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Heart Of An Assassin's- Chapter 10


Heart Of An Assassin's- Chapter 10

(Save My Past)

©Emmy Okeke

Chief Williams sat on his bed with his eyes fully opened. His arms folded and placed on the pillow that rested on his laps. His wife on the other hand was deeply sleeping besides him.. Chief Williams said nothing and thought of nothing. On rolling on the bed Mrs. Williams couldn’t feel the body of her husband, so she woke up slowly to see her husband in a sitting posture and she exhaled.

”Honey, what’s bothering you again? I thought you said everything is under control” Mrs. Williams said, but Chief Williams looked at her and looked away immediately

”Of course, everything is fine. You can go back to sleep my dear” Chief Williams said with a dull voice

”But you don’t look alright” She said but before Chief Williams could say anything, his phone rang and diverted his attention.

”Hello Chief Wilson” He said with a bit light up voice

”Chief, what am I hearing?” Chief Wilson asked from the phone

”It’s nothing actually, just a political misunderstanding here” Chief Williams said

”Oh God! But did you really kill Chief Ali?” Chief Wilson asked and Chief Williams sparked in fury

”How dare you ask me that! If that’s what you called to ask me then you better drop this call or I’ll drop it myself” Chief Williams said in anger

”No.. Noo.. Please calm down Chief, actually, like I hears it’s very serious so I will be coming down to Nigeria in two days time as to know how to tackle this matter. Please, calm down” Chief Wilson said with a good voice and Chief Williams dropped the call immediately feeling fed up of what Chief Wilson was saying..

”Who was that Honey?” Mrs. Williams asked

”Chief Wilson, the Vice President” Chief Williams replied

”What was he saying?” She asked again

”Friendly Enemies” Chief Williams replied and laid down on the bed without giving his wife any attention again…



Mrs. Ali and President Donatus were seen sit-chatting in the office of President Donatus

”Don’t worry, I will make sure he goes down” President Donatus said

”I don’t care how you do it, but I need to revenge my husband! If the court can’t do that for me then I have to do it my own way” Mrs. Ali said with a serious face

”Your own way? How?” President asked

”When the time comes, you will know” Mrs. Ali said

”Please calm down. We all know how you feel” President tried calming her down

”You know absolutely nothing about this..!” Mrs. Ali exclaimed and left immediately suspending the next word that would have come out of President Donatus’ mouth….



So many Police Officers where seen guarding both the interior and exterior part of the Office but Linda was left alone in her office seeming very busy as she was operating on her computer and writing so many things on her documents. On her she bent down and from her looks, she was working on the case of Chief Williams. But her good work was interrupted by the voice of Spartacus

”Good day Madam” Spartacus greeted her already sitting down, wearing a black corporate suit but his face still covered in mask.

Fear and shock gripped Linda as she raised her head to see a man she haven’t seen before

”Who are you and how did you get in here?” She asked but Spartacus didn’t reply her

”How did you get here, I thought I told these officers not to let anyone in here!!” She said angrily and tried putting up a call but Spartacus slowly dropped a soundless pistol on the table and immediately she dropped the call in fear, shaking heavily

”Please don’t kill me, I beg you” Linda pleaded

”Why don’t you reply to my greetings before sparking up in anger Ma.. I can recall I greeted you Good day Ma” Spartacus said but Linda still kept quiet shking in fear

”Reply!” Spartacus barked at her

”Good day Sir” Linda fearfull answered immediately

”Good.. Please don’t be afraid of this” Spartacus said taking back the gun

”Have you thought of what the taxi driver told you yesterday?” Spartacus asked

”No.. I haven’t. I just ca…” Linda tried saying but Spartacus stood up and interrupted her

”I like you so much my dear, but the fact that I like you doesn’t mean that I can’t change matters for you!” I give you two days to find a way and close this case” Spartacus said

”Thank you for your time” Spartacus concluded and left through the door.

