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billionaire Heir-Chapter 6


billionaire Heir-Chapter 6

Subtitles: Inlove With The Bad Boy

©munay berry

I was seated in my living room watching Netflix when my maids came in hastily with luggages I need no one to tell who they belong to.
I raced outside to the garage there they stood my mom dad and Diane my sister
I rushed them with hugs especially mom have missed them so much
" It's been a while dad and mom " I said and peeked them equally on the cheek
" Hey weirdo haven't changed abit" she said nonchalantly
Yeah that's how Diane can be , I ignored her And led them into the house.
"So how have you been mom" I asked immediately they had settled down
Seven is yet show up , and I was beginning to get worried he bailed out on me
"Been good dear thanks to your father" she said and winked at me
" Oh really ? Daddy what have you been giving to my mom she is looking so fresh and sexy too", I teased as we all laugh
" Your jokes are not funny weirdo" Diane said sarcastically and raced upstairs
Seven came in immediately with his bags
He looked so handsome even with his natural hair color
Maybe living with that nerd will help me clear my head , I need a break from my father and his trash that was why I had agreed to act like her boyfriend
I packed all the new stuff she got for me and my shoes too before walking outta my room Only to meet dad at the hallway waiting for me.
I wanted to act like I didn't see him and walk away but he held my hand which made me stop
"Where are you going to son" he asked with concern
", Non of your business old man" I groaned
" I know you will never be able to forgive me but just have it in mind that I love you so much and I won't do anything to hurt you" he said sadly
My mood soften Abit but i was quick to wipe it off.
I walked quietly to my car and drove towards the nerd house.
At her house , I saw some new cars parked outside so I guess her parents are here
I walked into the house hastily only to meet she and her parents seated at the living room
Her mom gasps upon seeing me.
"Good day Mr and Mrs Stephan" I bowed slightly
"Oh my goodness Elle is he the one? ' " her mom asked with so much eagerness
" Yes mom meet my boyfriend seven, seven meet my parents" she said gesturing to them
I walked over to her dad and we hand shaked
"Nice to meet you sir" I said calmly he nodded still looking at me.
" Woow he is so cute I was I still young " her mom winked making me chuckle
" Common honey I was cuter than him 30years ago " her dad feigned annoyance
"I know Mr Stephan you still look extremely handsome even in your old age " I said with a smile
" He is such a sensible young man I love him already " her mom said grinning from ear to ear
" That's enough mom seven is tired from his long trip am just gonna take him upstairs so he can freshen up and come downstairs" Danielle said spoiling the moment
She took my luggage and led me upstairs to her a room with I presume to hers
"Like seriously what was that all about" she said with a serious tone
" What are you talking about " I asked trying to take off my clothes
"You know the thing with my parents you were over doing it, I mean you were too" she said with an eye roll
" Okay maybe I just go downstairs and tell them am just pretending" I said sarcastically and pulled my shirt revealing my masculine figure
Her cheeks heated up as she looked away shyly
"What " I asked like I don't know what she is doing
" I... Erm.. you.. I mean you should never undress in front of me that's one of my rules" she stammered
" I am seven and I don't follow rules" I said and started pulling my trousers she ran out embarrassed
Yeah that's what I wanted

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