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billionaire Heir-Chapter 7


Billionaire Heir-Chapter 7

Subtitles: Inlove With The Bad Boy

©munay berry

Seven came downstairs moments later in shorts I avoided eye contact with him and he sat next to me
My mom kept smiling sheepishly
"So tell me seven are you the same seven Donald ? Son of Fredrick Donald the prime minister " dad asked
Seven mode darken the moment dad mentioned his father's name but he was quick to hide it.
"Yeah that's true ,..erm father in law ,can I call you that ?" He said smiling cutely
" Oh yes dear feel free to call me father in law* my dad said while I huff
" You look beautiful Mrs Stephan are you enjoying your meal " he asked mom as she blushed heavily
Seriously this seven girl is too good to be true who would be he is the same masked introvert in school
"Thanks future son in law so tell me how did you propose to Elle because I know her to be the cranky type", mom said smiling
Seven looked at me in a corny way before looking at mom, God I hope he doesn't ruin everything
"Actually ma it's a long story ,I was at the hospital laying down sick when I asked the doctor to call her , I confessed my love to her and proposed to her on my sick bed ,this should make it the tenth time but luckily she accepted", he said calmly
I was speechless ,what kind of human being is this
" Woow this is amazing thank goodness she accepted you " daddy chip in just then Diane walked to the dinner she wanted to seat down when she sets eyes on seven
She almost lost her balance
"OMG OMG " she used her palm to fan herself
" Diane what's the matter with you ", mom asked with concern
" Mom where did Elle get a doll that looks like guy from gush it's so cute " she squeak
Seven chuckled softly and continued eating
" Seriously??" I said annoyed
"Sweetie that's not a doll ,that's seven Danielle's fiancee " mom said pulling an air quote while pronouncing it
I rolled my eyes and continued eating
"That's not possible can a nerd like Elle get someone as cute as this hottie " she said with a scoff
I felt a sprang of hurt when she called me a nerd.
" Nice to meet you Diane", seven said casually
I swear Diane almost fainted
" Mom are sure Danielle didn't be witch this Demi God" she said with a smirk
I just laugh at her childishness
Diane is my kid sister actually but she always act like the eldest at home.
"Excuse me Mr and Mrs Stephan I would like to go upstairs and wait for my fiancee to join me in bed ", seven said and stood up he raced upstairs
" Diane you are seriously crazy "I said with an eye roll
" Point of correction Danielle is the crazy nerd around she said and winked
Argh !!!
She just made me lost my appetite at the moment,
"Good night Mom and Dad I need to rest am so tired " I said and walked slowly to the stairs and headed to my room
I didn't leave the dinner area just because I wanna wait for that nerd but because I hate it when girls drool over my face
I took my cigarette and went inside the bathroom,I need to smoke right now
I sat down on the WC and enjoyed my cigarette
It had not been long when madam nerd pushed the door open
"Why are you smoking in my bathroom,I thought I told you not to smoke In my room"she said in between clenched teeth
" This is the toilet not your room miss now if you don't mind just leave me alone" I said coldly
",Oh God of Mercy do you even know what this thing does to your organs !??" She said angrily ,I will keep tormenting her till she decided to loose up Abit.
" Look seven I don't want you to smoke in my house again " she said sternly while I nodded
I dumped the cigarette on the floor before stepping out from the bathroom.
"Stupid nerd " I cursed under my breath

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