Immediately he left, Linda placed a call through and alerted the police officers. Few Seconds later two officers barged into her office

”What is it Ma” They asked

”Didn’t you see anybody coming in or going out?” Linda asked

No Ma, no one entered or went out” They replied

”What??! Someone just invaded my office with a gun” Linda said scratching her hair vigorously. Even the Police officers were surprised starring at her

”Did he hurt you?” They asked

”Just go away.. Get out.” Linda said and they left immediately still alert




Cynthia was seen in a flying bit transparent purple top and a bum short standing in her compound facing the gate with smiles on her face. She looks like someone that is awaiting something.. Few minutes later, w car hoot was heard from outside the gate

”Ahmed, open the gate” She said happily and Ahmed ran and opened the gate. Two black jeeps drove in and Cynthia began to jump in happiness. Two Policemen came out of the car and opened the back door of the first jeep. Chief and Mrs. Wilson alighted from the car with broad smiles and Cynthia jumped hugged them immediately happily

”Woooah!! Easy ther baby girl” Chief Wilson said laughing

”Mummy, I missed you” Cynthia said hugging her mom more tighter

”We missed you too sweet heart” Mrs. Wilson said and hugged her again

”It’s nice to be home” Chief Wilson said and they all laughed

”So you missed home and was over there since then” Cynthia said looking at her dad as they walked into the house

”You know it was a Political trip baby” Chief Wilson said and Cynthia jumped on his back. Everybody was very happy at the moment

”I have alot to show you guys really” Cynthia said and they walked in



Chief Wilson and his family sat in the sitting room all in their night dresses still looking happy

”Cynthia, what did you say is happening?” Chief Wilson asked

”Honey, take it easy, we just arrived, by tomorrow you go to the government house and find out” Mrs. Wilson said but Chief Wilson refused

”Chief Williams is a very good friend of mine and you know that, in 5 days he will be charged to court” Chief Wilson said looking serious

”Alright Dad, I just heard the news that he killed Chief Ali a fellow Presidential candidate which he denied but the President and Chief Ali’s wife is still down to charge him to court with lots of evidences and actually, Barrister Linda is gonna betheir lawyer on the day of the court proceeding” Cynthia said

”What??!!” Chief Wilson exclaimed standing up immediately

”What is it?” Cynthia and Mrs. Wilson asked at the same time

”Barrister Linda has never lost a case even when she has no evidence at all” Chief Wilson said and they all starred at him in shock…



”Chief Wilson my good Friend” Chief Williams said smiling as he walked out with two glasses of wine in his hands

”It has been long my friend” He added

”It’s how poilitics wants it my friend” Chief Wilson said and collected the wine from his hand

”Hmm.. So how was your trip?” Chief Williams asked

”Very fine and successful” Chief Wilson replied and his mood changed

”But actually, that is not what I came here to discuss with you. There is a more serioius matter at stake here” Chief Wilson said and Chief Williams understanding what he was talking about looked at me

”Now, tell me how it all happened” Chief Wilson said and Chief Williams looked at him..

He told him everything but lied on the fact that he did not kill Chief Ali

”This is serious” Chief Wilson said

”Well, my friend. I will go to see Mr. President this afternoon. We have to tackle this matter. Just don’t bother alot my friend” Chief Wilson added and Chief Williams smiled at his speech.

”Thank you my friend” Chief Williams said and they shook hands together. Chief Wilson left for President Donatus office.

”I no longer trust anyone” Chief Williams said looking at the path where Chief Wilson left.



”Vice… Vice… It’s really been a long time” President Donatus said with smiles standing up to embrace Chief Wilson as he entered his office. On same smile Chief Wilson adjusted his agbada and embraced President Donatus.

”You are highly welcome my friend, please sit down” President Donatus offered him a seat which he took happily

”How was the trip?” President Donatus asked

”Very fine.. We thank God.” Chief Wilson said

”I do not under rate the handwork of your wife though” President Donatus said and they both laughed…

”Oh.. Sorry, forgive my manners, what do I offer you” President Donatus said interrupting the laughing atmosphere

”Sandra… Sandr…” President Donatus called out but Chief Wilson interrupted

”Never mind, I am alright” Chief Wilson said

”Huh?? Are you sure” President Donatus asked

”Yes, I am… I am actually here for something more serious” Chief Wilson said

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”Something that actually brought me back from the States” Chief Wilson said looking directly into the eyes of President Donatus… President Donatus already figuring out what he is trying to say took his eyes off him…

”It’s about Chief Williams” Chief Wilson broke the glass jar in his mind and President Dontus starred at him immediately…

Story continues…

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