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Heart Of An Assassin's- Chapter 7


Heart Of An Assassin's- Chapter 7

(Save My Past)

©Emmy Okeke


**Chief Ali’s Residence**

”Now listen to me all of you” Chief Ali said as he walked to and fro in his parlour facing 5 of his thugs

”This is not an easy task you want to carry out” He said again

”I learnt he has a secret protection” Chief Ali said and stopped walking

”Nevertheless, he is going to step down today” He said and sipped his wine

”No mistakes! Kill anybody that blocks your way, make sure he dies today” Chief Ali said slowly and bent his head

”Chief Williams! Chief Williams!! I’m going to miss you anyways” He said and his thugs smiled

**Outside The Gate**

Spartacus arrived the house of Chief Ali in a delivery bike, wearing a helmet dressed like a delivery man.

”Good Morning” He said to the two thugs who stood outside the gate but the didn’t reply his greeting

”Who are you looking for?” One of them asked

”I just have a delivery for your Boss” Spartacus said

”And what is your name?” The other one asked

”Just tell him Delivery 102” Spartacus said

”Alright, Stand here” He ordered and one of them went inside to inform Chief Ali leaving one outside the gate.

”Errhm.. Sorry Sir, but I guess he has wasted much time, I have other deliveries to make” Spartacus said

”Can you kindly come and take it in to him” Spartacus pleaded

”Alright, go get it out” The thug said and Spartacus opened the delivery box. Immediately he closed the delivery box, he threw a knife at the thugs which hit him on his shoulder making his gun to fall off. Quickly, Spartacus covered his mouth for him not to shout. He gave him two blows and hit his head on the delivery box which took the thugs out. Spartacus hid behind the small gate hearing the foot sound of the other one

”Alright, you can co…” He tried to say and saw the dead body of his fellow thug

”What!! No..” He said feeling the deads pulse of the thug.

Immediately, he pulled out his phone to sound an alarm but he heard a hiss behind him.

”Hasta las Vista Babe” Spartacus said immediately he turned and he hit him with the head of his gun. The shout of the thug was heard from part of the inside and two other thugs inside rushed out to know what was happening. As their heads was seen outside the gate, two sounded gun shots was heard aloud and everybody became alert. The thugs in Chief Ali’s parlour all drew out their guns and spread out

”What is going on?” Chief Ali asked

”An invader Boss” Black eye said

”Don’t let him/her leave this place alive!” Chief Ali ordered and ran upstairs.

Three of the thugs went outside while two were still in the building.

”Show yourself you moron!!” Black eye exclaimed but everywhere was quiet. Unknowing to them, Spartacus climbed the fence and jumped down quietly behind them. With much silence, Spartacus knife killed the one at the back and drew him out of sight covering his mouth.

”Psssst!” Spartacus hiss called from behind tapping the other one and immediately Black eye shot at that direction but the bullet hit the other thug who Spartacus used as a shield. Without wasting much time Spartacus double shot at Black eye but he dodged it and dived away.

Spartacus alertfully barged into the house. Immediately he entered, gunshot overtook the area but he managed to dodged them and hid behind a wall. Smartfully, he used his knife to cut himself and made sure the bllod from it flowed out for them to think he was dead.

”Yeah!!” They shook hands with each other

”Haah.. He’s dead” The other one said and they walked closer to view the dead body but Spartacus jumped out immediately and gave two of them a head shot.

”Be Wise.. Never be too happy until you are sure your enemy is down” Spartacus said looking at their dead bodies and he began to search for Chief Ali.. He searched the parlour but saw no one, so he ran upstairs. Immediately, he barged into Chief Ali’s room. Already, Chief Ali already has seen what has been happening outside from his window and fear over took him

”Good day Chief” Spartacus greeted Chief Ali who was already shaking

”Please, don’t kill me, whatever you want I will give you double of it” Chief Ali said still shaking

”Well Chief, you have what I want but I don’t think you can give me double of it” Spartacus said and threw a little knife at the door. As the knife hit the door, it penetrated and black eye screamed from behind the door dragging the door open. As Black eye surfaced with his arm nailed to the door Spartacus shot him dead and blew away the dust from his gun. On seeing this Chief Ali’s mind went off him and his fear grew..

