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Cynthia The Hottest Babe - Last Episode


Cynthia The Hottest Babe - Last Episode

©Ambrose Silver


Cynthia weakly stood to her feet.
Ambrose: I will be leaving you girls now, my work is done here
Tracy: Please don’t go please
Jane: Please we are all begging you
Ambrose: Is not my fault, I have to
Goddess: You girls should allow him to go, his soul is now ours.
Ambrose: Yes she’s right, I have kept all the 2 Fraternity sponsors beside the water side, at the other side, and they is also 5 Cars I left there, use the cars and take them straight to the station. Cynthia surrender them to the Police then everything will go back to normal.
Goddess: Do as he says and go oo!!!
She commanded them, they cried their eyes out as they were leaving the place. They got to the River side and saw 14 Elderly men tied up. Cynthia and her friends dragged them into the 5 Cars and drove straight to the station and surrendered them to the Police. They were later transferred to Abuja also.
News papers came out carrying the stories round Nigeria. Cynthia and her friends where heavily Rewarded and celebrated.
Everything seem normal for everyone but not for Cynthia. She was sick, she was having fever cause she was still very much sad that Ambrose is Dead. During the night, she had a terrible dream where she saw Ambrose and he told her something before she woke up from sleep.
Cynthia went to Church with all her girls, they met the powerful man of God, The Rev Father delivered them from the hand of the Mermaid and they all became born again.
They did dry fasting for 7 Days together with the Rev Father and Prayer warriors before Cynthia took them to the River with the Prayer warriors too.
They got to the River and started another round of prayers. Within few Minutes all the 7 Goddess came out and started exchanging power fight with the Rev Father and Prayer warriors.
The fight lasted for 2 Hours before the 7 Goddess was defeated.
Cynthia fell to her ground and started crying again cause she remembered that Ambrose has been killed by the Goddess. The Rev Father and Prayer Warriors was still consoling her when a bright light started shining at the center of the River and it started rotating, the Light became more brighter while Cynthia and others looked away cause the Light was having effect on them.
A figure came out from the River and the light started dying out till it stopped shining. Cynthia looked carefully and it was Ambrose fully naked. Cynthia towards him shouting, she used one of her cloth she was putting on and clothed him before one of the Prayer warrior brought out a trousers and gave to him and he wore it.
The Rev Father did a brief deliverance to Ambrose before they all went back home.
Presh was later captured as she faced the Law, she and her friend was sentenced to 14 years in Prison. She was really broken cause she thought she will escape the Law but she doesn’t know that no sin will go unpunished even when Ambrose tried to help her escape the Law, she still fell into the hands of Law.
Gallant and Sparkling has been in regret ever since the Court passed the judgments on them.
Few Days Later
Cynthia took Ambrose straight to the VC Office. The VC welcomed them. Cynthia took time and explained that Ambrose was the one behind the Mask and this made the VC very happy as he thanked Ambrose very well for saving his life and restoring peace to the school and community.
Within Few Days Ambrose and Cynthia name was all over the media.
Ambrose Later asked Cynthia Out and they started dating Officially.
Cynthia brought back her brother “Junior” The Rev Father called them to come and see him and when he saw Junior, he prayed for him and he was healed and he start walking at that instance.
This amazed Cynthia and Ambrose as they knelt down in worship.
They worshiped and thank God for his Goodness and Mercies on their life.
Ambrose and Cynthia has already done with school and have done their NYSC. They have already gotten a job outside the country cause they were already celebrities for what they did in their 100Level back then in school.
They Got Married in Nigeria @ St. Mary’s Catholic Church Afikpo, Ebonyi State before they went back to USA.
Ambrose paid his teacher that accommodated him when his Uncles chased him away, he paid him 20Million to start up a good Business.
Cynthia took Her friends along with her as all of them relocated to USA with her darling Husband Ambrose.
9 Months Later, Cynthia gave birth to Twins, A boy and A girl.
2 Years Later, All her friends has gotten Married to Nigerian Guys that base in USA.
Cynthia do pay in Money to the Rev Father Account to help him in his service to God.
Ambrose helped them to finish up the Church project they have been having for years.

All Right reserved.
Written and owned by Ambrose Sliver
Published on mhiztaemy.com.ng
2019 - 2020


  1. I wish I can dash u money for this great work u did in this story. What a fantastic and interesting story! U re really creative

    1. Thank you sir , but all glory goes to the Author

  2. so interesting. God bless you for this