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billionaire Heir-Chapter 2


billionaire Heir-Chapter 2

Subtitles: Inlove With The Bad Boy

©munay berry

Theme:Boyfriend for hire

I drove into campus as students roam around the premises
I drove straight to the parking lot and parked my car properly before stepping out.
Someone also drove into the school in a grey color porche the students were murmuring something to themselves but I don't know what they were saying maybe it's because of the person that drove in.
"Hey sissy" barley said behind and got me startled
"Gush you startled me when did you get here " I asked trying to relax my mind.
"Am sorry babe just that I miss you so much" she said like a child
"Chill sweetie have only away for just three days , besides I need to talk to you about something" I said with a smile
She jumped on my back like a baby , of course I know what she wants
"If you want to talk take me to the cafeteria first then buy something to eat before we can talk" she winked
That's barley for you she loves food more than herself.
"Okay Madame barley lead the way " I said with a chuckle.
At the cafeteria.
After buying cheese burger for barley I decided to go straight to the point.
"Barley I need your help ASAP"I said with a serious tone.
"What's wrong Danielle" she asked with a mouth full of burger
"It's the same story barley, mom and dad will be in town soon and she had asked to meet my boyfriend once she comes, you know I can't tell her about my single life, I need your help barley" I said in one go.
"Hmm sis who would wanna date you when you keep dressing and acting like a nerd ,I mean just look at what you wearing right now you look like grandma Sarah" she said nonchalantly
While I rolled my eyes at her.
"Story of my Life barley"I scoff
"Common Danny I know the person behind those clothes is a pretty damsel , if anyone in this should see you without this big glasses and loose gown ,they would line up at your house in the morning just to catch a glimpse of you" she said sternly.
"But I can't barley ,why can't they love me for who I'm and not what i look like.seriously you not helping out here " I groaned sadly.
"Okay fine grandma Sarah I have a plan but you have to buy me another burger before I can talk" she said as my face lit up
"Deal " I said and ordered for two cheese burger for her .
"How about we hire someone who can pose as a your boyfriend for the whole weeks that your parents will be around " she said with a smirk
"Huh?? I don't understand barley" I asked impatiently
" I mean we can actually pay someone to be your fake boyfriend for a while one my aunt and uncle had gone back to Washington then you call of the deal ,very simple dear" she said
Actually there is sense in what she is saying
"But who would want to pose as a boyfriend to a nerd like me" I blurted out.
"The last time I checked my cousin is not a nerd" she winked still munching on the burger.
*Don't worry we will look for someone together" she added
"Okay if you say so , I gotta go barley class is starting any moment from now ,see you later cuzz" I said and stood up.
I walked hastily around the blocks , seems like am lost cause I can't find my lecture hall.
I kept walking in circles cause I had lost the map given to by the VC.
I walked around faustrated not watching where I was going when I bumped into a wall.
Wait !! This wall is actually not a wall it was someone chest.
I fell on my butt
"Ouch " I whinned rubbing my butt but supprisingly he didn't say anything
I couldn't see his face clearly ,he was wearing a golden face mask
He shakes his head and walked away with his palm shoved deep into his pocket
"Hey !! You owe me an apology" I yelled after him but he didn't even bother to look back as he walked away
I ran after him when through a crowd of students and I lost him
What kinda people is he ??
Maybe he is deaf and dumb
Who knows
Who is the masked guy na .
Danielle is looking so boyfriend to hire

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