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Billionaire Heir-Semi Final


Billionaire Heir-Semi Final

Subtitles: Inlove With The Bad Boy

©munay berry

Am glad things are finally falling in place for me and Elle .
Have never been in love with anyone before , it was flings nothing more but with Elle have found happiness.
She has filled the vacuum in my heart
I looked over her sleeping figure , forget the nerdy side of her she's very pretty .
I think it's time I take away all this nerdy side from her.
I stood up carefully not to disturb her , I picked up my phone and called dad's personal assistant , she picked up immediately.
Oh my God sire it's so nice to finally hear from you again" she squeak.
I rolled my eyes dramatically.
Yeah what's up Ciara " I smiled and took my lips in.
Yeah yeah been good and choked up how are you doing sir" she asked .
Ciara has been my closest friend before she got employed by my dad , it's been awhile since I've last seen her .
Miss cranky can you please stop calling me sire or am gonna poke your eyes" I smirked.
Shut up seven I know you didn't call to ask about me so just go straight to the point" she caught me off guard.
You know me better than myself" I mumbled.
Tell me already or else am just gonna end the call" she whinned.
Fine . Get the crew ready am gonna send you a house address I want them to fill the wardrobe upstairs with the latest line of mystique collection and XL don't worry there are maids in the house tell them to take you to their boss room , once you done get back to me
" Have sent you some cash I guess it will be more than enough , keep the change babe" I said.
Finally some fancy job , oh hey and congrats you finally got a girlfriend" she giggled . I chuckled and ended the call.
I dropped my phone on the table and turned to my surprise Elle was awake.
"Baby?" I walked quietly towards her.
"Am hungry" she whined.
"You can eat me up am available" I winked.
" Not that kinda food silly " she looked away shyly.
" Are you feeling pain down there? " I asked as I used my fingers to play with her thighs.
",Yeah Alot" she mumbled and took her lips in shyly.
"Am sorry babe. Feel free to punish me" I kissed her palm before standing up and walked out.
I went straight to the kitchen and made brownies and cookies for her alongside a glass of milk .
I took em carefully upstairs and placed it beside her, I wanted to feed her but a call came in. I stood up and walked towards my phone , I picked it up and answered the call.
Dad? " I raised my eyebrow.
I see you having fun with your girlfriend" he said with a small chuckle.
Woa Dad don't tell me you called just because you wanna gossip" I glanced at Elle who was munching on her brownies slowly.
Come on son tell me something . Was she the same person that gave you sleepless nights? Do you love her ? " He rushed me with questio?ns.
Hold your horses old man , for your first question yeah she's the one and I love her so much nothing is gonna ever come between us " i glance at Elle but she looked away shyly.
Bye dad I have something important to do " I scoffed and hanged up .
I crawled into bed and stayed in between Elle
"I know you are delicate but don't worry am not gonna break your heart " I brought my lips to hers and kissed her slowly with so much passion.
She broke the kiss with a smile.
"And I also promise to stand by you , to the best thing that has ever happened to you" she mumbled and kisses me again.
" Let's be sure about that , " I helped her wear her clothes and held her hand.
"Come baby I have something to show you" I smiled out Dimple .
" What is it ? " She asked eagerly .
"Sorry but it's a surprise " I smirk and led her outside to my Porsche .
I opened the door for her as she entered in smiles while I took the wheels .
I drove straight to her house and parked my car properly before stepping out.
"You said you wanted to show me something but you never told me you were bringing me back home" she nagged.
" Quit sulking and close your eyes" I smacked her hand.
" Why ? What for ? " She pouts .
" Just do it already or am gonna change my mind" I rolled my eyes at her.
" Okay fine but don't get me killed" she grumpily said and close her eyes.
I held her hand and led her inside , I signed the maid with my hands to ask if the job had already been done.
The nodded affirmative.
I smiled and took her upstairs to her room and stopped in front of her closet.
I opened it first before asking her to open her eyes.
"Open your eyes Elle" I whisper into her ear .
She opened her eyes slowly and gasps as she saw it
" Oh my goodness " she screamed.

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