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Cynthia The Hottest Babe - Episode 90/91


Cynthia The Hottest Babe - Episode 90

©Ambrose Silver


As the Waves of Power almost got close to Ambrose, it got quenched at that instance, and the 5 in 1 man were surprised cause Ambrose was helpless.
Cynthia: If I were you all, I will just go home
Man: You can’t stop us, little girl
The Man raised his hands and stroke Cynthia with the same power but it didt get close to Cynthia as it got quenched. Cynthia Pointed one of her finger towards the man and the Man froze, Cynthia used her eyes and separate them to their normal selves. When they noticed that they were no match to Cynthia, they disappeared. The Guys made to run away when Cynthia used her power to shield the whole Place.
Gallant: Use the blade! (she shouted to one of the guys who was with a sharp blade)
The Guy quietly went behind Cynthia and tried to stab her at her back but Ambrose blocked it and it stabbed Ambrose instead while he started bleeding seriously. Cynthia looked at her back and saw what just happened, She lifted the guy with her eyes while the guy started melting at that instance she remembered the promise she made to her Mum never to kill anyone, so she stopped melting the guy and by now the guy looked as if fire burnt him. She dropped the guy while he started shouting in pure pains. By now the Military men came back with Backup and started shooting at the guys but the bullet didt come close due to Cynthia’s Shield. Cynthia carried Ambrose and disappeared while the Shield disappeared and the Military captured all of them.
The Military shot all the Guys on their legs as they where dragged into the Hilux and they continued their Journey, the Military men also drove the guys 13 Black Highlanders along with them straight to Abuja.
The VC was very happy that the Cult guys has been apprehended and he was calling Cynthia’s line to congratulate her but he was unable to reach her on the phone.
Some of the Military men were deployed at the school to clean up some of the Cult guys still hanging round the school.
Some of the Angels were still packing their loads to leave the school cause they have gotten the information that yawa don gas. They finished packing their Loads and was about to leave their various Hostel when they sighted the Military Hilux packed at the Hostel Entrance.
The thought on what to do but didt come up with any idea. The military men started going into the Male Hostel first, the girls used the chance to rush down stairs. They were about to run to the second gate when the Military men gave them order for them to stop and they stopped. He asked them to hands up and turn around. They dropped their bags and hands up. They turned around and saw it was only one Military guy that stopped them, he was pointing his Pistol at them
Girl2: Oga, please let us go
Army: Never, Kneel down there
Girl1: Please allow us, we will settle you anything please
Army: Shut up and do as I order you all
They all knelt down, the commander called out the Army guy and he answered. One of the girls quickly brought out her gun and shot at the Army guy, he also shot her while other girls brought out their own pistol and shot the Army guy countless times before they took to their heel. The Military men that went into the Male Hostel stormed out and ran after the girls. The Commander went over to where the Army guy was laying down.
Commander: Stay with me. Keep talking, don’t stop
The Commander was still on this when the Guy gave up the Ghost.
The Commander noticed what just happened as he became very sad and angry at the same time, cause the guy that just died just joined Military new. His was just a new Recruit.
The Commander got a call that the girls has been caught and he gave them order to finish them up immediately which the Military guys shot all the 7 girls at once. Before they went back to meet their Commander and they continued their search as they sent the dead body of their member to the Barracks.
Cynthia appeared in her Hotel room with Ambrose on her hand. She dropped him on the bed. She placed her hand on his wound and tried to transfer it to her body but Ambrose stopped her.
Ambrose: Don’t try it
Cynthia: No oo, You can’t die like this, please allow me
Ambrose: You will die if you do it (coughing out blood)
Cynthia: Please allow me
She forcefully placed her hand on his wound and tried to heal it when the 5 Old men appeared and stroke her from behind and she passed out while they disappeared with her.
Ambrose saw what just happened and he passed out.

