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Billionaire Heir-Chapter 9


Billionaire Heir-Chapter 9

Subtitles: Inlove With The Bad Boy

©munay berry

I came back late from the company, I parked my car just behind seven's own.
I dragged my lazy feet inside
I met Diane watching Netflix she acted like she didn't see me.
"Heyyy Diane " I waved but she ignored me.
I shake my head and walked upstairs to my room. Seven was playing mortal Kombat with his iPod.
"Hey " I said dryly and walked to the closet
"Welcome grumpy" he said sarcastically
Can this day get any worst??
I dropped my bag and tried to remove my heels but I hurt myself mistakenly
"Let me see that" he said and took my hand ,he brought out the first aid kit and treated the cut.
"You need to be more careful Missy " he said not looking at me, he removed the heels and kept them properly in the shoe rack
Who is this guy ?? One minute he is mean the next minute he is so sweet.
He went back to his is pod without saying anything to me .
After bathing I came out shortly with a short towel that stopped on my thigh and another one tied up with my hair.
I didn't know he was still in my room normally he would go out whenever I wanted to bath and have a change of clothes so I never get uncomfortable .
Immediately I saw him I wanted to ran back but my towel threatened to fall and the bathroom door got jammed so it refused to open .
In one swift the towel loosen up before I could catch it
Seven held it stopping it from falling off my body, swears I was so embarrassed.
But how did he get here on time?
He held it but didn't bother to look at my body ,
"Am sorry I forgot you were taking your bathe " he mumbled with his eyes closed.
Finally the door opened up and walked into it quietly with my cheeks all red.
What was I thinking huh??
I left the room angrily to the garden at the back , I just needed to smoke at the moment
I sat down on the fancy chair at the garden
What is this nerd doing to me , i find it hard to concentrate whenever she is around me , when is hurt I feel like am also hurt .
Dammn you seven !! When did you become so weak ?? I lot of questions kept running through my head.
I lit up my cigarette and dragged a large amount of smoke and puff out vapour.
This is what I needed at the moment.
"What do you think you doing seven!!" I heard Danielle said as she walked up to me angrily I didn't bother opening my eyes for am so not in the mood
"I thought I told you not to smoke In my house huh!!" She roared
" You said I shouldn't smoke in your room not your house now please do me a favor and leave me alone am so not in the mood"I said not even sparing her a glance
" Shut the fuck off seven!! Let me finish what if any of my family member walk in on you and found out you nothing but a arrogant spoiled child don't you ever smoke in house again" she shouted at me.
Okay that's it ??
" How dare you raise your voice at me " I yelled at her making her flinch back in fear.
" You know what?? Have had just about enough of your cranky and grumpy self ,am done go find yourself a new faker as for me am done " I growled and dumped my cigarette on the floor
She just tasted my patience once more.
"Am sorry seven please just hear me out ,it will kill my mom " she said making me stop dead on my track but didn't turn
" My mom has a weak heart it will kill her if she found out about all of this ,am not telling this so you can feel pity on me I just wanna big you please for mom sake don't go " she said in a cracked voice like someone who is about to cry
This melted my heart as my face soften immediately
I walked quietly back to her and hugged her ,she looked suprise at my actions
"Am sorry too for getting angry unnecessary but have been like this for some reason" I mumbled
She nodded and wiped off her tears.
" Come let's go inside it's late already" I said and led her inside.

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