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Heart Of An Assassin's- Chapter 6


Heart Of An Assassin's- Chapter 6

(Save My Past)

©Emmy Okeke

…”I said get in the car” The male voice from the lady yelled at them and ignited the engine
”Better be fast, cause more of these men are coming” The male voice said again and immediately, Chief Williams and Prof. Michaels without dusting their bodies entered the car not caring to know whom their Saviour is. She moved the car immediately with high speed leaving dusts behind.
”Please, who are you.. You really need to be rewarded young lady” Chief Williams said with a low voice
”Hope they didn’t hurt you baby?” Prof. Michael asked as they heard all the words they said but the Lady didn’t reply but concentrated on the driving
”Please talk to Us.. We can help you and your baby” Chief Williams said but still she said nothing but drive
”Errhmm.. Actually, I thank you young lady for saving Us from the consequences of our stubborness” Chief Williams said
”What stubborness” The lady asked
”Someone told us not to follow this road but we refused” Prof. Michael replied and the Lady kept quiet for a while
”Next time, you will surely die. Obedience is not a crime, but it’s hard for some people to adhere to for they think they know better” The Lady said and they starred at her not actually seeing her face from the front mirror
”Please tell Us, who are you?” They asked again ans she removed the Female faced mask on her face, removed all the foams and clothes in her body that made it looked like a pregnant Lady. Immediate, the now male drew the brakes behind a Power bike parked near the bush
”Make sure you burn these properly” The male voice said
”What?? A man!” Chief Williams exclaimed and Prof. Michael was heavily shocked
”Better stop panicking or asking questions and take this car out of here” He said and alighted from the car
”Spartacus???” Chief Williams called out along side Prof. Michael
”No time for words” Spartacus said and drove out with his bike
”Let’s get out from here” Prof. Michael said immediately and moved the car with much speed..
”This is the news at 10:00” The female voice said from the television
”The dead bodies of some armed young men were found in the one way road leading to the Ustrak mainland estate” The female voice said
”According to report, they were shot dear. But surprisingly, no trace of who are what shot them was found” She concluded and an advert began on the television
”No!!!!!” President Donatus screamed aloud shattering the remote of the television on the floor
”Chief Williams!! Chief Williams!!!” He called out
”Jeez..” He exclaimed again and his house thugs ran in immediately
”Boss, any problem” They asked him in a caring manner
”Get out!!” He barked at them and ran upstairs in anger immediately
”You musn’t live Williams.. I will surely deal with you!” He said as he ran up the staircase..
”Bella, please wait up” Cynthia said running after Bella who was walking out of her house
”That isn’t what I mean my dear. What I’m trying to say is that you should stop this your dirty work just to get money for your upkeep” Cynthia said in a low voice stopping Bella who wasn’t looking at her
”I will give you whatever you want in life just for you to stop this” Cynthia added
”I see.. Well thank you Ma.. If you spend on finish now, later you will like to feel like you own me and use me anyhow you feel like because you trained me? I don’t need such nonsense” Bella said and waved off Cynthia’s hands that she placed on her shoulders
”I’m not like that Bella, please, I want to help you” Cynthia shouted with a loud voice but Bella has already banged the gate behind her
”Ahmed, please lock the gate” Cynthia said to the gateman who was confused at what was happening..
”Oh God..” Cynthia exhaled and walked in…
”Natasha!” Mrs. Williams called
”Yes Madam” Natasha replied and walked out
”How do you feel now” Mrs. Williams asked
”Very fine Ma” Natasha replied
”Thank you” She added
”Alright, please have enough rest today, I will be going for a meeting. Don’t do anything” Mrs. Williams said with a smile
”Thank you Ma” Natasha said smiling also
”Tell mu husband where I went to when he comes back” Mrs. Williams said at the door
”Alright Ma” Natasha said and walked in with a smiling face..

”Guy, how far nah, Oga no dey use us for anything again ooh” Spark said to One Bullet
”How that one come take concern me” One bullet asked
”I think he is having another thug outside us” Spark said and One bullet looked at him
”I be they reason am ooh, but as far as he still dey pay Us. No wahala” One Bullet said
”He fit throw us out anytime ooh” Spark said
”Why that one come be your headache nah.. He no fit do am” One Bullet said
”Hmmm.. If you say so shaa” Spark said and they began to smoke cigarette..


