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Billionaire Heir-Chapter 18


Billionaire Heir-Chapter 18

Subtitles: Inlove With The Bad Boy

©munay berry

All through the night I couldn't sleep all I could think of was just Danielle she successfully occupied my thoughts , I can't think of anything but her.
I managed to get pass the night before morning, the following morning I took it upon myself to prepare breakfast for me and dad .
It's been awhile since I cooked for him, I know he's going to extremely happy with this.
I'm gonna be making chicken noodle soup that's his favorite .
I prepared it and set the table just in time he desended down the stairs in a gray Armani suit he looks so dashing , and extremely younger than his age .
Now I get where I got the handsomeness From.
"Good morning Dad " I greeted with a smile.
"Morning seven how was your night trust you slept well?" He asked.
"Yeah dad what about you" I lied , it was obvious I didn't sleep well who knows if I had dark circles around my eyes.
"Never been better . Thanks for coming back to me" he smiled.
"I made breakfast" I said and led him to the table.
His happiness knew no bound.
"Woow my favorite , have missed your cooking so much . I wish Beatrice was here with me right now" he said as his mood turn soar.
" It's okay dad , I believe where ever mom is she's happy seeing us reunite " I said trying to control myself as my memories hurts .
Mom died in the accident that made me lose my memory.
We ate happily as we talked about random stuff we seriously have some catching up to do.
He stood up and walked to the entrance door while I did the dishes.
"Come here seven there's something you might wanna see" I heard dad's voice at the entrance door.
I left what I was doing and rushed to the entrance door and glance at the spot he looking at.
What ???
"I believe she spent the night here" dad said .
" What the fuck Elle ?? " I whispered audibly
" Oh great she's your girlfriend and left her out here in the cold " dad smirked.
" It's not what you think dad " I defended.
" Shut up young man and help her inside " dad said and walked away.
How did she find my house ?? Am sure she's here to continue with her insults .
I carried her in bridal style and took her in
Such a deep sleeper.
I placed her on the couch and went back to the kitchen , I took out a tea cup and filled it with an expresso coffee and took it to the living room.
She was awake when I got there.
She looks so rough like someone who has been crying all night.
"Seven ?", She mumbled but I didn't say anything I just stretched the cup at her.
."here have some expresso it will help relieve some pain" I said coldly and wanted walking away when she stopped me.
"Seven please wait" she muttered.
I turned to look at her but I wasn't saying anything .
"Am sorry" she said with a cracked voice.
"It doesn't matter anymore " I said coldly.
"Please listen to me seven am really sorry I made a mistake which I know won't be forgiven but please am truly sorry I was naive and a fool please don't push me away" she said as I eyes tear up.
" I forgive you Elle but just go away it will be best if you stay away from me , go back to your life " I said Sternly and walked to the stairs .
I stopped just halfway when I heard her voice.
" That's the problem seven I can't go back to my life because you're my life" she cried
What is she saying??
I came to her .
" What do you mean by that? " I asked her.
She cried even more as she fell to her knees.
"You're my life seven without you I don't think I can ever survive" she screamed out tears.
" Why do you think so " I asked again obviously confused.
"Because I love you seven!!" She dropped the bomb.
What the hell!!!!

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