Cynthia The Hottest Babe - Episode 91

©Ambrose Silver



Cynthia appeared lying down in a long table situated at the centre of a room painted in Red throughout, the Old men was there with their Master Holding a Staff in his hand.
Master: She’s from a mermaid world, we must sacrifice her now before the Goddesses come for her.
The Master took a shape blade and raised it up
Goddess: If you try it (she appeared)
Master: Leave here now, here is not your territory.
Goddess: And you are holding my Subject, Hand her over now

Master: That is not possible cause she’s now the Great Masters food.
The Goddess charmed 2 of the Old men and started held their Master on his neck and started strangling him. The Goddess disappeared with Cynthia. The Master used his powers and cleared the 2 Old men mind and they came back to their senses.
Man1: Great Master, Am sorry
Man2: Am sorry Great Master
Master: Weak vessels, go and get me that Boy now go ooo!!!! The Great Master is Angry now
The 5 Men disappeared at once.
They appeared in the Hotel Room but couldn’t see Ambrose there again. They searched the whole room but couldn’t see him. They disappeared. Ambrose made himself visible, he tore out a cloth and tired it round his wound to stop the bleeding, he staggered and stood up, he took his mask and wore it before he disappeared. He appeared in the Angels Boss house. When the Guys saw the Mask guy again, they laid down flat on the ground as Ambrose walked into the house, he got close to the entrance to the Boss Room and disappeared.
The Goddess appeared with Cynthia somewhere near the school, she tapped Cynthia on her forehead while Cynthia woke up.
Goddess: You have to go now, the war is still on, am not suppose to interfere cause you aren’t a mermaid, I have Lost 50 years of immortality cause I saved you. Be careful next time.
Cynthia: Thank you
The Goddess disappeared immediately.
Cynthia stood up and looked around but couldn’t see anyone, she disappeared and was trapped immediately by the Great Master and she appeared back at the Temple.
Master: Nothing will stop the Ritual from taking place.
Cynthia: Never.
The Master pointed his staff to Cynthia and it started weaking Cynthia at that moment. But Cynthia held her hands together and sent a heavy wave of lightening towards the Master while he drew back a little due to the lightening.
Ambrose appeared at the temple that the Angel Boss belong to. They were 8 in Number.
Master: Oh, after caging our own, you still came here.

Ambrose: I only came for something which you people have been holding for a very long time, I need it now.
Master: Come and get it (he stroke him with strange Powers)
Ambrose dodged the waves and stroke his own towards them and they stopped it and sent it back to him. Ambrose waged it before he quenched it, meanwhile the wound started bleeding again and the blood soaked the cloth he tired round the wound.

Master: Your wounded, that’s very good. Get ready to die here now
They all jointed their hands together while the whole Place started shaking, they hands gathered alot of power and they sent it towards already weak Ambrose.
The 5 Old men and Their Master has succeeded in Pulling Cynthia down.
Master: I told you get ready to meet your doom today

Cynthia: My Doom will never come, cause I don’t have doom rather you all do have.
The Master raised up his staff and Cynthia head started shaking seriously. She clapped her hands together while her head stopped shaking and the 5 men fell down at that instance due to the power that came out from Cynthia’s hand.
Master: I Underestimated your powers now, let me show you what you don’t know.
The Master raised his staff towards their Oracle and pointed it to Cynthia while the Oracle started sending waves and waves of power towards Cynthia and she fell down and started coughing out blood. The 5 Old men stood up and started matching their foot on the ground while Cynthia started bleeding out of her mouth, ears, eyes and nose. She fell down and passed out again.
They carried her and dropped her at the Center table again.
Master: I said it before that nothing will stop Us from sacrificing her today, she’s very special, when sacrificed all of us will benefit from her blood. No one will come for her again cause the Mermaids don’t want to lose more 50 years from their immortality. So she’s helpless now.
They all laughed before they started singing their sacrifice Song and dancing round the table. The Master brought out the sharp blade again and raised it up to stab her when a heavy Lightening stroke him and he fell back ward, and all Eyes turned to the direction the lightening came from.

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