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Reincarnation-Chapter 13


Reincarnation-Chapter 13

Theme: Death is not an option


It was almost dawn when they arrived in Austin the state's capital another jet was already waiting to take them to Houston where the hotel was located...

Few hours later they landed in Houston, a black jeep was already waiting for them.

"Who sent the ride? ". Conan asked when they hit the road...
"Orlando ". Susan whispered.

"He knows we're here already? ". Justin asked.

"Yeah I texted his assistant " she answered.

"Toying with them is going to be soo much fun ". Erika whispered excitedly.

"Yeah its gonna be real fun ". Moran added squeaking playfully.

"Welcome.. Welcome ". Orlando Orleans bellowed as he skipped to welcome his supposed guests.. When they walked into the luxurious hotel.

BLUE ORLEANS was body written on almost every corner of the place, it was a nine storey building ornate looking, every single corner spelt MONEY , embezzled money actually.

" Mr Orlando ". Leonardo called. Shaking his hand.

"Its a pleasure to finally meet you". He said faking a southern accent.

His hair was spiked up in a bad ass manner and he was wearing a nose ring, and he was also wearing a fake beard, he looked criminal enough with his ripped jeans and shredded shirt.

"Nice meeting you too son" Orlando replied patting his shoulder.

"My father sends his regard ". Leo continued.

"Oh my I really wish he could make it" Orlando breathed out
"Me too, but the old pal's getting old his rusted system system can't tolerate long flights... Anyways that's why I'm here ". He answered
"Of course.. Of course ". The bald man retorted and they both shared a small laugh.

"And who is this damsel? ".
Orlando asked looking at Cecilia.

She was wearing an high waist blue jeans, ripped from her thighs, a crop top and a red jacket matching her stiletto heels , she was wearing a black wig with red and blue streaks and heavy make up, courtesy of Erika and also fake tattoo on her wrist.

They'd actually stopped at an inn and got dressed in outfits that matched the real couples description.

"Aye this is my lovely wife Anastasia ". Leonardo answered slipping his hands around her shoulders.

"How do you do madame? ".
Orlando asked bowing slightly.
"Great.. Mr Orlando its an honor to meet you " she replied with an high pitched voice.

"No no belle the honor is all mine. ". He answered.

"You must be tired ". He added.
"Yes we are". Leonardo answered faking yawn..

"Come with me, I'll show you to your room ". He said turning left.

Leo and Cecilia followed him with arms locked and Sawyer, Erika, Susan and Conan who were dressed as bodyguards trailed closely behind.

Just then the real couple entered looking almost exactly like Cecilia and Leo, the only different was that the lady was wearing blue stilettos and they were both wearing shades.

Mr Orlando was too engrossed in the conversation he was having with Leo to notice their entrance.
Just before the couple reached the receptionist, Moran stopped them.. She was smartly dressed in a black pencil skirt a white long sleeve top and a blue blazer which was kinda of uniform for workers.
A name tag was the right part of the blazer right above the breast pocket.. NICOLE. M was written on it.

"Welcome to Blue Orleans Mr&Mrs William ". She greeted them professionally.

"Yeah ". The lady replied lowly, she looked stressed out or she was stressed out thanks to Justin who disguised himself as the chauffeur and took a different round the town to delay their arrival.

"I have been sent to show you to your room, this way please ". Moran said and took the right hallway.

They wanted to book a 3rd class suite for them but decided against it so as not to cause suspicions, so they booked a more fancy suite at the other side of the building , so it was almost impossible to spot any abnormalities.

They entered the elevator followed by the helpers carrying the luggage they came with.
Moran, hit the eight floor button and the elevator started ascending.

"Enjoy your stay and if you need anything don't hesitate to call room service ". She said sweetly to them as they entered the ornate suite.

"Alright then thank you". The man replied and Moran walked out.

The instant she reached the hallway, she increased her pace, before she could press the elevator button it opened and Justin came out.

"Hey, they're inside already ". She said to him. But he didn't answer he was just staring at her.

