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Made To Love-Chapter Eleven


Made To Love-Chapter Eleven

A typical Nigerian setting
All rights reserved


©Authoress Isabel

**3 months later**

When Davis stooped the car in front of Kate's house, he kissed me passionately for a while.

I am almost losing. I wonder how long he had been restraining himself by merely squeezing my hand all the way back from the office...

I come out of the car, light hearted and flushed wishing the kiss would last forever. He leaves immediately apologizing that he wants to check on Jenny at home..



She's still in his home...

But she's treating me with love and respect. Not that of a secretary but that of a sister...

We go shopping for different things,going for dinner together, she trusts me with everything...

Kate had been waiting for me expectantly. I walked into her room where she's seating in front of the dressing table making her hair
"You kept me waiting!"

She faced me fiercely
"Sorry, I had to attend to some things"

I sat on the bed looking at the mirror sideways
"What we're you doing? Tell me or I'll tickle the living daylights out of you!"

She stood up smiling
"No,no need for that"

I pleaded recalling the last time she tickled me, I almost wee on myself

"Attending to some shits in the office "

I grinned widely

"Like banging poor Davis"

She licked her tongue seductively...
This part of Kate is funny and annoying

"Banging which Davis? Someone would think I lure him into having sex all the time"

I dropped the duvet on the bed
I am fully embarrassed talking about sex when it comes to Davis, I can feel my body tingle. I can't deny the fact that I'm in love with Davis for life!

I wish I could spend the rest of my life with him, caring for him, feeding him, cooking his meal, driving all the way together with him, massaging him when he's tired and ever showering him love and affection...

"Hey Mrs Davis Ethan, I hope you haven't rumpled my dress...
She brought me back to life as I suddenly remembered I was lying on her dress...

The idea of Mrs Davis stuck me good..

But our love is threatening....
I hope I won't be like the fools box...

" Anna what are you doing about this love issue?"

Kate asked once again bringing me back from Dreamland

"Swears, I'm confused!"

I said changing my facial expression

"Why? I thought Davis Said to sort it out?"

She dragged an armchair towards me before sitting down

"It's about Jenny"

I squeezed my face in a slight frown

"And what about her?"

"I don't think I can betray her"

I said in utmost sadness

"She's just like a sister! Always giving me anything, she does not know I love Davis!"

I took my face in my palm
"Then tell her!"

"Are you crazy? I said I don't wanna betray her and you're talking of telling her"

I eyed her with the corner of my left eye

"It's better you tell her now instead of her hearing from another person!"

He stood up as I reasoned what she said


"Yeah really! Tell her to hear about her response"

"And what if he despises me because of that?"

I asked worriedly
"I hope you know love comes with a risk, you're gonna risk it dear"
She walked into the bathroom as I thought about this....

I don't wanna betray Jenny yet I wanna tell her I live Davis...

I think I have to tell her
I must risk this...

"Kate, I'm coming..I'll be back!"
I rushed out of her room as I heard her shouting but I didn't wait to hear all that....

I walked into the house...
It has become a normal place for me to go...

The living room is empty as I know they're in their various rooms...

First things first
Jenny first!

I turned around as I walked straight Upstairs...
I wasn't a visitor anymore here...
I knocked on Jenny's door as she opened widely


She called me in surprise...
I smiled without saying anything
"Won't you let me in?"

I asked sarcastically

"Oh come in"

She smiled as she held my hand...
"Why are you here?"

She asked immediately as I found my seat on the chair
"I... Came...came to tell...."

"Well anyways, I also wanted you to come. We need to plan for the wedding"

She Saud cutting me off
"Huh? "

"Just everything, I want you to be in charge!"

She stood up smiling


"This and that, wow... I love Davis so much"

She said picking up a baby pillow...
"I thought you said you didn't love him?"

I asked in surprise
"Now I do, I love him so much and I won't forgive anyone trying to pry into our relationship"

She squeezed her face as the thoughts and idea of talking to her about me being in love with Davis flew away immediately
Now she's desperate...

She won't trade Davis for anyone...
"What if someone comes in between? Like if Mr Davis is in love with someone else?"

I asked trembling in my voice
"I won't forgive that someone! Never!!"

She dropped her towel as she walked into the kitchen...
Oh my God!!!

I can't do this

Jenny trusts me so much but I love Davis and i have to choose between love and trust!!!


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