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Lex - Chapter Nineteen


Lex - Chapter Nineteen

Theme: BRAWL

©Tz_ Chilest


The chain of hierarchy of being a Lycan was the longest- it was far more complicated than the rest of the supernatural. The Lycan follow a pattern, a pattern which consist of different form- the werewolf, the shape shifters, the werecoyote, werejaguar......

Each forms of lycans has its own pack- and an Alpha which rules them. The Lycan has an Apex Alpha- a Lycaon who rules the whole forms of lycans. Hansel is the Lycan Apex Alpha, he is the Lycaon- the Alpha of Alpha's.... The ruler of the Lycans.

After striking a deal with Leah, he could feel his powers coming back again. He could feel his strength being tripled, his abilities had improved. He had never felt like that since he became the Lycaon- the Lycans had been weak even before he became an Apex Alpha. So his strength has began to return.

Jackson is the Alpha of the Feral Form, a pack which consist of savage wolves and his supremacy was been tested- his pack had turned their back against him. They had selected a member of the pack to challenge him to a duel.

Jackson had been expecting it for awhile.... He had been expecting them to challenge his authority but to his utmost surprise- his friend was the one chosen by the pack to challenge him. He hadn't expected it, his best friend had turned his back against him.

Challenging an alpha was like a ritual among the wolves. It comes with a lot of risk for both the alpha and the challenger. If the alpha is being defeated, He might lose his life... Even he happens to be alive, he would lose all his right and he would be subjected to mockery from his packs... But if the Challenger loses, he would be kicked out of the pack and become an omega- a lone wolf. And most lone wolf don't survive alone in the outside world. The wolves have a lot of things to worry about- with the werewolf hunters being their number one predator.

Fear gripped Jackson- he knew his friend was stronger, quicker, and even better than him. Jackson hadn't expected it from Liam- he hadn't thought Liam would agree to the pack request... For he was the only one strong enough to bring him down.

"Why does it have to be this way?" Jackson asked, looking so pathetic.

He knew his chances of remaining an alpha was slim, so he just couldn't help it.

"I seriously didn't orchestrate the whole thing-" liam began "... The pack chose me- I had rejected it at first but I was made to see the truth"

"What truth?" Jackson asked with sadness written all over his eyes.

"The wolves doesn't follow you..... They follow me. They came to me many times and asked me to challenge you but I rejected it. You are my friend Jackson but you are weak..... So weak to rule the pack- but I kept supporting you even though you make rash decisions- I kept standing by you even when you fall short- I kept calming you even when your anger popped in- I even stayed mute even when sentiments judge your actions....."

Jackson couldn't hear it anymore- he couldn't believe he had so much faults... He couldn't believe he wasn't the one the wolves follows.... But Liam.

".... You have a lot of faults Jackson but its normal to have faults... Yours is just too obvious, even the pack can see it" Liam added

Jackson was so short of words. He doesn't even know what to say anymore- even if he won the duel, the wolves won't give him their utmost loyalty.

"But am giving you the chance to surrender... Just bow to me and proclaim me as your new alpha. Jackson that is the only help I can render for old time sake..."

Bow for him? Call him the new alpha? Even without a fight? Jackson wasn't ready to be branded a coward. That stigma would remain for the rest of his life. He was ready to give it all he can- he was ready to fight for his throne- he won't give up.

"Let's do it the old way-" Jackson said after a long thought.

The remaining members of the pack gave them a little distance. This is a fight nobody must interfere- a fight for a new leader..... A new Alpha!

Jackson made a dueling stance- he was ready to give the fight everything it takes.... Ready to fight till his last breathe. He had planned on giving Liam a surprise attack on his heels.

Liam was muscular and well built- he stood seven feet tall above the ground level. So attacking his heels would bring him down. So without thinking twice, Jackson aimed for Liam legs. It was like Liam already knew Jackson tactics- Liam feint to the right thereby confusing Jackson. He grabbed Jackson at the waist thereby tossing him away.

Liam was born into a pack of warrior wolves- his father was the Epsilon Wolf, the guardian of the pack. He secures the wolves from intruder and is responsible for the safety of the pack. So liam was taught in the way of battle- his prowess was great but his loyalty kept him under Jackson.

Jackson stood up groaning in pain- his first attack had been countered. He thinks of another strategy swiftly; he knew Liam was not to be rushed- Liam is good at such.

He hopped to the front and make a triple way attack- an attack he doesn't use unless he was out of options. He moved swiftly and was disturbing Liam mind- it was an attack of mind control.

His first two steps were countered by Liam who was patient enough to study Jackson movement- but a wrong calculation from Liam got him flipped over with Jackson clutching his neck tightly.

"Surrender Liam-" Jackson screamed

Jackson tightened his grip; he could hear Liam grasping for air but he wasn't ready to show any signs of pity. He was the one with so much to lose; losing this battle might result to his life or he might be kicked out of the pack thereby becoming an Omega wolf.

So he was ready to give it all he can- and fight with his last breathe. Jackson could feel changes in Liam body; it was cold and lifeless. Jackson loosen his grip and thought he had won the battle.

In a blink, Liam giddied up- he yanked Jackson vigorously: Jackson had fallen for his trick. Liam was tired of the push and pull fight: so immediately he pounced on Jackson who was apparently suffering from a waist ache.

Liam threw a mighty jab on Jackson and instantly, Jackson lost focus. His head had began to spiral and his whole body had become so weak. He could feel his Alpha position sliding away. The position he ascended without much worries- the position he didn't put up a fight to get.... Now the position is sliding pass him.

Jackson spat out blood from his mouth. He knew this battle was going to be the end but didn't want to give up the position easily.

"Give up Jack! Give up!!" Liam screamed

"Never....." Jackson said, smiling in pain.

Liam sat on him and began to punch him- he punched him so heavily that Jackson became unconscious. Jackson eyes had become so swollen- it was the end.... End of it all.

"Hail the new Alpha" Lupin shouted

The rest of the pack bow down to Liam: their new alpha. He was their long awaited Alpha, the one they have expected for a very long time.

Liam stood up and drop Jackson lifeless body on the ground. The duel hasn't really been a difficult one, Jackson had dominated at first but he had surrender his hold due to some little trick. Liam could feel a gush of energy circulating his system- his spirit had become high, his eyes have suddenly changed from their usual yellowish colour to red.

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He is now the Alpha of his pack; the one to lead and rule the wolves. He was the first alpha his family as ever produced.... So he was ready to keep his head cool.

"Am an Alpha now" Liam said, howling.

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