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Reincarnation-Chapter 15


Reincarnation-Chapter 15

Theme: Death is not an option


"This is what you'll wear". Susan said to Erika.

She opened a box and the folded suit inside it unfolded itself and rotated upright as if it was waiting for the owner to step in it.

"What in the good God's world is this? ". Erika asked with her mouth opened wide.

"This is your suit". Susan answered.

"Omg I'm a super hero!! ". She squeaked jumping up and down like a child who was just gifted with his dream toy.

"Wait till you try it on". Susan mumbled gesturing for her wear it.

Erika slowly walked to where it was, the instant she touched it , it crawled up her body and the next second later she was in it.

"Susan!! You will just have to tell me how you came up with this!! "

"How did iron man or spider man come up with his suit? ". Susan replied.

"I don't know "

"Then you don't have to know baby, you just have have to enjoy it "

"Well thank you O great guru ". Erika drawled bowing slightly.
"You're welcome oh dear child ". Susan snickered patting her head and they giggled childishly.

"Alright alright, let's get to work ". Susan said going to sit in front of her laptop.

"Okay, what do I do? ". Erika answered.

"This is a map of the building ".

"Orlando's suite is here, and ours is here, so if you go through the ceiling I'll use the tracker on your suit to guide you there ". Susan explained.

"Okay... Let's do this " Erika muttered shaking herself.

She climbed a stool and removed the frame covering an opening on the ceiling.

"Press the button on your wrist " Susan told her. She pressed it and immediately gloves covered her hands.

"Whoa". Erika exclaimed.
"What's this for? ". She asked and pressed another button below her collar bone, and a transparent mask immediately covered her face.

"O my " she breathed out,,, Susan was just all smiles, she was more than happy that her gadgets were working perfectly. This is definitely her biggest achievement so far.. Thanks to Sawyer anyways..

"Okay so press the other round button on your right palm". She continued.

Erika excitedly pressed the button and a rope uncurled from nowhere and sticked to the ceiling .
Erika was just staring from the rope to Susan and back to herself like

*the hell? *

"Now press the one on your left palm ". Susan continued
She did as she was told and the rope started retracting lifting her up.

She reached for the ceiling and surprisingly her hands stuck to it.

"Your gloves can stick to any surface even the wall" Susan answered before she even asked.

"When I get back.. You must tell how you came up with this!! ". Erika yalf yelled before entering.

"Sure thing ". Susan replied.

"Good luck" she added before Erika crawled further..

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