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Reincarnation-Chapter 1


Reincarnation-Chapter 1

Theme: Death is not an option


"The queen finally showed up" Moran drawled sarcastically as Cecilia made her way into the office they both shared.

Moran Devin was one of the top journalist in the printing press and Cecilia's one and only friend, she was second on the list after Cecilia for unquestionable brilliance and good work.

It was now a month and two weeks after Cecilia's almost death encounter with the B. M. Bs, she had immediately taken a leave to cool off and lay low just as her savior had suggested.

A two weeks break turned to a month and two weeks as Cecilia added one month to her official leave. If not for the constant pestering from Jamie and Moran she would still be sun drying her skin in Hawaii.

"And good morning to you too". Cecilia replied in the same tone, relaxing on a chair adjacent to the table and placed her legs on it.

"I almost booked a flight to go to Hawaii and drag you back" Movan said pushing Cecilia's legs off the table.

"Hmm good thing you didn't come, else I would have trapped you there and we'll spend five more months "

"Oh.. Just enough time for the firm to come crumbling down" Moran replied and they both shared a small laugh.

"Oh baby girl you really had a good time didn't ya! Your skin is glowing! " Moran squealed while Cecilia fluanted and batted her lashes adorably .

"Oh baby girl i really envy you, I wish I was in your place right now"

Moran was strong, confident and daring most times, the main reason why she became friends with Cecilia, but she could be a big cry baby and behave unreasonablely childish when she wants to.

Cecilia always wondered how an adult could behave in such a way, when Moran threw her tantrums.

One time, Moran broke almost all the chairs and tables in an ice cream shop just because the last cheese cake she ordered was given to a six year old boy. She transformed the place into mess and bursted into tears afterwards.
"Yeah, honestly I did have a great time but of course duty was calling so I had to get back". Cecilia drawled lowly.

Wishing she was still in Hawaii and maybe clubbing by now. She loved her Job, Yes, but you've gat to rest sometimes and after the last incident she really wasn't sure of her safety anymore.

Pamona was a small town where news can be spread easily and she was sure the B. M. Bs had spies everywhere.

"Yeah duty was calling or Jamie and Moran were pestering " Moran snarled in return.

"Whatever " Cecilia replied with an eye roll.

"So what's been up since I was gone? " she asked.

"Aaaallottt" Moran squealed.

"But first things first Jamie's employed an assistant " she snarled wrinkling her face into a frown.

"Assistant? ". Cecilia asked obviously shocked.

"Yes a frigging bitch"


"Jamie claimed that work was too much and he couldn't take it alone and blaa blaa blaa, but I know it's all a lie" she bellowed.

"When did this happen? "

"About a week after you left".

"Really? And you didn't tell me? " Cecilia asked still surprised.

"Um.. Cecilia, I try as much as possible not to remember anything concerning that bitch, I didn't remember and even if I did remember I wouldn't have told, you vacation would have been ruined "

"Sorry " Moran mumbled apologetically.

"Are you for real Mo, how could you do that!? "

"Look Cecilia I didn't want to spoil your.. ".

"Just forget it! " Cecilia cut her off.
Stomping out of the office, with a loud bang she shut the door.

"How dare he!! ". She mumbled angrily as she made her way to his office, ignoring all the greetings from her colleagues.

Without knocking she barged into the office.

She almost regretted the act with the sight she met.

Jamie was on his chair with the new assistant straddling him and Jamie's head was buried between her breasts.

"WTF" Cecilia cursed aloud, making the two of them disengage.

"Shit!! ". Jamie mumbled, urging the lady to get up.

"My God! " Cecilia exclaimed eyeing him.

She cast a glance at the so called 'assistant ' and mehn she was beautiful, she was wearing a shot dress that clinged to her body exposing her cleavage.

The lady bent down and picked up her jacket that was laying carelessly on the ground.

"I'll leave you two to talk " she said walking out of office with a smirk plastered on her face. She didn't seem one bit bothered that she was just caught making out with her boss.