"What's wrong" she asked, as he came closer to her, but still he didn't respond, instead her dragged her back into the elevator and jerked her against the wall.
"What the hell are you... ". And he shut her up with a kiss.

She was shocked and for a few seconds she stood still, until he maneuvered his tongue into her mouth and... well.. yeah
they kissed passionately.

"Gosh I've been aching to do that ". He breathed out when he finally broke the kiss.

He had a cool smile on his face.
Moran on the other hand was just blinking rapidly, still trying to comprehend what just happened.
"You look really stunning in this outfit " he whispered still pinning her to the wall.

"T.. Thanks ". She stuttered still batting her lashes.

"Would you mind if we.. " he was saying when his phone started ringing.

"Is this room service? ". the real Anastasia's voice rang out from the other end.

Moran quickly collected the phone and answered.

"Yes miss, how may I help you? "
We want breakfast served now and a bottle of the best white wine you have.

" would that be all miss? "

"Yes for now"

Alright then, we'll be there in a moment"

"They want breakfast, is everything ready yet? "

Moran asked Justin after ending the call.

"Yes, I'll just get them ". He replied walking out of the elevator.
They had a perfect plan, YES and nothing can stop them.

Cameras have already been planted in the suite, the telephone was connected to their phone, so any call would come directly to them.

Five minutes later Justin returned all dressed as a butler, with two other ladies who were working with them, they were both pushing trolleys . He wheeled the trolley to where Moran was and together they walked to the room.
"Come in ". A male voice answered when Moran knocked.

They entered and slowly walked to the dinning room.

Justin and the two ladies set the table while Moran pretended to be directing them.

"Bring the wine here". Frank the husband shouted from the living room.

"I'll take it ". Justin mumbled to Moran and carried two glass cups and the wine which was in a bucket of ice.

He served both of them and stood watching them drink it.

" you can leave now ". Frank said waving him off.

Justin walked back to dining room, with a satisfied smile on his face he winked at Moran and she headed back to the living room to tell them that their food is ready.
Buy on getting there she met the couple fast asleep.

"Oh my that was fast " she half yelled.

"How many pills did you put in the wine? ". She asked Justin.
"Eight ". He replied with a smirk and Moran's eyes popped.

"Eight!! " she exclaimed.

"You were asked to put just four!! "
"Yeah so, I added four more which means they'll sleep in double time ". He answered.

"Justin you're unbelievable "

"Yeah I know let's go ". He answered pulling her with him.

"what about the food, ma'am? "
one of the ladies asked.

"Just leave it there, we'll take care of it later ". Justin replied.

The two ladies just looked at each other, shrugged and walked away.

"Mission one accomplished ". Moran spoke into the small bracelet she was wearing.
"Good job". Leonardo replied from the Bluetooth.

They had already settled in their suite.

"You should head back, we need to proceed to the next move". He added.

"We'll be there in a jiffy". She answered.

She walked into the hotel looking stunning as always her ankle boots echoed on the marble floor, causing curious glances her way.... And gracefully cat walked to the receptionist.

"Welcome to Blue Orleans " the receptionist greeted her as she reached her table.

"Good morning " she answered with her enchanting voice.

"My boyfriend booked a room for me here yesterday. "

"Okay, please what's his name? "
"Aaron Steele ".

"Oh.. Its room 381 on the seventh floor, just take the left hallway and use the elevator " the receptionist answered handing her the keys"
"Alright ". She replied and collected the keys.

"Enjoy your stay... Oh and ma'am I love your hair and your lipstick suits you perfectly... And your nails too " the receptionist rambled.

"Thanks ". She chuckled and walked towards the hallway. Her cellphone beeped and she removed it.

Her eyes were fixed on her phone, so she didn't see Moran and Justin who were also engrossed in their conversation and they bumped into her.

"I'm sorry.. I didn't see you ". She apologized bending to pick her phone from the ground, but Moran beat her to it.

"I'm sorry we also didn't see... ".
Moran trailed off as she their eyes met.....


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