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Heart Doctor 2 - Final Episode


Heart Doctor 2 - Final Episode

©Rejoice Jeremiah

"Darling, I will be right back OK, stay here," Desmond told Deya, kissed her cheek and walked out the exit door.

He got outside and walked over to the gate. The pedestrian side was closed too so he tried opening but couldn't. I.K's hand was holding the knob strongly.

"I.k, open the gate," Desmond said.
I.K immediately did and Desmond came out.

"You should have let him in rather than disturbing the whole neighbourhood." Desmond said and then looked at Ekene who was burning in fierce. His red eyes on him. He stood like a lion timing his prey to devour.

"Hey, calm down," Desmond said.
Ekene chuckled.

"You know Amanda?" Desmond asked.

"Amanda na my girlfriend," Ekene said.

Desmond hieved. "That's okay. Come in."

"Take me to Amanda. She dey go with me," Ekene said.

They were going in when Amanda came outside.

She had come downstairs and was told by Odeya about the situation outside.

Wondering who the person might be, she had walked out only to be shocked at the person walking towards her. Ekene.

'What is he doing here? How did he find out about here?' She asked herself as she stood staring at him.
Ekene saw her and rushed towards her, getting to her, he tried grabbing her in a hug but Amanda pushed him off with all her might.

"Get the hell off me!" she barked.
"Ah ah! What is it Amandy baby.. It's me Ekene, your one and only.. What happened? Why you leave me and come here ehn. Na because of his money abi."

"Shut up Ekene.. Just shut up!" Amanda hurled. Looking at Desmond, she could see a little disappointment written on his face.

Will he understand if she explains to him?

"This man you see here, shey you know where him money dey come from? Na this kind people wey dey marry, Use their wife do ritual." Ekene said and Amanda gave him a slap across his face.

"How dare you talk such rubbish!"
Desmond who heard him also moved towards and in a very calm voice, said.

"I will let what you say pass if you leave my house now and don't show ur face again or you'll get arrested and bring a proof of I being a ritualist."

Ekene laughed.

"I.K! Come and take this man out of my house." Desmond called.
"Yes sir!" I.K rushed forward and grabbed Ekene but one punch from Ekene sent I.k flying down with his hand on his nose. He was already bleeding on the nose.

Desmond quickly took out his phone and called the police.

"Police no fit do me anything. Amanda let's go. You dey go with me." Ekene bragged and tried going to Amanda again but Desmond rushed between and gave him a punch that made him stagger back. Even Amanda was shocked at the very punch.

Desmond's body isn't just for fancy. Is he this strong too?
I.k who had managed to get up rushed to his back, grabbed Ekene's two hands and held them both tightly behind him.

"You no know who you dey play with ehn, my Oga go show you." I.k said.

Ekene tried releasing his hands but couldn't.

"Get inside Amanda," Desmond said to Amanda who was feeling pity for Ekene.

"No please let him go, don't get him arrested." She said.

"That's what he want." Desmond said and just then, they heard the sound of siren. The police were already there.

The gate opened and the four police entered.

"Are you okay, Mr Okoye?" One asked.

"Get him arrested and keep him there until I change my mind." Desmond said.

"No please Desmond, don't let them take him away. We can sort this out." Amanda said.

Desmond looked at her, "Do you still feel something for him?"
She shook her head. "No, I don't...but.."

"We need to talk. Come with me," Desmond said, and grabbed her hand. Then he turned to I.K who was still bleeding in the nose. "Come take some money and go treat yourself."

I.K kept threatening as they handcuffed him and took him away.

"Na me you arrest ehn. I go show you who I be. Amanda na me and you. You no fit leave me. I go come for you.."
"Mr man, move!" They hurled at him.
(An hour later )
"I'm sorry I didn't tell you about Ekene.. He broke my heart. I caught him so many times with women. It was only two months ago that I gave up and broke up with him. I was happy when I became very far from him. I had no idea he will come looking for me.. I have no feelings for him again.. And I will never do." Amanda said as she and Desmond were in his room.

Desmond pulled her closer and placed her head on his chest.
"It's okay baby.. I'm sorry for reacting that way to you. I trust you Amanda and I plan a great future for you and I. Nothing can come in between us." Desmond said and kissed her forehead.
Amanda sighed. "But I'm scared. Ekene can do terrible things. He might come back." she said.

"He's in the police station Amanda. You don't have to worry. I will handle this myself.

"I can't let you handle it alone.." Amanda said as she took his hand and brought up her face as they stared into each other's eyes. "Let's settle this together."

Desmond smiled and kissed her, she kissed back and the kiss continued. Soon, Desmond was on top Amanda and he was kissing her down to her neck. It was starting to get tense when a knock came on the door.

Amanda pushed Desmond off immediately and got up.
"Deya, she must be hungry or something." she said and was rushing to the door when Desmond grabbed her hand.

"Sit.. I will go attend to her." he said and went to the door instead. Opening it, it was deya on her wheelchair.

"Baby, what's the matter?" he asked.

"I would like to go stay with grandma for a day or two, can I?" she asked.

