclaimed as they reached him.

"Welcome welcome " He said shaking Leo's hand.

"Ma lady". He acknowledged Cecilia and kissed her hand.
"Thank you ". She mouthed pretending to be shy.

"How do you see the place? ". . he asked looking around the hall with pride.

"Splendid, you've really done justice to this place ". Leonardo answered...

"Oh yes and all the credit should go to the bosses, they are really faithful and they stick to every deal".

"The bosses? ". Leo asked with genuine interest.

"Yes the bosses, oh I forget you're not familiar with all these slangs, I mean the Malton brothers (B. M. Bs". Orlando whispered..

"Did your father not tell you about them? "

"He did and he also told me that he had a deal with them ". Leo lied.

"Yes he did , but mine is completely different " Orlando said still in a whisper.

"Yours is different? "

"Yes, I'm using my connection to help them smuggle arsine gas into the country ". Orlando whispered.

"Wow that's a really big risk". Leo exclaimed.

He was truly surprised at how Orlando was spilling his beans, he really hadn't thought that it'll be so easy.

"A big risk indeed but my price is worth it ". The bald man replied sipping his wine.

"50000 dollars for each jar that gets in". He added and Leo and Cecila's jaw dropped, such a huge amount of money...

"Are they that rich? ". Cecilia blurted out.

"Ohh they're more than rich".
Orlando answered

"Uhm so are they here? ". Leo asked.

"Nop, they don't attend functions like this, in fact let me tell you I haven't even seen them myself, I don't know how they even look like ". He answered and laughed.
"Why". The fake couple asked in unison.

"They don't reveal their identity to just anyone, but they always send a proxy whenever they're invited anywhere "

"Really? ". Leo asked.

"Yes, in fact the guy they sent is with my son right now they're sealing another deal today". He replied.

And Leonardo heaved inwardly, he was glad that Moran would be with Dante, right now all he could do was hope that she would be able to get something big.

"Come let me introduce you to other partners in the game ".
Orlando beckoned and that's how he began to introduce them to his partners in crime.

Conan slipped out of the hall and went straight to where the real couple were staying, he entered the suite without knocking.

When he reached the living room he met them still sleeping. That's not the plan, they were supposed to be awake so he could take them to another party happening on the third floor.

"Leo". He called placing his hands on the Bluetooth earpiece he was wearing.

Leonardo who was speaking with an Indian man Mr Sham excused himself and went to the far end of the hall which was less crowdy and noisy.

"Yes". He answered

"They're still asleep ". Conan's voice rang out.

"That's even better, just leave them alone for now, when they wake a up they won't remember how they fell asleep ". He retorted.
"Alright then, I'll see you soon"

Leonardo sighed heavily, 'great ' he thought everything is turning out fine, all that's left is for them to just get something big.

He turned to return to the party but just then he sighted someone he never expected to see, someone he hadn't seen in almost two centuries...

Auburn hair, gorgeous brown eyes, long legs, tiny waist, elegant figure

"Silvia? ". He whispered to himself.

She was talking to a man whose back was turned to him, and she laughed at something he said to her, showing off her perfect dentition.

Their eyes met and a shocked expression appeared on her face.
Slowly he started walking to where she stood never taking his eyes off her.

He was flabbergasted to the core, she was dead right?

She was also shot on that night
Then how come she's here right now?

He held her body in his hands that night before they also shot him..

All these thoughts flashed through his mind..

He wasn't paying attention to his surrounding, the loud music sounded far away from him, all other things seemed blur, nothing looked real anymore..

"Watch where you're going man!! " Someone shouted tapping him, that was when he realized he had bumped into someone.

"I'm sorry ". He apologized to the short Mexica man, he looked back up but she wasn't there.

Wait?? Is his eyes playing tricks on him?? she was standing there just a second ago.

He struggled through the crowd of people who seemed to increasing until he finally spotted her, her hair actually and he followed her increasing his pace this time.

She hurried off towards the exit of the hall..

"Silvia! ". He called earning questioning looks from the people around.

She exited the hall and he started jogging.

When was finally able to leave the hall he was panting lightly.

He looked left and right not knowing where she went, when he caught a glimpse of her hair down the right hallway.

He hurried off down the hallway and met her standing, her back to him.

"Silvia? ". He called nervously.
She turned around and he was surprised at the same disappointed at the face he saw.
She wasn't the one.

"Can I help you sir? " she asked sweetly.

"I.. I'm sorry.. I.. Mistook you for someone else ". He stuttered staring intently at her, she was actually very beautiful and he noticed her eye color was darker and she was not who he expected.. She's not Silvia.

"I'm sorry ". He apologized again and was about to walk away when someone called his name.

"Frank.. I've been looking all over for you". It was Cecilia. They agreed to address each other with the real couples name.

She walked up to where he was and placed her hand on his shoulder.

"I'm sorry Anastasia I wandered off". He replied.

"Fay? " Cecilia called as she saw who her fake husband was talking to.

"Ma'am is that you ". Fay asked unsure if it was really Cecilia or not because of the heavy make-up and wig.

"Yes, where's Jamie? ". Cecilia replied.

"He's with the rest of the paparazzi, I just wanted to use the restroom ". Fay replied.

"You know her? ". Leo asked looking at Cecilia.

"Oh uh yes I almost forgot, this is Fay Jamie's assistant and Fay this is my new assistant, you'll know his name when we get back to the office ".

"Okay ". Fay replied lowly.

"We'll see you later Uhm... Bye". Cecilia breathed out and started pulling Leonardo with her towards the party.

"Have you met her before? " Cecilia asked when they were a few metres away from Fay.

"No ". He answered.

"She's the lady in the photo " she dropped dryly

"Really?! I don't think so.. She can't be the one". He retorted.

"How sure are you? "

"I'm sure... I'm very sure the only thing they have in common is the hair, everything else is different ".

"You sound so sure ".

"Yeah, you should look at the picture again ". He said.

And that struck another string inside her.

If its not Fay then why is the picture in her file?

Or did they get the wrong

Maybe she should ask Fay to show her a picture of her family.

Why is it so complicated??

How is Fay concerned with all these???

Leonardo was confused totally..
Did his mind play tricks on him??
If yes, then why??

He hadn't thought of her for a long time now.

Then why would suddenly start to hallucinate??

'What is all these?? ' he thought frustratedly.

Or was she really the one he saw?
Maybe she also didn't die...

Maybe she has been alive all along..

What should he even think right now???

'Oh God, what the is all this???? '...

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