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Made To Love-Chapter Seven


Made To Love-Chapter Seven

A typical Nigerian setting
All rights reserved


©Authoress Isabel

I stared at Anna in disgust... How dare she try to meet Stephen. On a date?
What rubbish!
My phone ring up as I picked immediately I knew it was May..
"Hey sis"
"Hey Davis, I'm at the airport. I waited long enough for you"
I suddenly remembered May was going back today and I was meant to drive her to the airport..
"I'm so sorry May, I forgot!"
"It's fine, I know you're busy"
"Stay calm and face studies! Stay away from white boys"
I sternly reminded her
"Whatever! I'm off! Take care of mum. Bye"
She hung up just like that...
I looked at Anna as she felt tired of probably standing
"May I have my phone back?"

I became tired of standing as I decided to leave
"May I have my phone back?"
He kept staring at me like a bee fire..
"Don't meet with Stephen behind my back!"
He shouted with authority
"And who are you to tell me that?"
I asked with boldness
He was probably surprised I talked back at him
"You heard me Mr Davis!"
I said but I was scared with the way I was talking back at him
"I'm human! I have blood running through my veins too!!"
I screamed hard
"Are you okay?"
He tried walking closer but I moved back
"Don't come near me! You use my body like you want, you play around with me like I'm some idiot. You think it's nice?"
I shouted in desperate anger
"That's because I'm your boss and I own you!"
He defensively talked back
"You don't own me, I'm not an item!"
I tried walking away but he grabbed my arm and pushed me to the wall making my back hurt so much
I winced out in pain...
"Look at me!"
He held my chin as I faced him
"I own you and I decide whatever to do with you!"
He continued as he brought his lips closer to my mouth
I shifted almost disappointing him
"You still don't get me Davis Ethan! I'm not in for this anymore"
I said close to him
Probably in shock I called him by his names
"I'll have fun with Stephen who will treat me like a human, excuse me"
I pushed him away from me as I walked out of the office...
It pains me to see him hurt but I don't know why..
I like him but I need to protect my pride
I admit the fact that I love him. I have emotional feelings for him but I don't wanna seem so easy...
I just have to be this way towards him ...
"Anthony I mean she talked back to me"
I explained to Anthony when he called
"Stop playing on her feelings bro"
Anthony said I felt confused
"What if she has feelings for you?"
Anthony asked
"Meet with her and ask her.."
He said as I still didn't understand
"But I..."
"Sort your feelings out Davis, you just don't play with someone's body like that"
"Okay Thank you"
He hung up on the call as I decided to call Anna to meet me in my House

I couldn't meet with Steph..
I told him I was busy so probably another day...
Mr Davis doesn't like me...
He just wanna play on my feelings..
"Hey girl, I'll be going out now. Take care"
I never noticed Tracy at all
She called me when I didn't give her a reply
"Okay, bye"
I managed to say to her as my mind wasn't stable
She walked out immediately...
Mum isn't coming home today..
She has been very busy with....
My phone rang up I saw Mr Davis calling
My heart missed a beat
I said calmly
"We need to talk, come over to my house"
He hang up immediately
His voice seemed somewhat...
Oh my!
I rushed upstairs to get dressed...

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