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Made To Love-Chapter Eight


Made To Love-Chapter Eight

A typical Nigerian setting
All rights reserved


©Authoress Isabel

I walked into his house as I entered straight inside. I thought there would be a pin to his door..
Funny enough, there wasn't...
I straightened my shirt and my short skirt...
The house felt somehow empty
"Mr Davis?"
I called as I got no reply
My phone rang up as I saw his name
I picked up immediately...
"Come in, upstairs"
He hung up immediately...
I looked up as I saw a long stairs..
Is he living alone in this big apartment?
His house is just so beautiful.. Just like a palace.
I walked up immediately..
I got to the only majestic door upstairs as other doors didn't feel like his..
I knocked on the door as I awaited a reply..
His voice was not really good..
I felt worried..
The door opened as I saw him in a shirt and a black trousers.
"Come in"
I looked at him as I walked in...
As in wow...
The room was just sooo..
Oh my goodness!!!
He closed the door as I sat on the bed dropping my bag
"You said we needed to talk,is anything the problem?"
I said looking at him earnestly
I smelt a strong smell...
Has he been drinking?
Oh my!
"Mr Davis, you've been drinking?"
I asked him in surprise
He sat beside me on the bed..
"Yes, I have!"
"But why?"
"I'm sorry"
He said without looking up
I looked at him in surprise
Mr Davis apologizing?
This isn't right
"Mr Davis?"
I looked at him with excitement...
"Yeah, I'm sorry! For the way I've been treating you"
He repeated again...
I laughed out hard!
"It's not in your personality to apologize so it's fine"
I said to him
"Really? I just think everything isn't good but we're cool right?"
He looked up as a strange feel looked in
He jumped at me as he hugged me...
We both landed on the bed together...
My heart beat raced vastly...
He placed his hands on my chest
We both stared at each other as a feeling of just swept over my emotions
He moved his mouth closer towards me as he brushed his nose against mine..
My body jerked off
"Take this off Anna, please"
His command made me tingle.
I grabbed the tip of my shirt and I pulled it off my head with unbuttoning
He moved closer to me as he reached behind my back to undo my bra. He popped the hooks and undid it. His gaze on me all the whole time.
My nipples were hard and right aching for his fingers or probably his mouth..
He pulled his shirt off as I nearly drooled at the sight of his broad,light and cool chest.
I didn't have long to stare as he pulled me against him as I gasped at the sensation of the hot silken skin against mine..
A favorite feeling!
He played his hands down my back as he took my breasts into his hands..
"Should I stop?"
He asked seductively
I stared without talking... I nodded my head twice as I licked my lips and waited for that body to climb on me
I am a virgin and I already promised my self that my virginity would be taken by my husband but.....
He moved down on my body, his hands on the bed and in either side of my clip waist. I laid on the bed, sprawled with arousal, the warm air holding my slick thighs..
I watched as he undid his trousers and dropped it down over his hips. He wore a pair of white briefs that hugged his hips like this other skin.
I looked on as I admired his thick, powerful thighs.. Then he pushed his underwear down and his big fat dick popped out,. Hard and all ready but was it probably for me?
He moved on top of me and gave me a deep type of French kiss. The touch of his dick against my belly made me craved for more, the wet lip brushing below my belly button...
I gazed up at him as I was filled with romance. I reached down and I slipped my fingers around his dick... I guided it's way against my whooping pussy...
Without further delays nor preamble, he slid into me, smooth, entertaining and fast penetrating me easily as wet as I was. His dick stretched in side me, filling me thick and sometimes thin...
I gasped so easy in pain as I shifted my hips and made him go deep as he could!
"M..Mr Davis"
I grabbed his arms in pain.. My nails worked on his muscles tightening him...
I was a virgin
"Your first time?"
He asked slowing down for a bit
"Yes" I said as a tear fell free from pain
"I'm sorry" He apologize but I never wanted him to stop
He apologize as I shifted and I felt my pussy against his dick..
He captured my lips before pulling back and started to thrust in...
He moved slowly the first few times, letting me adjust to the rhythm of his dick then he began the hard fast pounding...
So much desperately he needed to.!!
He gave me everything I needed. I felt pain but pleasure and sweetness took over..
Our flesh slapping together, his dick filling me over and over...
We were rocking everything over!
He pulled one of his arms from beneath my knee and started squeezing my breast making me feel like a teenager again...
My virginity was taken by my boss
That was it!

I stared at him as he rolled over me..
"I'm sorry Anna"
He held my hands
"It's fine by me"
I stood up as I looked for my bra
"Looking for this?"
He raised my bra as I collected it smiling
I wore my clothes
"Why can't you sleep over?"
He asked holding my hands
"I can't!"
I picked my bag..
"And why?,it's late"
He tempered in still
"No cuddling involved, bye see you tomorrow"
I walked out as my heart raced!
Was what I did right?
Did I do something right?
Oh gosh!
I allowed Mr Davis to disvirgin me?
This was it now...
I fell in love with the wrong person, at the wrong time and in the wrong place...
Let this be a game...
I'm not gonna get tired of playing and probably winning...

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