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Reincarnation-Chapter 10


Reincarnation-Chapter 10

Theme: Death is not an option


"What have you got so far? " Leonardo asked Susan as they all sat down to draw out a plan.

She brought out an iPad from her bag, typed something on it and surprisingly the ocean blue glass walls turned dark and became a screen. They could see everything from the Pad on the wall.

"How do you do all these? " Erika exclaimed.

"High tech ". Susan replied, her eyes on the pad.

"From the file in the drive, I discovered somethings ". She started, making the mystery picture appear on the wall.

"The picture was cut out, this isn't the original one, but that's not the main case, I discovered that the picture itself is an encoded program " she expounded.

"Really? ". Leonardo asked.

"Yeah, take a look ". She answered and tapped a button on the iPad, immediately the picture on the wall split as if it was an app that was about to open, seconds later a bold ENTER PASS CODE appeared on it with an sign rotating just below the words.

"Its made of a different sort of algorithm, and I'm trying to read it once I know to know the kind of algorithm it is, then the pass code would be easy to get'". She explained and Leonardo nodded slowly.

"Meanwhile ". She continued swiping the screen, the picture disappeared from the wall and a map appeared.

"I've got possible places where they could be hiding presently, this is where we are right now ". She said pointing at their current location on the map.

"This is San Gabriel Valley, this is Pomona Valley, and from what I've got, they are somewhere in between these two valleys, precisely here ". She expounded pointing at a spot marked between the the valleys.

"But we've been there before, its an abandoned factory, nothing's there ". Conan said.

"That's what you think ". Susan answered.

"Meaning? ". Moran asked
"When you walked into the small room did you imagine that a place like this can be in the same room? ".
"No". Moran answered and nodded almost immediately as she grasped the Info Susan was trying to pass.

"That's it, they make you think nothing is there. But a lot of things are actually rooted on the spot ". Susan explained.

"So that means they're using the program you just used here? ". Justin asked.

"Hmm something like that, but I'm sure theirs would be a whole lot bigger ". She answered.

"So what can we do to find their dome? " Cecilia asked.

"For now nothing, we won't even try going there, but I think I know of a way to lead us straight to them". She replied with a confident smile.

"How? " Leonardo asked.

"This man". Susan answered and a picture of a bald middle aged man appeared on the wall.

"Isn't that former commander in chief of armed forces, the corrupt one? " Cecilia asked.

"Yes he was fired two months ago ". Conan answered.

"Pot bellied punk ". Erika mumbled in response.

"What does he have to do with this case, Susan? " Sawyer asked.

"Well from what I know, he's been smuggling Arsine gas in bulk, within the last few months, he'd brought in 15 tanks. " She replied
"Whoa, that's alot ". Conan exclaimed

"What could he be using that kind of poison for? ". Leonardo mumbled mostly to himself.

" that i dunno but the only people backing him up are obviously the B. M. Bs, they're the only one's capable of importing such a huge amount of poisonous gas ". Susan explained.

"He's hosting a party in Texas, the day after tomorrow, he has invited all his trusted allies and I'm sure that the Malton brothers or their representatives would be there. "

"So that means we have to be at the party. " Justin completed.

"Oh and lest I forget, there's actually a very important thing you guys need to see". Susan said and typed a few things on her pad. The picture of the man was replaced with another map.
On it there were only five cities ;

Pomona was in the middle, with Texas, Ohio, Oklahoma, and Chino hills, round it and they were linked together.

"What does this mean? " Erika asked.

"It means these are the places we need to look, to find them ". Susan answered.

"Good job Susan, this is where we're going start ". Leonardo spoke up.

"We leave for Texas tomorrow night, go to the party disguised, dig up anything we can find and get back here the next day, would that be fine? " he asked.



"Yeah" they all answered.

"Is that all Susan? " he asked after getting the approval of everyone.

"Uhm.. Yeah.. For now though I'll need to make a research about him, when I get anything I'll let you know " she answered.

"Alright then, guys lets get to work". He bellowed walking towards the door and everyone except Susan and Sawyer trailed behind him.....

"Click.. Click... Click ". The light thud of heels against the smooth tarred floor, echoed through a dark alley.

The silhouette of a lady, formed by the reflection of shimmering lights from tall buildings, a few miles away, flickered on the wall occasionally as she walked down the dark path.

The hoodie she was wearing covered the most part of her face and the tight leather pants clunged to her body like a second skin.

She looked hot, smoking hot. She had the looks of a big time model, a diva and she used it well.

She halted on her tracks, when she felt the presence of another being.

They are here, she didn't need a soothsayer to tell her so.

She sharply turned around, and if not that she was already aware of their presence, she would have took to her heels at the sight of three terrifying demons in human form, lurking in the shadows in search for souls to rip.

Well she was also a like them, so its even, and they wouldn't even think of hurting her, she's their precious gem.

"I thought you wouldn't make it". The first one said removing his hoodie.

"You know I would always make it ". She replied also removing hers and allowing her auburn hair flow rythymically with the wind.

"Won't you give us a hug sister? " the second one asked with his arms opened.

"Of course brother " she answered and walked up to where they stood, immediately they crowded her in a big hug.

They were cold and heartless but no to themselves.

"How have you been? " the youngest brother asked.

"Great brother " she answered
"Any progress so far? " the second one asked.

"Yeah, but I haven't got anything meaningful " she replied.

"Hmm you'll have to try harder " the eldest said.

"Yes bro"

"We called you here because there are a bunch of thorns standing in our way". He started.

"We could have just finished them off but they have something very important to us". The second one continued.

"So we want you to get it and finish them ". The third one added.

"How will I do that? " she asked.

"Good question ". He answered
"As we speak, they're looking for us, and they've got something they can use to get us and that is you, they're looking for you right now "
"But they will never find me and you know that ". She retorted and scoffed.

"Yes you're right, but we want you to let them find you". The eldest answered.

"Let them find you, then bring them to us "

"Alright brother, you can trust me on it". She replied

"Thank you sister, this is the reason why you're our precious gem" the youngest one said , patting her shoulder.

"We need to leave now, Mark will send whatever you need to know" the three of them said at once.
Almost immediately a black SUV drove to where they were and the three of them entered and they zoomed off.

She stared at the empty space the three of them stood, just awhile ago.

A sad smile crept to her lips and she absentmindedly caressed the rose tattoo on her left arm; wondering when all these would end, when her life would end once and for all, when would all the dark memories disappear, when would her past stop haunting her... 'When... Just when? ' She thought.

After a few minutes of staring at the space, she took another dark path to her unknown abode, deep in the the dark.

Yes darkness, that's where she lives, in the shadows, outside the world, in another dimension and she would only come out to take lives or cause havoc... That's how she lives... That's just how her life is.....

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