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**Later Same Day**
The horn of Chief Williams car was heard from the outside and the gateman opened the gate
”Oga welcome Sir” Said the gateman as he waved at the glass of Chief Williams. Chief Williams who was dressed in agbada, alighted from his car and adjusted his cloth
”Spark!” He called out and Spark ran to him immediately
”Welcome Boss” Spark said
”Yes Boy, take this inside” Chief Williams said handing him a brief case and followed him immediately. They walked inside the building and everywhere looked so quiet
”Is my wife in?” Chief Williams asked
”No Boss, she drove out” Spark said
”To where?” Chief Williams asked
”She didn’t say Boss” Spark replied
”Hmm.. She shouldn’t go out alone these days!” Chief Williams said and collected the brief case from Spark
”You can go now” He ordered and he left. Just as he left, Chief Williams sat on the couch and his phone rang
”Hello, Mr. President” He said picking up the phone
”Chief Williams, I learnt there was an attack on you” President Donatus said from the other side of the phone
”Mr. President, a gun shot at a tortoise hits its shell” Chief Williams said and laughed
”Who must have done this” President asked
”Time will tell Mr. President. Thank you for calling” Chief Williams said and hung up the call
”You devil! You must be deleted” President Donatus said on his own part and walked out of the office he was in.
”Natasha!!” Chief Williams called out remembering he had a househelp
”Yes Sir” Natasha’s voice sounded from the inside as she walked out wearing a short skirt and a fancy singlet
”Where did my wife go?” He asked
”She actually didn’t tell me Sir, but she said she will be home late Sir” Natasha replied and Chief Williams starred at her
”Alright then, you can now go” He said and Natasha walked into her room. As she walked, Chief Williams starred at her
”This is my opportunity to make use of this girl” Chief Williams thought in his mind
”She is so useless only working for me” He added
”Her beauty is just wasting away and I’m here stalk with this old woman that calls herself my wife” Chief Williams continued thinking
”Yes, this is it” He concluded and stood up. He walked upstairs and dropped his brief case, changed his clothes to a singlet and a nicker. Gently, he walked into Natasha’s room.
”Is anything the matter Sir” Natasha said in shock immediately Chief Williams walked into her room
”No my dear.. Nothing really” Chief Williams replied walking closer to her bed
”Then why are you here Sir. You shouldn’t be here” Natasha said
”Are you chasing me away” Chief Williams asked and Natasha kept quiet. Chief Williams sat on the bed and starred at Natasha
”Do you know you are so beautiful” He said and Natasha looked at him surprised but silent
”All I need is your co-operation” Chief Williams said smiling
”Co-operation? How?” Natasha asked and Chief Williams began to touch her
”Haa!! Sir, no, please stop this” Natasha said shifting backwards bur Chief Williams came closer
”What should I stop?” Chief Williams asked and laid hold of Natasha
”Na Sir.. Please I’m begging you.. I’m an orphan Sir.. Please I’m a Virgin girl.. Please I beg of you” Natasha pleaded
”Yes, that makes it more natural, I will give you whatever you want my dear. I will make you better” Chief Williams said
”No Sir. I’m satisfied the way I am Sir” Natasha kept pleading and tears began to drop from her eyes
”I can see you want it the hard way” Chief Williams said with a low voice and forcefully grabbed Natasha laying her on the bed
”Please Sir.. Please don’t do this to me.. Pleeeaassee!!” Natasha pleaded in deep tears of pains but Chief Williams paid deaf ears to her cries, He undressed her and began to take away her pride..

Natasha was seen in her bed covered with her bed spread stained with blood crying her eyes out. Just then, Chief Williams walked in
”So sorry my dear, I thought you were lying when you said you were a virgin” Chief Williams said but Natasha’s tears kept on rolling. Chief Williams looked at her and dropped a huge wrap of money on her beg
”Use that to clean yourself up” He said and walked towards the door
”Make sure my wife doesn’t know about this” He said not looking at Natasha and he left.
”What have I done to myself..” Natasha cried
”No…” She cried further….
”hello daddy” Cynthia said sitting on the couch
”When are you guys coming back, it has been so lonely here” Cynthia said with a dull face
”You don’t know yet” She replied to the unheard voice
”Gosh! Please make it quick. I’m dying here. It’s just too big for me” Cynthia added
”Alright daddy. I love you too” Cynthia concluded and hung up the call
”Huhhhm!!” She exhaled, picked up her car keys and walked out..

Story continues…

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  1. Thats the most terrible thing you've done to your maid, Chief Williams!!!!.