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Billionaire Heir-Final


Billionaire Heir-Final

Subtitles: Inlove With The Bad Boy

©munay berry
Oh my gosh this so beautiful.
"So I thought you needed a change of wardrobe , it's high time you stop being a nerd girl which you were not " he said as he placed his hand on my shoulder.
" Woow " I muttered.
" Do you like it ? I could get them to change it if you want" he said with a smile.
"No I love it " I rushed him with a hug.
I never knew he could be this romantic and a perfect gentleman too.
"Hey big girl I can't breathe" he said with a squeezed face.
" Oops sorry dear" I said and broke the hug.
He pulled me close and a strand of my hair behind my ear.
"Baby I think it's time we tell your parents the actual truth , they need to know"he said calmly.
" You think? " I asked .
",Yes dear they deserve to know the whole Truth that we ain't a couple before but now we're in love and that's all that matters to me" he said smartly.
" Okay fine let's go dear " I said and held hands with him and went downstairs.
Mum and dad were at the mini library going through some of the books there like a couple.
Sometimes I admire their love life.
They stopped what they were doing the moment they noticed us.
"Dad ,mom we have something to say" I said Calmly as I glanced over at seven but he smiled instead.
"What is it sweetie oh are you planning on getting married today ?" Mom asked grinning from ear to ear.
Crazy mom.
" Stop being dramatic woman" dad muttered.
"Not that mom it's something else" i rolled my eyes.
" we wanna ask for your forgiveness for ever lying to you guys and making a fool outta you " seven finally spoke and pressed my palm telling me to go down on my knees.
We explained everything to them as we begged them forgiveness.
"Should I tell you guys something? You guys didn't make a fool outta me because I knew all along that you paid him to be your boyfriend, come on Elle am your dad and I know when someone is in love not when you both are acting like cat and dog " dad said Shocking me to the spine .
" How long have you know about it and you didn't bother to tell your wife" mom nagged.
" Long enough to see beyond your love for cute boys" dad rolled his eyes at her.
" All the same we're sorry and right now we want your consent for this new relationship no more lies or anything else for we're in love " I said and smiled.
" Yes Mr and Mrs Stephan , grant my request to be the man to make sure your daughter is happy and make her the mother of my kids " he said and look at me in a loving way .
I widden my eyes at his statement.
"Aww this is the most romantic moment have ever seen , we give you our blessings" mom said as she wiped off an invisible tear.
" Yes!!! Thanks so much mom and dad you the best" I said as I went over to them and hugged them closely.
" Thank you so much I promise you won't regret it" seven said hapily.
"We're counting on you seven . Secondly we'll be leaving for Washington DC first thing tomorrow morning and I expect you to be pregnant the next time I give you a call" mom said grinning from ear to ear.
" But mom I don't want you guys to go yet , please stay Alittle bit " I pleaded .
Jezz am gonna miss them alot.
" Am sorry sweetie but we have to , remember we both have our various business over there " dad said .
" It's okay am gonna look after her .you have my word as a man and future son in law" he said and smiled at the last part.
We all burst into laughter as seven and mom were busy catching up.
The maid walked in shortly .
"Excuse me ma'am but miss barley is here, she requested to see you and sir seven " she said formally and bow before walking away.
Barley ?.
" Be right back" I said as me and seven stood up and walked towards the living room.
Barley was seated quietly as she looked into space.
"Sis " she said the moment she saw us.
I pulled her into a hug ,she looks so pale and has dark circles around her eyes.
"I actually came here to apologise for everything and for accusing you wrongly am really sorry seven please forgive me" she tried to knee but seven was quick to hold her up stopping her in the process.
"No no it's okay Barley you don't have to be sorry I understand it's not your fault okay? " Seven said Calm as he placed both hands on her shoulder.
She nodded as more tears came rushing out.
",Now be a good girl and wipe off your tears or am gonna ask Elle to sing the woo song for you" seven said teasingly as Barley burst into laughter.
And that's my love story and I also wish you all have a love story as beautiful as mine.Don’t say we are not right for each other, the way I see it is …. we are not right for anyone else.
One of the most amazing feelings in the world is having someone fall in love with you who you thought you never had a chance with.
Don’t try and perfect yourself for one person wait for the One who love your Imperfection.


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