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Reincarnation-Chapter 11


Reincarnation-Chapter 11

Theme: Death is not an option


"So Jamie you have to be there with your crew" Cecilia said to Jamie she'd just explained what he needed to know to him and asked him to be at the party with a few reporters in order not to draw any suspicion.

The reporters would do their thing while they would quietly execute their plans.

"Okay, but I hope your plan works ". He replied.

"That's not for you to worry about, just give us a cover that's all, our plan will definitely work, because they don't even know about us, and besides we have sorted everything out we'll be disguised all we need from you is distraction, there'd be a red carpet so that means better chances ". She expounded.

"Alright then ". He retorted with a sigh.

"You can trust us on that "

"Good ". She replied getting up.
"I'll be in my office "

"Uhm.. Cecilia? " he stopped her .

"Yes? "

"I'm really sorry about everything that happened lately, it has really been a tough month ". He apologized sincerely.

"No problem, I understand " she answered.

'What's the point of staying angry, it's not as if he cheated on me '. She thought.

"So we're cool now? "

"Yeah, but just so you know, I still dont like that Fay or whatever her name is, and you better keep whatever you both have in the confines of your home or hers, remember I'm not the only that has an issue with office romance "
"I'll keep that in mind ". He replied with a sigh.

"Cool". She muttered and walked out.

Jamie buried his face in his palms and chuckled..

"Office romance? Where did she even get that from? ".

Out of the office, Cecilia met Fay in a word fight with Alicia Malone... The most annoying and pompous reporter in the printing press..

Alicia always felt like she was the diva, the beauty, the wealthiest and the smartest but in the end she just ended up behind the list.. And she annoyed the hell out of every one, especially Moran.

There was one time when Moran poured yoghurt on her because she called her a big baby.

"You better watch your tongue you bitch ". Alicia shot at Fay.

"No you watch your tongue moron!! " Fay shot back.

"What did you call me? ". Alicia gasped.

"You heard me... Look you better get your witty ass out of my office Jamie's busy right now, what part of that does your dung brain find difficult to comprehend ". Fay said to her and Cecilia who they hadn't noticed chuckled inwardly..

'How I wish Moran was here right now '. She thought.

"Hey.. You monkey don't you dare insult me ". Alicia hissed pointing her index finger at Fay.

"Monkey? You're the one who looks like a giant chihuahua, look lemme give you an advice Missy you better go back to that saloon and get a makeover because right now you look worse than an ape " Fay retorted and Cecilia couldn't take it anymore she burst out laughing hard.

The two arguing ladies turned to look at her, Alicia all red and glaring daggers..

"Glad someone can finally put you in your place ". Cecilia said to Alicia, when she finally caught her breath.

If looks could kill, she'd definitely be dead with the look Alicia shot at her.

All red and swollen, Alicia brushed pass Cecilia and entered Jamie's office.

The moment Alicia shut the door , Cecilia resumed a straight face and turned to Fay..

"Good morning ma'am ". Fay greeted calmly.

"Same to you too Fay. M. Stars". Cecilia drawled in response stressing on the name.

Fay seemed surprised at the mention of her full name, but she quickly covered it up.

"Fay. M. Stars isn't it? ". Cecilia asked walking closer to her.

"Y.. yy.. Yes... Ma'am ". Fay stuttered nervously.

"Would you mind telling me what the M stands for? ". Cecilia asked with a ruthless glare.

"Uhh... It.. Stands for.. Uhm.. Uhm "
"Uhm.. What? "

"Mitchell "

"Mitchell? ".

"Yes ma'am "

"Why did you take so long to answer and why do you suddenly look nervous? ". Cecilia whispered leaning closer to Fay.

"Nothing ma'am, it's just that I really don't like using the name "
"Why? "

"Well because it reminds me of my family " Fay answered with a sad face.

"How does the name concern your family? "

"Well you see ma'am, Mitchell is my grandma's name, my father bears both his parents name, his mum was the only person who stood and took care of him, while his dad absconded when he was just a baby, so my dad made sure we all beared her name so that we would always remember her... ". Fay explained close to tears and Cecilia almost believed her.

"Where are your family now? ". Cecilia asked alot calmer now.

"They're all dead, they died in a car crash ". Fay answered with hot tears freely streaming down her cheeks and Cecilia was moved, she felt sorry, a part of her wanted to believe her but another part firmly disagreed.

'She's lying, that story is soo lame'. Her subconscious said to her and her inner goddess was just wearing a confused look.

"I'm sorry, really, I had no idea ". Cecilia finally said to her.

"Thank you ma'am ". Fay answered wiping her tears with the back of her palm.

"You can call me Cecilia". Cecilia said to her feeling a bit guilty that she made someone cry.

"Okay ma.. I mean Cecilia, please excuse me ". She stuttered and picked her purse and rushed to the rest room.

Cecilia stylishly looked at Fay's arm when she picked up her purse; there was no tattoo, nothing at all.

Now she's confused, there so many gaps to fill, if Fay was saying the truth, why is she in that picture, and why is the picture in the flash drive and file...???

What is the truth??

And the picture is also in the l

"Yes the library". Cecilia gasped, she should go to the library, but that would be after the party..

She sighed resignantly "'whatever the truth is it must surely come out and gonna make sure of it". She said to herself and left for her office..

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