"Um.. Look Ceci it's not what you think ". Jamie who was now like a tomato said, trying to hide the bulge between his legs.

"Don't you dare called me that " she snarled angrily.

"I'm sorry " he replied trying to avoid an eye contact with her.
"Sorry for what? Calling me a stupid name or for fucking an employee?! " she yelled.


"I wasn't fucking her! "

"But you would have! "

"Listen Cecilia, I wasn't thinking, I'm sorry! "

"Sorry? That's not for me, you can be with anyone you want to be with, it doesn't concern me, but what concerns me is that you employed an assistant "

"Cecilia, there was too much work and I couldn't handle it alone "

"Really? Too much work? Does that include what you guys were doing a while ago? Jamieeee! "

"I'm sorry that was a mistake " he mumbled unable to look her in the eye.

"Listen Jamie, incase you've forgotten, I was promoted before I took a leave, you're no longer my boss, we're partners now, you don't make a decision without my consent , you don't employ sluts without asking me first, you don't make out with her inside your office and she's fired!!!" She barked with clenched fists.

"Cecilia is it because I stopped you from getting a PA the last time? " Jamie asked frustrated.

"Hell yes Jamie!! Yes!! You can't employ a f***king PA after stopping me from getting one, we made a freaking deal and you just broke your end.. So before I lose my temper now fire!! Her!! ". She yelled again.

Cecilia just couldn't comprehend the reason why she was this angry.
She didn't know if it was because she caught him in the act or because of the fact that he got a PA in the first place, how could he? When he stopped her from getting hers when she wanted to.

"Cecilia I can't fire her" he replied.
"Why is it because she's busy warming your bed? "

"Listen Cecilia its not what you think, but I honestly can't fire her. "

"Okay we'll do this fair and square, what's her name? ". Cecilia asked.

"What do you need her name.. "

"What the f***k is her name?! "

"Fay Stars " he bowing his head.
'Why did I let her seduce me? ' he thought.

"Stars my arse! " Cecilia spat. Before yelling out.

Seconds later Fay reappeared in the room.

"Fay Stars" Cecilia hissed out.
"Yes ma'am " Fay replied sweetly.

"Set up a vacancy ad, I need an assistant and for more clarification only hot handsome males are qualified to apply " Cecilia spoke up making Jamie's jaw drop open.

"And before I get someone " Cecilia continued. "I and Jamie would be sharing you" "Any questions? "

"Um.. No" Fay answered.

"Good now get to work!! " she half yelled making her squrry out of the office.

"That was unprofessional Cecilia " Jamie said the moment Fay stepped out.

"Is screwing your assistant professional? "

"Okay I get it, i'm sorry!! "

"Sorry for yourself " she spat in return making her way out of the office.

She met Fay in front of her computer outside the office.

"Pass a call to the attendants, I want my things moved into this office, until my office is ready I'll be using this one "

"Oh and get me coffee " she added and walked away.

"How did it go? " Moran asked the instant Cecilia walked into their office.

"You won't believe I met him on the verge of screwing her" she replied.

"I knew it, there's definitely something going on between them!! " Moran half yelled balling her fists together.

"Yeah " Cecilia answered walking to her own table.

"But I wouldn't blame Jamie though, that girl is a seductress, she can turn heads "

"That's her business " Cecilia retorted.

Punching figures on the telephone.

"Hello Charlie? " she said to the person at the other end.

"Hey princess, long time no talk " he replied.

"Yeah, Charl I need your help with something "
"Okay babe I'm all ears "

"I want you to run a background check on Fay Stars Jamie's new assistant. " There was something strange about that lady and she wanted it out.

"Um. Okay I'm on it ".

"Thanks Charlie I owe you "
"No probs babe, dinner tonight will do, we could discuss what I find" he replied.

"Kk just send me the address "
"Alright sweet"

"Thanks " she replied ending the call.

Almost immediately it started ringing again.

"Cecilia Martin " she said into the receiver.

"Cecilia, we've got a call from SSA ". Jamihe's voice rang out from the other end.

"What!! "

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