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Billionaire Heir-Chapter 19


Billionaire Heir-Chapter 19

Subtitles: Inlove With The Bad Boy

©munay berry

What ??
"Yes seven I love you so much and that's my biggest weakness " I cried as I knelt down with my head bent low.
" You can't love me Elle am not good enough for you please . I don't want you to get hurt " he said and walked away.
It's all my fault , now have lost him forever .
I stayed that way crying but strangely enough someone came to me , I didn't bother raising my head up to see who it was.
He lifted me up and hugged me.
Oh my God!!! It's seven .
"Ssh it's okay Elle . Am sorry too " he whispered audibly.
My heart raced even faster than usual.
He broke the hug and helped me to the couch.
He used his thumb to wipe off my tears as he face palmed me.
He looked at me intensely and brought his face closer to mine till his breath fanned my face.
"I love you too Elle " he whispered and slowly took my lips into his .
I feel like my heart is on fire right now .
No no this must be a dream , it's too good to be true.
I encircled my arms around his neck as we kissed passionately.
He lifted me up and took me upstairs to his room.
He placed on the king sized bed not breaking the kiss.
He planted kisses all over my body and my neck leaving hickeys .
A moan escaped my mouth as I did that .
I pulled his shirt over his head and toss it across the room.
My shirt was a buttoned up, he slowly removed it remaining just my bra and a the black skirt I was putting on.
He planted kisses all over my boobs through the fabric , as I fondle with his hair.
He unhooked my bra and placed it somewhere on the bed.
I moaned softly as his tongue came in contact with my nipples.
He sucked em pretty good as I felt dangling feeling all over my body.
He slowly pulled down my skirt now am just in my pants .
I felt somehow shy. He smiled out Dimple as he took his bottom lip in .
I love it when he does that.
He grabbed hold of the fabric from both sides and ripped off my pants.
He toss it across the bed.
I ran my fingers crossed his belt and removed it .He brought his lips back to my tummy as he played with my belly button I shuttered as he did that.
His hand found its way to my V and teased it for some seconds before Inserting a finger , I squeezed my face in Pain.
It felt good yet painful .
He moved his finger in and outta me slowly I closed my eyes as massive wave of pleasure flowed through my body.
He brought his lips to my ear and bit my ear lobe teasingly.
He suddenly stopped as he brought out his finger.
"Am sorry Elle I didn't mean to rush things" he said and he wanted to move away from me.
Is this dude serious right now? Can't he see that I want this .
"No please am ready " I mumbled.
"Are you sure?" He asked.
I just nodded and face palmed him.
Am so grateful right now for this Mr perfect . He's not only handsome but also romantic even though he can be grumpy at Times.
I took his lips into mine again as he responded immediately .
He groaned as his hardness pressed against my thigh.
I helped him bring down his pants revealing his joystick .
Holy shit !!! He so big down there .
Am not sure if I will be able to this in me.
I closed my eyes tightly as he positioned himself in between my legs .
"It's gonna hurt baby" he said in a husky voice as he slowly inserted it into me.
I wanted to shout out loud but I don't wanna look like a novice
He stopped for a while letting me adapt to it before thrusting into me tenderly.
I closed my eyes as I felt serious pain down there.
Soon I felt something wet come outta me , I guess that's my cum.
He reached climax and emptied it inside of me before falling beside me. My eyes tear up as I felt pain all over my thigh and V.
He kissed my hair from behind.
He took me in bridal style to the bathroom .he dropped me at the shower as we took a bath together .
Once we're through he took me in bridal style not wanting me to walk.
He placed me on the bed as he cuddle up with me.
"Am sorry babe just know I love you so much I promise to a best hobby to you that's if you let me " he whispered into my ear.
Am still trying to digest all of this .
So has been in love with me all this while and i never knew.

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