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Made To Love-Chapter Nine


Made To Love-Chapter Nine

A typical Nigerian setting
All rights reserved

Theme:  ISSUES

©Authoress Isabel

"So you... Like I don't understand"
Kate shouted
"Stop shouting!"
I held her hands together
We both met at a coffee shop to talk..
I just told her about what happened between I and Davis yesterday and she could not believe me...
"I just don't understand"
She whispered in a low tone
"What else do you not understand?"
I asked irritated
"Anna why? You gave your virginity to a beast?"
She asked in horror
"He's not a beast, he's human"
I tried protecting him
"A beast in human form"
She eyed me...
"I love him Kate!"
"I knew it! Ever since you were saying he's fine, he's cool..I knew something was going on"
She laughed out as it disgusted me
"Stop it Kate, it's not funny.. Stop laughing at me"
I said leaving her hands
"I'm not laughing at you, I'm laughing with you but just that you are not laughing"
I laughed out at the irony she just stated.
"I'm serious about it. I love Davis"
I frankly stated my points
"I love Davis.. The fact is does he loves you too?"
She asked mocking me
I said making the 'I don't care' look
"Probably? Anna are you this dumb?"
I clenched my fist as if to give a punch
"I'm not dumb! You know that, I was brilliant and smart"
I dropped the cup of coffee
"Dumb girls are those that throw themselves on guys, they wanna feel among!"
I looked at her in doubts
"Don't be dumb, play smart!"
"But I love him"
I explained to her
"I know but you don't have to behave that way"
She took my hands in hers
"What should I do?"
I asked in fears
"Ask him about what he feels for you, love or lust?"
She eyed me intensify
"Is that why you're eying me?"
I asked her smiling
My phone rang up cutting her off...
"Mr Davis "
I smiled
"Talk of the devil!"
She eyed me...
"No, talk of the Angel"
I smiled..
"The Angel who pushed you to almost commit suicide"
She laughed out as I picked up the call...
"Hey dear"
His voice coaxed into my ear
"Good morning"
I replied...
"On your way?"
He asked
"Anything wrong Mr Davis?"
I asked..
"Love you"
He said before hanging up
Did I hear wrong?
Love me?
Oh my God!!
I shouted
She spilled the coffee on her cloth
"He said he loves me"
I shouted
"For real?"
She asked smiling
"Yes! I'm so happy!"
I stood up picking my bag
"Where to?"
"The office"
I never waited for a reply before rushing out....
My dreams come true
I told her I love her...
I finally said it...
Anthony was right!
I love her but I lacked the courage to say it...
She gave me her gift
Her pride
Her virginity!
To me!
I must cherish it a lot!
Now let's get to work...


The door opened as Anna walked in...
Sexy as ever!
I smiled as I stood up..
She smiled walking towards me...
"Good morning"
I hugged her passionately
She smelled of Rose...
Nice body spray...
"You should have taken the day off"
I sat her down on the chair as I sat opposite her
"Then who would work on those files"
She pointed out at the tons of papers on my table as I smiled
"Come here"
I pulled her into a hug
I just wanna stay like this all day...
"Mr Davis we need to work"
She held onto my jacket
"Just for five minutes"
I pleaded with her
My phone rang as I saw Mayberry calling me...
Troublesome sister...
"Sorry excuse me"
I received the call...
"Hello brother"
She sounded sarcastic...
"What's up?"
I asked
"Finally something worked out!"
She laughed happily over the phone
I asked curiously
"A fiance or should I say a wife?"
She shouted as I seemed somewhat lost
"What are you talking about?"
I asked her
"She's supposed to be there already,her name is Jenny so good luck"
She hung up as I didn't understand a bit of what she Said
What's this...
"Is everything okay?"
Anna asked as I held her hands and smiled
I said as my heart raced fast
There came a knock...
"Come in"
Rose walked in..
"Mr Davis?"
"Someone is asking of you"
She said ...
"A female and her name is Jenny"
My heart missed a beat...
Oh God!
This is an intruder....

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