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billionaire Heir-Chapter 1


billionaire Heir-Chapter 1

Subtitles: Inlove With The Bad Boy

©munay berry

Theme:Boyfriend for hire

The sun rays reflected into my room through the glass window
I groaned as it shinned bright on my face
What a night.
I stood up lazily and stretched Abit.
Today I won't be going to work today.am really stressed out at the moment.
I need to prepare for college too
I picked up my cell phone and called Claire my chief maid
"Good morning Claire please bring my latte up to my room"i said and ended the call.
Wondering who IAM??
My name is Danielle Stephan a rich nerd, daughter of prime minister Bartlett Stephan
Am 20years old .. extremely rich nerd as they call me because of how I dress and my big glasses
Actually I like it that way ,it's not as if am that beautiful.
Even after being so rich I still attend college Alongside my cousin barley.
My family members are seriously complaining of my single life
They think it's time I get a boyfriend.
To me it's not necessary,I don't need any man in my life at moment.
Who would want to date a nerd like me.
I stood up sluggishly and walked into my luxurious bathroom FYI I leave alone
Mom and dad are in Washington DC
After a warm bath ,I was clad in a white floral gown and some pan sandals
I packed my hair in a messy bun before wearing my glasses.
My problems started when mom and dad insisted they want to meet my boyfriend wether I like it not.
She will be coming to settle in 7days time and I don't have a boyfriend yet.
I raced outside after biding Claire good night today am skipping breakfast
I entered my car and drove to beacon Hill campus
"You will work my company whether you like it not seven " my dad barked at me
I scoffs
"Mr Donald you can't force me to do your bidding ,I have my life to live and trust me I don't see myself working at your tech company" i said coldly
"What has come over you seven , you were not like this before,.you changed into this cold hearted person since your sister died.i told you it's not my fault please just let go of the past let's reunite" he said sadly but I don't care.
"Don't you dare speak about Kira Mr Donald ," i growled at him
"If you don't mind mr Donald I have to go to school " he said rudely and walked out on him.
I know you must be wondering who I am?
Seven Donald is my name.
21 years old
An introvert , and a Demi God too.
All my life in college haven't really associated with anyone or even spoke a word .
People stayed away from me because they think am deaf but they don't know anything.
My dad is a shareholder at the college so practically no one bothered me.
I always put on face mask to avoid drawing attention to myself.
Don't get me wrong am extremely handsome.
To avoid a scandal I make use of face mask
I entered my porche and drove outta the mansion to beacon Hill campus

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