Made To Love-Chapter Thirteen


Made To Love-Chapter Thirteen

A typical Nigerian setting
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©Authoress Isabel

I stopped in front of Davis House as I got down from the car..

I rushed into the compound as I saw people leaving...

Oh my goodness!

My phone started ringing as I picked up...

"Anna I've been trying to reach you, what's wrong"

Kate shouted immediately...

"There are tons of things wrong"


She asked again
"Davis cut off the engagement, Jenny fainted"

"Oh my God!"

She sounded shocked
Who wouldn't get shocked after hearing that?

'"I'm confused, he even said he loves me"

I said almost crying...

"Where are you?"

"His house, I'll call you later"

I hang up immediately as I rushed into his house

I met him as the entrance as he pulled me into a hug

I had cultivated the attitude of calling him Davis...

"Anna, I'm so sorry"

He almost started crying
"Why did you cut off the engagement?"

"I love you Anna, I just can't go on with it"

"Where is Jenny?"

I asked...

"Upstairs with everyone"

"Can I go see her?"

I asked holding his hand
"If you're alright with it, let's go"

He held my hands as we went upstairs...

I held her hand as we went upstairs..

I knocked on the door as I didn't wait for a reply before entering the room...

All eyes deemed on us....

Jenny Sat on the bed as she was awake...

Anna rushed to her.

"Jenny, how are you feeling?"

She asked trying to place her hand in Jenny's head
"I'm fine"

Jenny said but pulled Anna's hand away from her head
I could feel Anna's expression as bad..

Mum eyed me as May stared at me..
"Jenny I'm so sorry, I just...."

She raised her head to cut me off my words...

"So if you didn't cut off the wedding, I would have gotten married to you right?"

She asked as I felt sorry

"Yes, I'm so sorry!"

I apologize but I kept my gaze down
"Oh Thank God"

She said as every other person stared at her

Anna called her as mum started laughing

Is this a joke or something?

"It was all a plan!"

She took her face in her hands

"Jenny help me out"

"I can't get married to him, I have a boyfriend"

"I'm not asking you to marry him, let's just plan"


"I'm suspecting he loves someone but can't come out plain to say it"
"So what do I do?'"

"Let's just pretend as if it's a contract marriage"

"I hope he doesn't agree to it"
"He won't"
I can't believe all the super stories I'm hearing...

A plan?

To make Davis confess his love for me?

Oh goodness!
I can't believe this
"Anna I'm sorry"

Jenny apologized to me
"It's okay"

I walked towards the bed as I hugged her...

"You could have told me you were in love with him"

"I didn't want to break the trust you had in me"

"It's okay, thank you"

I cried silently as I hugged her
"Now now now... Let's shift the engagement"

Davis mum said as I raised my head up

Don't tell me I'll be getting engaged?

Oh shit!!!
TBC. ....

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