”Now Chief, back to business” Spartacus said looking at Chief Ali and smiled..



…”Why are you shaking?” Spartacus asked Chief Ali who didn’t respond as fear gripped him

”Well, my kind Sir, I just need something from you” Spartacus said

”Anything please and I will give you double.. Please don’t kill Me” Chief Ali pleaded

”Now, what I want is your life. That’s all” Spartacus said

”My Life?? No.. No.. Please don’t take my life” Chief Ali pleaded with tears in his eyes

”I don’t talk too much Sir” Spartacus said and pulled his trigger straight in his chest..

Mrs. Ali who already saw the dead bodies of the thugs at the gate as she just returned was gripped with fear. She was accompained by two police men who got alerted immediately holding their guns right up in the sky

”Madam, please follow Us” They said and barged into the gate.. As they barged in they heard the gun shot from inside with the scream of Chief Ali’s voice..

”My husband!! My Husband!!” Mrs. Ali cried and ran inside

”Madam, be careful!” One of the police men said and held her but Mrs. Ali hit off his hands and ran inside. As she barged in Spartacus turned out and evacuated from the window. Immediately she entered her husband’s room she found him in a pool of blood. Few seconds, the police men after searching everywhere ran into her and held her as she cried

”We will get to the root of this Madam, please calm down” They said to her and managed to drag her out

”Hello, is this the federal health care” The policeman said with a phone in his ears

”Copy this.. Dead bodies at Chief Ali’s residence. I repeat dead bodies at Chief Ali’s residence.. Arrive immediately” The said and hung up the call.

”I won’t stop at this! I must avenge the death of my husband” Mrs. Ali said

”Officer, I give you 72 hours to find out who did this” Mrs. Ali ordered in tears

”Yes Madam, but we will be needing your help Madam” The police man said and Mrs. Ali starred at him..



”Wow!!! This really calls for celebration!” Chief Williams said laughing aloud with Prof. Michael dancing and hitting his walking stick on the floor just immediately they finished watching the News Flash..

”I told you..” Prof. Michael said

”Prof. You are the best, Infact I will richly reward you” Chief Williams said and turned around to call on One Bullet but to his surprise, Spartacus stood before him and all his smiles faded away

”How long have you been here?” Chief Williams asked and Prof. Michael raised his head and saw Spartacus also

”Long enough that I enjoyed the show” Spartacus said

”Whatever! I really appreciate your work” Chief Williams said

”I’m not here for appreciation” Spartacus said with a deep voice.

”Alright.. Sorry.” Chief Williams said and gave him a brief case that was on the couch

”Thank You for paying your tithe” Spartacus said and left immediately

”This boy is so good!” Chief Williams said and had a toast with Prof. Michael..



”No..! No!! This can’t be” President Donatus said walking around angrily in his office

”Chief Ali can’t die!” He said to himself

”My God! I know Chief Williams is behind this but this time, he won’t escape it” President Donatus said

”He has just dug his own grave” He said and was still in deep thought, but the voice of Sandra his Secretary brought him back to light

”Good day Sir” Sandra greeted

”How long have you been standing there?” President Donatus asked

”Not quite long Sir” Sandra said and President Donatus sat down

”You have a call Sir” Sandra delivered her message

”Transmit it and leave” President Donatus said not looking at her

”I have alr…” Sandra tried explaining

”I said leave!” President Donatus barked with a loud harsh voice and Sandra walked out immediately.

As she left, President Donatus picked up the phone

”Hello.. Mr. President” The Voice of Chief Wilson was heard from the phone

”Oh.. My! Am I dreaming.. Chief Wilson” President Donatus called out and his mood changed immediately

”I honourable Vice President” President Donatus said and they laughed

”You really need to come back from your Vacation, although it hasn’t ended” President Donatus said

”You can be the next President you know” President Donatus added

”Has the Campaingn began?” Chief Wilson asked

”Of course.. Have you forgotten already” President Donatus said

”I can see your wife has been washing you” President Donatus said jokingly

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”Alright. I appreciate” President Donatus concluded the call and hung up.. As he dropped the call his face changed again

”Chief Williams, if the law wouldn’t bring you down this time around, I surely will!” President Donatus said and picked up his phone..

Story continues…

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