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Reincarnation-Chapter 14


Reincarnation-Chapter 14

Theme: Death is not an option


"I'm sorry we also didn't... ". Moran trailed off as their eyes.
For a moment she almost got lost staring at the beautiful brown eyes right in front of her...
"Miss my phone " the beautiful lady said snapping her out of her reverie.

"Oh I'm sorry ". Moran apologized giving her the phone.

"It's okay ". The lady answered and collecting it.

Moran noticed a tattoo on the ladies arm and she couldn't help but admire the uniqueness of it . An L and S was drawn and a heart with a red rose on it was in between the two letters .

"Wait " Justin said to the lady who was already walking away.
She turned sharply with a blank expression on her face.

"Your keys dropped ". He said to her and picked the keys lying on the ground.

"Thank you". She said as she collected the keys from him and she stylishly tucked loose strands of her hair behind her ear exposing her diamond stud earrings.

"Bye". She told them with a smile and walked away
Justin turned to Moran who was still staring at the retreating figure of the lady.

"Are drooling over a fellow woman? ". He asked snapping his fingers at her.

"No.. Of course not... She just looks familiar and she's very beautiful too". Moran blurted out.

"See you were drooling ". He pointed out.

"No.. Because I acknowledged her looks doesn't mean I was drooling ". She argued.

"You were "

"No I wasn't ". They argued
"You guys are jobless, do you know that? ". Conan's voice rang out of the Bluetooth earpiece they were wearing.

"I give you five minutes to return here ". He added.

"We're on our way ". Justin answered rolling his eyes.

"Mr & Mrs Williams ". Moran teased Cecilia and Leonardo.

Cecilia was battling to remove the fake tattoo on her wrist while Moran continuously tuanted her.

"Will you just shut up!! ". Cecilia snapped hitting her with the wig.

"Now that's not how to treat your hair is it? ". Moran replied in mocking tone.

"You know you're also gonna wear something worse uh? " Erika said to Moran placing her legs on a side stool.

"No I won't ". Moran protested.
"Yes you will" Leonardo answered.
"Yes you will baby " Cecilia taunted patting her shoulder.

"Meanie ". Moran pouted feigning a sad face.

"Alright guys, it's time we discussed tonights event". Leonardo spoke up.

"Susan? ". He called.

"Oh uh, this is Orlando's son" she said dropping the device she used on the jet and the picture of a younger version Orlando appeared on a projection ray.

"Dante Orleans ". She continued.
"The heir and managing director of Orleans Ltd and also a big time womanizer "

"Womanizer? ". Sawyer asked.
"Yeah and he'll be at the party tonight and also from all the messages I've read from Orlando's email, he'll be sealing contracts with most of their clients tonight " she explained.

"Alright then". Leonardo answered.

"Erika, tonight you'll look for anything useful in Orlando's suite, Conan you'll still be acting as my bodyguard, Justin you're still the butler or waiter whichever one and you have to spike Dante's drink, Sawyer you'll be with Susan you both will be our eyes, I believe you've hacked into their security system? "

"Yes ". Sawyer answered.
"What about me? ". Moran asked.

"Ooh ma lady ". Leonardo drawled.

"You my dear, are going to be Dante's slut for tonight ".

"Why does it have to be her?!! ". That was Justin.

"Yeah why do I have to be his fling". Moran supported.

"Erika is the gymnast, so she's the only one capable of passing through the ceiling, Cecilia is acting as the wife, Susan needs to be here cos she's the computer maniac now tell me who else is gonna be his woman? " Leonardo responded.

"Is it necessary that a slut will be involved? ". Justin asked.

"Yes it's very necessary, because that's Dante's weakness, if she's with him she'll be able to get vital information "

"Wait why are you even concerned it's not like he'll be spending the night with her"

"I'm concerned because he's dangerous, he's a womanizer and he might touch her wrongly ". Justin breathed looking frustrated.
"Justin I don't get you, are you concerned because he's dangerous or because of the fact that uh.. He'll be.. What again? Touching her? ". Leo answered in a mocking tone.

And everyone except the seething Moran and a jealous Justin burst out laughing.

