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billionaire Heir-Chapter 3


billionaire Heir-Chapter 3

Subtitles: Inlove With The Bad Boy

©munay berry

Theme:Boyfriend for hire

That was rude ,he can just vanish into thin air
I gonna find him soon and give him a piece of my mind.
Finally I was able to located my class luckily the lecturer had not come yet so I found a random seat and sat on it.
"Hey bitch what are you doing on my seat ,do you want to die?" a red hair girl dressed like a slut said with her minions behind
*Excuse me ??" I asked nonchalantly
"Are you stupid??? Didn't anyone tell you that this spot is off limits?" One of her minions said and that got me mad
"I beg your pardon chicken ,I didn't see where you or any of your minions name was writen on this chair, moreover if you don't want anyone to seat on it , kindly take it with you to your house and save us the stupidity" I said with anger.
The class had already gathered around us
I might look like a nerd but am not foolish ,I can't be a CEO for nothing
"Woow the nerd got wings huh !!! How dare you bitch!!" She growled and wanted to hit me but someone caught her hand before it could touch me .holy cow it was the masked guy ,why didn't I noticed his hair color before,he had dyed it blue
"Don't you dare Ashley?!"he said with a beautiful voice
The whole class gasps and started murmuring as they looked at him some were drooling over him.
One of her minions fainted
The other was trying to revive her and was still fan girling over him.
"What....se... seven talks" the girl called Ashley stammered
Okay am lost what's going with this people
He left her arm and walked away
"OMG OMG he held my arm" Ashley squeaks like a child forgetting about the chair she ran out
I better go after him , he still owe me an apology
I took my bag and my books and ran towards the direction he took.
Honestly I don't know happened back there I just found myself defending that nerd.
The news must been round the school that I actually talks
More reasons why I left the class and came to my special place which was the garden.
I removed my face mask and sat down before bringing out my sketch book
Yes I love to draw things it makes me feel at ease.
I saw a beautiful butterfly pecking on a flower bud and it reminded me of something I decided to draw it.
I looked at it one more time before sketching
I trailed after him till I got to a beautiful garden not far from school
I looked around the beautiful garden just at the middle there he stood scrubbing something in his book.
Wait?? He had no mask on
OMG he is dangerously handsome
Just then I remembered what barley had told me at the cafe
Maybe I should beg him to do it
I pray I don't get into trouble
I walked quietly to him and stood not far from him that was when I saw what he was drawing
"Erm nice art " I blurted out
He didn't say anything he just focused on his drawing
"Hi am sorry to bother you I just wanted to say thank you and you also owe me an apology" I uttered
"You are welcome and no I don't owe you any apology so can you kindly leave am in a middle of something" she said coldly not even sparing me a glance
"No I won't leave until you tell me your name" I said and grabbed the sketch pad from him
"Hey give that back "he groaned
I ran around the garden while he ran after me.
"Nope come and get it " I stuck out my tongue at him
"Okay stop I will tell you my name just give me the book" he said in defeat
"Am listening" I said
"My name is seven miss annoying so can you please give it back" he pouts.
"Fine I will but I need your help" I blurted out before I could stop myself
"Miss we ain't friends neither are we enemies so why would you need my help" he said sternly
"You are my friend already so deal with that Mr grumpy" I said with a scoff
"You win I give up now tell me what do you want from me?" He asked
"Good question, can you act like my boyfriend for three weeks?" I blurted out stupidily
"Huh ?? Are you okay??are you sure your brain is functioning properly??" He barked at me
Uh oh

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