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Reincarnation-Chapter 12


Reincarnation-Chapter 12

Theme: Death is not an option


"Boxes? "
"Weapons? "
"Check "
"Make up kits? "
"Check "
"Costume boxes? "
"Check "
"Check, check list? "
"Check "
"Re check, check list"
"Check.. Check.. Check and check ". Sawyer drawled collapsing on a nearby chair.

"Good everything's ready". Susan said walking to the mini kitchen in the MAN CAVE.. That's the name Moran and Justin suggested they called their Condo.

Only Susan and Sawyer remained there to prepare all the digital stuffs they'd be needing..

Cecilia, Moran and Leonardo returned back to the office, Justin went to get the short guns he'd need since the ones in the Man Cave were alot bigger and meant for more serious cases. Conan returned to SSA station and Erika wandered to... who knows??
Susan returned a minute later with two glasses of orange juice and handed one to Sawyer who mouthed a 'thanks' and gulped it down.

"Do you think our plan will work? ". Susan asked slowly sipping her juice.

"Yeah why not? ". Sawyer replied.
"What if one of the gadgets fails? "
"But you made sure they're all perfect right? "

"Yes "

"Then why would it fail to work? "
"I.. Don't.. Maybe.. It.. "
"No maybes and not buts.. You've put so much effort in this so I'm sure its going to work and even if something fails we'll just think of something else okay? ". He said assuringly to her.

"Okay thanks ". She breathed out.
"You're welcome". He answered
"Now let's load the things "

"Oh yeah". She mumbled.

Together they loaded all the things they were taking on a broad flat metal surface... It was one with the tiled floor but it was a lift and there was an area on the ceiling directly facing it.

After loading all they needed, Susan pressed a button on the wall, immediately the area on the the ceiling split open and lift started going up.

Just then one of the walled rotated and Conan, Erika and Justin entered.

"This is soo cool". Erika squealed as they walked further in.
"Can you believe the room is still on the other side? ". She asked no one in particular.

"Yeah". Susan replied.

Just then the wall slides again and Leonardo, Moran and Cecilia entered.

"Our flight is ready, we need to leave now". Leonardo said as they walked further into the place.

"Alright then, I'll fill you guys with the necessary info on our way there ". Susan said and they all strided to the elevator.

Susan was the last to enter, just before she did, she pressed a button and the whole place transformed into the small room, leaving everyone except Sawyer gobsmacked.

"OK, listen ". Susan called their attention.

They were now in one of SSA's private jet , seated comfortably.
Susan dropped an object on the floor of the jet. It looked like a powder kit, but it wasn't . Then she started;

"I've booked a suite for us, just so you know, I hacked into the hotel system and booked the suite in Orlando's name "

"You booked a suite in the criminals name? ". Moran interrupted.

"Yes, because he owns the place and the party will be hosted there, don't worry because we can't get caught, he's provided free accommodation for invited guest ".
"But we're not invited ". Justin interploted.

"Yes we are or actually only Cecilia and Leo are ". Susan answered with a smile.

"How? ". Cecilia asked at the mention of her name.

"Look ". Susan answered pressing a tiny button on the object she placed on the ground. It opened and the picture of an old brunet appeared.

"This is Frederick William, he's one of of Orlando's partners, I hacked into his e-mail and I saw a message he sent to Orlando, he said he wouldn't be able to come but his son and daughter in law will serve as a proxy for him.. So this is his son's picture ". She explained and the picture of the man changed to the picture of a young man holding a woman. No one needed to ask why she picked Cecilia and Leo to act as the couple because they both looked so much like the real couple.

"Okay so that agreed". Leonardo spoke up.

"Justin and Moran you'll boycott the real couples to a different party which is also taking place there, while you Erika will get into Orlando's room and try to find anything useful.

"Conan you'll watch Orlando's movement, Sawyer and Susan will be watching the cameras while Cecilia and I will be at the party acting as the couple, is that fine with everyone? ". He asked after explaining.

They all nodded in agreement.
"Good, we should get some sleep, tomorrow morning we'll have to check somethings out before the party ". He said heading to one of the bedrooms.

There were three other bedrooms, Cecilia and Moran occupied one, Susan and Erika occupied the second one while Conan, Justin and Sawyer were to stay in the last one.

"Why does Leo have to stay alone while we share? ". Moran asked when they made their way towards the room.

"He's the boss". Conan answered and took the left to his room.
"Goodnight everyone, sleep as much as you can ". Sawyer said and followed Conan.

"Bye senorita ". Justin said and pecked Moran before following them.

"Bye ". Erika and Susan said and entered their room.

Moran and Cecilia also entered theirs.

"Cecilia? " Moran called bouncing on the bed.

"Yeah? "

"Don't you think Justin is cute and hot at the same time? ". She blurted out.

"Moran are you alright at all? We're on a plain in the middle of clouds above the earth and that's all you can think about? ". Cecilia retorted with an eye roll.

"What i'm just saying... "

"Go to sleep Moran" Cecilia cut her of climbing the bed.

"Are you nervous about tomorrow? ". Moran asked after awhile.

"Hmm". Cecilia answered.
"But all I can do is hope that everything goes well". She added and turned to her side....

"Goodnight Ceci "

"Yeah goodnight ". She whispered drifting away....


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