billionaire Heir-Chapter 4


billionaire Heir-Chapter 4

Subtitles: Inlove With The Bad Boy

©munay berry

Theme:Boyfriend for hire

Is this girl mad or what ,
"Are you sure you normal ?" I asked with a small laugh.
"Am serious boy , oh and don't worry am gonna pay you in full " she said Smiling sheepishly
"Bitch back off , do I like am hungry to you huh! First you made me speak more than two words in school ,took my sketch pad to add to that now you wanna hire me as your boyfriend, look here clumsy nerd you need medical assistant" I said rudely and walked away angrily
She looked sad when I had called her a nerd but I don't care.
I pray I don't come across any more craziness for the day.
I walked quietly pass the hallway as students kept murmuring ,cameras were clicking that was when I realized I forgot to wear my face mask
Some girls were just screaming like in cultured imbecile
I walked hastily to my porche I just needed to leave this goddammn school before they devour me
I drove straight to the water falls that's like my second favorite place to be.
I watched him walked away angrily but I won't stop at nothing till he decides to accept my request
He walked through the hallway without his mask on the students gathered at every corner taking pictures of him
Some were even screaming ,I was tempted to trail him which I did
I rushed to my car and drove after his car, I made sure not to look too obvious ,
He drove to the water falls and parked his car
I parked mine far from the falls .
He stood there watching the fall with his hands shovel deep into his pocket
That gave me an idea
I walked hastily to his front
He looked faustrated
"You again ?? What have done to be punished with this nerd " he lamented
"Am not giving up so soon seven " I said with a scoff
"Back off nerd!!! You starting to piss me off" he growled at me but have got bigger plans
"I won't Mr grumpy ,as a matter of fact am gonna jump into the falls if you refuse to do it and mind you i can't swim" I said with a serious tone
"Durr you can jump into the slump for all I care " he said with an eye roll
"Very well then" I said with my eyes closed
I don't know what really happened but I accidentally jumped into the water.
And yes I can't swim

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