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Made To Love-Chapter Twelve


Made To Love-Chapter Twelve

A typical Nigerian setting
All rights reserved


©Authoress Isabel

It was the engagement day...
I'm getting engaged to Jenny
This shit is getting me high!
Anthony walked into the room with a fierce facial expression
"Anthony help me out!"

I held his hands together
"What do I help you with?"

He asked eying me
"I don't wanna get married to Jenny, I love Anna!"

I said still holding his hand
"Should I tell you one truth?"

He turned his hands over mine
I nodded my head twice in agreement

"You don't love Anna! You don't!"
Those words came like shock to me


I exclaimed in surprise
"If you loved her, this wouldn't be happening"

I left his side as I went to sit down
"I.. I.."

"You lack the courage to say that you love her!"

He walked towards me
"Anthony I'm helpless!"

I rested my chin on my hand
"You had the whole time to cut the marriage off but you didn't"

He eyed me with those look that could kill


"You ain't expecting Anna to cut the marriage off on your behalf,are you?"

He folded his two hands
" Give a solution, fine! I've accepted defeat,I don't want to marry Jenny!"

I screamed out

"The only solution now is getting to tell everyone about your love for her,you still have time"

I widened my eyes immediately
"What! I should cut the marriage off now?"

I asked in surprise

"Yeah, if you truly love her! Call me when you're ready"

He said standing up

"But whichever decision you make, I'll respect it. You're my friend after all"

He walked out immediately leaving me to decide on a fate I don't know

I'm restless...

I love Anna with my life but I don't wanna break Jenny's heart
I have been trying to tell mum about this but she isn't listening...
She's just forcing the marriage on me!

How do I cut everything off now?
Everyone is already present for the engagement

How can I do that?

I don't Wanna disappoint mum...
She has high hopes in me
She's finally happy that I'll be getting engaged, will breaking apart the engagement solve matters?

I don't know what to do?

I like wisely love Anna so much
I don't wanna trade her for anything

She's my breath giver, she has been sustaining me all these while
I don't want to break her heart
I've made a promise to her that I'll never leave her..

Right from when she gave me her virginity...

She's my soul mate but what do I do

I'm lost....
But Anna has been there for me..
For over 6 years...

She has been the one loving me, helping me and taking care of me
Where was Jenny all those while?
My decision suddenly came to my brain...

I must do this!

Even though my mum would later disown me..

I must do this for the sake of love...
My phone rang up as I saw the caller ID...


I picked up immediately
"Hey son, come out now"

She happily said over the phone
I can feel her happiness and also hear it in her voice

"Mum I have something to say!"
I said to her ears
"To me?"

She asked curiously

"To everyone, it's a speech!"

I quickly said as I trusted my mum
She could switch sides and tell me not to talk

I was smart enough to let her know it's a speech

"Come downstairs"

She hung up immediately....
Now is the time...

I walked out of my room in a courageous spirit...

I've stopped crying as I suddenly remembered I had to pick up some guests at the airport
Even though he's not getting married to me, I must at least show him some respect by helping him..

I tried arranging everything!

Today's the end of everything!

Mr Davis is getting engaged to Jenny today!

I'm gonna be left alone!

Though Mr Davis has really helped me..

I now drive in my car..

Live alone in my apartment...

A sustainable life...

But I want Mr Davis in that life but it's not possible!

He's getting engaged now!

I wiped my tears as I walked into my car...

I must be strong!

I lost my first love!

Probably my last too!!!

I drove along the busy way as my phone suddenly rang...

What's wrong?

I parked my car alongside to pick her call

"Miss Anna, where are you?"

She asked immediately as I got shocked by her voice
"On my way to pick some guests at the airport!"

"Turn back, there's a problem"
My heart missed a beat immediately

"Miss Jenny fainted!!"

She said as I got lost!

"She fainted!"

"What's wrong?"

I asked
"Errmmm.. Mr Davis said he's no longer going on with the marriage, he said he's in love with you!"
My heart beat raced as she said that!

I turned the car immediately towards his house!

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