"That bastard better not try anything funny ". Justin growled between clenched teeth...

"My God.. Dante you better behave yourself else the great hitman will blow ya head off". Conan taunted and they bursted into another session of hysterics.

"Whatever ". Justin growled flipping everyone off.

"Okay.. Okay guys leave them alone, we need to get ready ". Leonardo said and heading to the inner room.

"Wow , you look hot". Erika complimented Cecilia who was all dressed up for the party.

She was wearing a short off shoulder navy blue evening dress , black heels, the wig, heavy makeup and of course a fake tattoo on her wrist and her neck.

She didn't look like the real Cecilia but she did look beautiful.

"Thanks, you're the mastermind anyways ". She replied.

Just then Moran walked out of the dressing room.

"Omg!! ". Cecilia exclaimed as her scanned Moran.

"Uhm Cecilia I take what I said back, she looks HOT". Erika squealed pointing at Moran.

"Justin needs to see this ". Susan added.

Only the four of them were in the bedroom.

Moran was clad in a black dress that barely reached her knees, the V neck of the dress spilled out some cleavage and it clung to her body putting her hour glass figure on display.

"Come here let's add some make up". Erika dragged her to sit in front the mirror and started working her magic on the already beautiful face.

"Don't worry about the lipstick I'll apply later ". Moran rushed out her words when Erika was about to apply the lipstick and quickly grabbed the item from her.

"Why? ". Erika asked surprised.

"Uhm.. I.. I don't want it to get ruined " she stuttered.

"Why is it going get ruined? "

"I think I know what or who's gonna ruin it ". Cecilia answered grinning sheepishly.

"Juusstiinn". Susan teased and Moran face blushed crimson..

"Really.. You should have.. ". And she was interrupted by a knock.

"Are you guys ready yet? ". Conan's voice boomed from outside.

"Almost!! ". Erika answered
"You guys should get going ". Erika nudged pushing the other two ladies out.

"Good luck ". Susan half yelled before Erika shut the door...

A smile graced Leo's face the instant he set his eyes on Cecilia.

"My.. my ma dear wife you look stunning ". He drawled never taking his eyes off her.

"Why thank you dear husband". She replied sarcastically.

Just then Justin came out of their bedroom and his eyes almost fell out of their sockets when he saw Moran standing behind Cecilia.
"The hell!! ". He almost screamed.
"What's wrong? ". Conan and Leo asked at once.

"Don't tell me you're going to meet that punk dressed like this!! ". He asked looking directly at Moran.
"Uhm.. Yes.. Any problem?? ". She answered.

"Yes many problems, first the dress looks good on you BUT you can't go to that womanizer like this because the dress is too tight and too short and.. "

"Justin, do you realize you're sounding like a papa now? ". Conan cut him off and Justin narrowed a dangerous glare at him.

"Go on". Conan mumbled apologetically with the look on the hitman's face.

Justin hissed out and stomped into the room Susan and Erika were. Shortly after he returned with a black cotton shawl. He speechlessly went to Moran and covered her up with it.

"Justin what are doing? ". She asked ogling at him.

"Justin what are you even doing? ". Conan asked
"Would you let your woman dress like this to meet with a big time man whore? " Justin growled at him.

"In all honesty no ". Conan replied sincerely.

"But she's not your woman ". Leonardo pointed out.

"That's non of your business ". Justin snapped at him..

"I'm sorry " Leo apologized raising his hands up.

Justin wordlessly started dragging Moran out.

"Where are you heading to? " Conan asked.

"That's also not your business ". Justin replied showing him his middle finger .

"Did he just tell me to fuck off?? " Conan asked no one in particular.
"Yeah.. But I think he meant fuck yourself ". Leonardo replied stifling a laugh...

"What did your friend do to my friend? ". Conan asked looking at Cecilia

"I don't know "

"I think he's fallen for her". He whispered like it was forbidden to say it out loud.

"You think so? ". Leonardo whispered back.

"Yeah "

"Then its a good thing ".

"Shall we.. Anastasia? ". Leonardo said turning to Cecilia.

"Yeah OK ". She answered taking his out stretched hands and the three of them left for the party....

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