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Heart Doctor 2 - Epilogue


Heart Doctor 2 - Epilogue

©Rejoice Jeremiah

Two Years Later
April 4th, 2018.
"Deyaa, Deya... Are you in there?" Amanda asked as she got to Odeya's room and opened the door to see Odeya who's now seven years old sitting on her bed and drawing on a drawing book.
"Oh my Deya.. What are you doing? Have you forgotten today's your sister and brother's birthday. You should be helping dad and mom downstairs. Don't be so unfair, come with me darling." Amanda said and walked to Deya. Then she saw what she's been drawing.
A drawing picture of them. Deya, she, Desmond and the twins, Regina and Roddy. Even though it wasn't a perfect drawing, Amanda knew it was a drawing of them.
"It's beautiful, wow" She said.
"Yeah.. but I'm unfinished yet. Give me some more time," Deya said.
"That's okay, come downstairs soon baby," Amanda said and walked out.
"Where's Odeya?" Lady Monica asked as Amanda was coming downstairs.
Lady Monica was carrying a crying Roddy. Amanda's mom had Regina at the kitchen with Chioma and Gold.
Desmond, Ekene, Peter and I.K with the help of two other guys, were decorating the sitting room.
"She's busy in her room," Amanda answered.
"He needs food Daughter in law" Lady Monica said with a smiling face.
"I know, he eats a lot. Sometimes I feel sorry for my breasts."Amanda said.
"You'd stop breastfeeding him from next week. So also his sister." Lady Monica said.
"I hope so mom," Amanda said and carried Roddy. "I will be back soon," she added and returned upstairs to her matrimonial room.
Lady Monica returned back to the kitchen.
"Where's my wife?" Desmond asked his mom as he was coming out from the kitchen.
"Busy with Roddy." she answered and entered the kitchen.
"Hey everyone, how is it going?" she asked.

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"Good, good." Gold and Chioma answered at the same time.
Regina who was on the floor beside Amanda mom's legs ran to Lady Monica and she carried her.
"Oh my sweetie. Today is a special day for you. You are plus one, do you know that? I'm sure you do." she said and pecked Gina.
Amanda's mom stood up to help the ladies.
Just then a phone began ringing.
It turned out to be Gold's phone.
She picked it from the breakfast bar and answered.
"Hello dear,"
"Yeah, I dropped it at the second drawer. You can't find it?"
"Oh you just did, alright. Bye bye, be home early for the party OK?"
"Alright. Love you.."
The call ended and she dropped back the call.
"He was looking for something?" Chioma asked.
"Yeah, his car keys. Felix don't mind where he drop things when he return from the office. I keep them safe." Gold said.
Chioma laughed. "Same as Collins. I hope my child doesn't become as careless as his father," she said and rubbed her growing stomach.
Gold smiled. "My fiancé is worse babe. It's just two months to our wedding. I hope he doesn't misplace our ring that day."
Both ladies laughed.
"I reject such! Chuckwu jukwa.." Lady Monica said and they bursted into a heavy laughter.
At the sitting room, the five men were busy... It is going to be a family and friends party but it was a huge preparation.
The door opened and Henry and Jimi walked in with shopping bags. Jeremy was the last to come in.
"Hi everyone," Jeremy said and without waiting, turned towards the staircase. He knew that's where Deya would be. In her room.
Desmond chuckled a really sweet chuckle before turning back to Henry and Jimi.
"Welcome guys. Got them all?"
"Yes, we did." Henry answered.
"Good. I need to use the bathroom, excuse me. Be back in a jiffy." Desmond said and took off to upstairs.
He was able to meet up with Jeremy.
"What's that in the bag?" he asked him.
"I can't tell you. You'd find out later," Jeremy said.
"Oh well, but I know it's for Deya right?" Desmond said.
"Oh well, yea." Jeremy said.
Desmond smiled.
Jeremy got to Deya's room, knocked first then opened and went in.
Desmond opened his and went in to meet Amanda breastfeeding Roddy.
"He's never get tired of that." Desmond joked.
"That's men for you. Don't pretend like you don't know," Amanda said.
"Don't say that again bae" Desmond laughed and entered the bathroom.
"You like it?" Jeremy asked as Deya stared at the hairband.
"Yeah, it's beautiful.. Thanks Jeremy" Deya said and fixed it on her hair.
"So what are you drawing?" Jeremy asked as he jumped on the bed.
"Family, but I'm adding you too," Deya said.
Both looked at each other and smiled.
{Written by Rejoice Jeremiah ]
Desmond was in the restroom when his phone rang, he took it out and it's a text message
From an anonymous number.
Hi Desmond, I have nothing much to write here. I just wanna wish your lovely kids a beautiful happy birthday. They are just a beauty to behold and I wish them a great life and happiness. Happy birthday Gina and Roddy.
Desmond knew immediately who the message is from.
He smiled and headed out of the restroom to show his wife.
All Right reserved.
Written and owned by Rejoice Jeremiah.
Published on Author RiRi Library
2019 - 2020

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