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Billionaire Heir-Chapter 17


Billionaire Heir-Chapter 17

Subtitles: Inlove With The Bad Boy

©munay berry

Thank goodness I found what I was looking for , I just hope am not too late .
I rushed back to the mansion only to meet Elle seated at the living room in tears .
I knew instantly that I was late but at least she should have the decency to listen to me.
She stood up the moment she saw me.
"Elle ??" I called her name.
"How could you seven ! How could you be so cruel and heartless. All this while you claimed to be an honest person but you not . I can't believe I fell for someone like you .
"I want you to look me in the eyes and tell me you didn't misbehaved with barley !! " She yelled at me as tears roll down her cheeks
"Listen to me Danielle is not what you think , I can explain" I said trying to calm her hopefully she might listen to me.
" Don't fucking call me name Mr Donald don't fucking come close , you nothing to explain to me so just shut the fuck off its obvious barley was telling the truth" she cried
" Yes but that's not how it happened" I tried to plead.
" Oh my God so you actually raped her !! You are a wicked soul , who knows if you had the same intentions towards me but never got the chance to do that to me .
" You are a monster and I hate you for this , I won't forgive you seven .I want you outta my property and don't worry about your money am gonna pay you in double" she growled as her body vibrated in anger .
The maid brought my things to the living room .
I collected it from her in anger .
"You know suit yourself I don't owe any one an explanation , you free to think whatever you want , do you know the problem of you nerds ?
"You feel because someone told you something you always right and the person in question is wrong "
" You never gave me an opportunity to explain myself but I hope this video camera holds all the answers you seek .
" As for your money lol I don't need it Incase you don't know am a rich heir to a top billionaire , I only agreed to this because I wanted to help you . I don't want to ever see your face in my entire life ,.good bye say hello to your family and I hope never to see you again " I spat angrily and dropped the camera on the glass table at the middle of the living room before walking out.
Have just about enough of everything am so tired of someone trying to control me telling me what to do and what not to.
I entered my car and drove straight to the Donald Mansion , it's time to go home .
Have tortured my dad alot I think it's time I forgive him , no matter what I do it won't bring back Kira .
The gate opened automatically as I drove straight in and parked my car before stepping out . I went through the entrance to the living room and found dad seated looking so rough with his beards filled up.
"Dad " I said more like a whisper.
"He turned to me in shock because it's been six years since I last called him dad . I rushed to his side and squats infront him.
"Are you okay dad ? You look sick " I said with so much concern.
" Seveny son you came back to me or is this a dream" he said hapily.
"Yes Dad am back for good am sorry for treating you so bad , I was just mad you couldn't save Kira " I mumbled
He didn't say anything as he pulled me into a tight hug , I can't remember the last time we hugged.
I felt a heavy weight lift off my chest as I forgave him.
"You don't know how happy I'm son thank you for forgiving me b", he said as he disengaged from the hug.
" It's nothing am also sorry . Am so tired at the moment dad we have some catching up to do tomorrow morning , good night I need to sleep " I said and left him as I carried the luggage upstairs to my room.
I really wanted to smoke but somehow I couldn't , cigarette now irritate me badly .
I know I might be mad at her but that doesn't take away the love I have for her .
I just wish it could go away.
I took the video camera and turned it on before playing the only video on it ,
I gasps as it fell from my hands , he was actually telling me the truth . He's innocent
God what have I done ??
I picked my car keys and rushed to my car as I drove like a crazy person straight to barley's place not caring if it was late or not.
I didn't bother parking my car As I rushed into her house , I saw her at the dinner area drinking milk.
"Barley ?!! I'm finished Barley you have to see this" I rushed to her in a panicked way.
I showed her the video as tears roll down her cheeks.
"I can't believe I accused him wrongly and broke your relationship in the process am sorry Elle you should know it wasn't intentional" barley sobbed so hard.

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Seven will never forgive me for this , this is what jumping into conclusion caused me
"He left me Barley he doesn't want to ever see my face ever again" i said as I sobbed quietly.
" Am sorry Elle this is all my fault , I accused him because he was the one that took me to the hospital i should have thought about it properly" Barley cried.
" it's okay sis I understand, I would think that you if I was in your place " I said.
I stood up after consoling her and left
I can't go to his house cause I don't have the courage to look him in the face . I messed up big time.

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