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Billionaire Heir-Chapter 8


Billionaire Heir-Chapter 8

Subtitles: Inlove With The Bad Boy

©munay berry

After bathing I came out clad in my nightie
Seven was already in bed playing with his phone.i wanted to say sorry for shouting at him but my ego won't let me
I laid down and tried to put my arms around him like couples do but he jerked my hands off his body
" Hands off nerd my body is off limits don't even come close to me" he barked angrily
" But that's what couples do " I pouts
"Real couples actually not fake ones like us you know what let me just put this pillows here as shields stay in your own side of the bed let me stay at mine don't even try to come close or am gonna strangle you " he groaned using the pillows to share the bed before sleeping angrily
I lamented as well because turning off the lights.
The following day was a Monday morning ,I left the house very early with Dad and Mom to the company, I won't be able to attend school today.
But seven will and today he will be going with out mask , I wish I could go with him to see how girls are gonna react when they see him without face mask
Stupid Monday morning , I hate Monday mornings but I just had to get dressed and Leave for class today.
I took the stairs down to the living room only to meet Diane seated watching TV,
She stood up the moment she saw me but Ignored her and tried to walk away but she stopped me
"Wait please" she said
"What do you want miss can't you see am going out" I groaned
" What did Elle gave to you huh ?? It's not as if she was very beautiful " she scoffs
" And what are you trying to say? " I asked with a raised eyebrow
" Common baby boy you know what am talking about , look at me am so pretty and I can give you double of what that nerd of a sister is giving you" she said with so much lust in her eyes as she trailed her hands around my abs through my shirt but I caught her hand half way
"Listen and listen good bitch Danielle is not just beautiful she is breathtaking too and special unlike you who throw yourself at a guy,. Your sister has the heart of a tiger reasons why I fell in love with her she has good reviews unlike you sometimes I wonder if you guys are truly related because you the black sheep in the family ,. Open your dammn ears and listen carefully , I will never f***k a p**y as disgusting as yours now get lost" I growled and pushed her to the couch.
She was speechless and shock too , I walked out to my car angrily.
"Bitch at 19" I spat before driving off to school.
I walked into campus hastily as people kept murmuring things to themselves
Girls keep drooling over my face I mean am I that handsome?
Today's class is going to be difficult with all this people trying to eat my face.
I walked into class quietly , immediately Ashley saw me and fainted ,
Ttch ?!!!! What gives ??
Soon the English lecturer came into the class she was looking around when her eyes fell on me .
The unexpected happened she started fan girling over me making all the laugh.
The rest of the day was strange too.

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