Desmond hesitated before answering. "Of course you can."
Deya smiled.
(8 hours Later)
Desmond and Amanda were returning from Lady Monica's house. They had went there with Deya five hours ago and are now returning back home.

Lady Monica was so overwhelmed to see them and said 'its best if Deya stay with her for at least a week to give both of them enough privacy.'

But Deya was going to come back in two days time.

"Don't forget about Gold too. You need to see her and tender your forgiveness. Do that tomorrow or next." Lady Monica reminded Desmond.
"So when are you going to see Gold?" Amanda asked him as they drove home.

"Next tomorrow. We go together." Desmond said.

Amanda smiled. "Thank you for finally accepting to forgive her " She said.

"I have no other option." He said.
"Should we stop at that eatery for dinner?" he asked.

"No. I will prepare dinner. I will be quick." Amanda said.
Desmond laughed. "Ah wife material."
They both laughed.

[Written by Rejoice Jeremiah ]
(3 hours later)
"Goodnight." Amanda said as she tried turning to her room but Desmond grabbed her hand.

"No, you stay with me tonight." he said.

"Thought you had some documents to work on, won't I be some disturbance?" She asked.

"I can do them tomorrow. And what kind of disturbance do you mean?" he asked, smiling.

Amanda looked down, shyly and the next thing, Desmond carried her.

She gasped with wide eyes. "What..are you doing Desmond?"
"Carrying my wife to bed," Desmond said.

"I'm not your wife yet." she said.
"I don't wanna know," Desmond said as he dropped her on the bed.
 "Oh my! You are quite heavy baby.. You need to massage my arms for that," he said jokingly.

" Just stay with me tonight," he added after.

"Where's the pillow demarcation sef.. Where e go?" he joked as he used to pillow to create a wall between them.

Amanda smiled shyly. Desmond rolled the duvet over their body and then turned off the bedside lamb.

"Sleep baby, goodnight." he said and closed his eyes.

"Goodnight," Amanda said.

Desmond opened his eyes after awhile.

"Tonight seems kinda cold, right?" he asked.

"Yes, a bit" Amanda answered.
"Do you like cold weather?" he asked.

"Yes, sometimes. And you?" she asked.

"Sometimes too." Desmond answered.

Then came silence.

Desmond suddenly felt the movement of the duvet and turned to Amanda. She had sat up, rolled the duvet off her body and got up from the bed and stood with her back on Desmond.

"Are you okay Baby? Want something?" he asked as he turned on the lamp
But she gave no answer but then he saw her take off the right sleeve of her night dress, then the other. Her back still on him.
Desmond couldn't help the feeling that went through his spine Amanda's night dress fell to her feet to reveal her beautiful and succulent dark body, with only a red net pantie left on.

Desmond swallowed hard at the sight. He couldn't believe Amanda was doing this.

He wanted to stay a long wait because he really respect her but here she is, willing to offer her body to him without giving him a long wait.

He will never treat this woman bad.

She deserve all he have.
"B..baby" he called in a sensual voice.

"I'm waiting for you," Amanda said without turning.

Desmond rolled the duvet off his body, stood up from the bed and slowly walked to her.. Getting to her.. He placed his shaking hands on her back, then walked it down to her hip.. He kissed her back then her neck. Then turned her around to face him.

"What you are doing to me Amanda... I'm speechless. What are you thinking? Do you really want to do this?" he asked.

"Yes, I want to.. I want to because I trust you and believe you so much.. I can't help it, I'm in love with you too Desmond." Amanda said.

Desmond could feel hot blood running in his vein.

His eyes gazed down to her succulent b**bs.

He looked up at her beautiful face and lips and giving a groan of "I love you Baby," he crushed his lips on hers.

It was a night of bliss.
(8:00am )
Amanda woke up to see Desmond standing with a saucer and tea cup. Just like yesterday.

He was already dressed for work.
"Sleepy head," he called, smiling at her.

"I'm so sorry. What's the time?" she asked as she sat up.

"8'o'clock. Going to work pretty late. Here," he said and handed her the tea.

"Thank you again today. I'm sorry I couldn't wake up on time to prepare you breakfast." she said.

"Don't say that twice. How do you feel?" he asked.

Amanda smiled. "I feel good."
Desmond smiled and kissed her on the forehead.

"I'm sorry I'm leaving you so early, I promise to be home as early as possible. Whatever you need, make an order. There's enough cash inside the third drawer. I love you so much my love," he said, kissed her again then carried his briefcase.

"I love you too," she said.
She watched him leave with a perfect smile on her face.

Desmond called I.K at the gate.
"Don't let anyone in while I'm out, if it's a delivery man, take the delivery here on the gate. Don't let him in. Attend to anything she needs. Understood?"

"Yes sir," I.k who had a plaster on his nose answered.

"How are you feeling?" Desmond asked him.

"I'm fine oga." he said.

"You'll get your salary today," Desmond said.

I.k jumped up. "Thank you Oga. Thank you.

Desmond drove off with smiles on his face.
All right reserved
Author: Rejoice Jeremiah


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