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Billionaire Heir-Chapter 16


Billionaire Heir-Chapter 16

Subtitles: Inlove With The Bad Boy

©munay berry

I woke up with a throbbing headache , it feels like hell in there.
"Elle??" I called the moment my vision cleared.
She looked at me with a happy expression the next thing she engaged me In a hug
"Don't scare me like that again please, are you okay?" She rushed me with questions.
I couldn't answer I just nodded.
Now that my memories are back , I doubt if things will ever be the same and I know barley is gonna tell Elle.
It wasn't easy taking a blame for something you didn't do , she never gave me a chance to explain.
"Are you hungry do you need anything? ' she kept treating me like a child.
"No am okay Elle " I mumbled.
"For a moment I thought I lost you" she said with her Head down.
" Trust me Elle it's not my time to die but as far as am still breathing am not leaving you alone " I blurted out before I could stop myself.
She hugged me again without saying anything.
I wish I could see Barley and try to talk to her again I pray she listens to me .
I tried to stand up but the pain I felt made me lay back, I have to tell Danielle everything. I can't keep this Burden with me.
"Erm Elle I have something to say" I mumbled as I seat properly relaxing my body on three soft pillows.
" What is it seven do you want anything? You no you're there for me" she assured me.
" Promise you won't get angry at me " i muttered.
"No just tell me whatever it is am sure it's not that bad " she said giving me her full attention.
"It's very bad Elle I don't know to start from" I said with a pounding heart.
" Trust on this one , just tell me"she said calmly.
I breathed out in faustration and looked at her, I was about telling her when I phone rang disrupting the discussion.
"Excuse me please I will be right back" she said and rushed out with the phone on her ear.
She didn't even let me say anything. One thing for sure am not scared about the whole situation.
I'm very much innocent of all this but still if Barley decide to tell Elle , I won't stop her . I said it before that love wasn't made for people like me.
In my memory wave I remembered something ,jeez it's something important that can actually reveal the truth without me saying it. I managed to stand up from the bed and put on something simple.
Before leaving the house through the back door without anyone seeing me.
Barley have bugging me with calls , I wonder what's her problem. Just when seven was about telling me something important she called again I just have to take the call and leave the room.
What's up with you sis why did you leave the like that huh? " I asked the moment I picked up the call.
Am sorry I didn't mean to do that but if you want answers on why your boyfriend is acting strange and why I left the house, come over now I promise am gonna tell you everything you need to know" she said with a cracked voice.
Hmmm something is definitely fishy. Or is it that seven and Barley knew each other and must be hiding it from me.
I will be there in a second bee" I said and hang up and went upstairs to my room but supprisingly seven is nowhere to be found giving me more reasons to doubt him.
I changed my clothes and picked up my small posh bag before walking outtA the house to the car park.
I got into my cruiser and drove outta the house as the gate opened automatically.
I drove straight to her house and parked my car before coming down.
I walked into the house which wasn't locked , barley sat down on the couch with her face glued to the TV.
"Bee how are you doing" I said the moment I got to her, she stood up and hugged me tightly.
"Thank goodness you here " she said in a sober tune.
"What's wrong bee you don't sound happy ? " I asked with concern.
" I can never be happy when I found the one that took my pride and dignity away from me " she sobbed quietly.
Oh my goodness , it's been years since the incident but how did she find that person.
" Are you sure bee ? " I asked as I face palmed her.
I helped her the couch as I sat down beside her.
"It was horrible seeing him seated comfortably, not moved by this atrocities committed it hurts to know he's with my loved ones" she said but to honest am really confused.
" Do you know his name ? " I asked
She looked at me for a while and nodded.
"Then tell me so I can know how to get to the root of this issues" I assured.
She hesitated before speaking up.
" His name is seven Donald " she finally dropped the bomb.
Huh ????? What's she saying ??
"Am sorry but which seven Donald" I asked to be sure of what I heard.
" The seven Donald in your house, your so called boyfriend is a rapist " she half yelled.
Oh goodness
" No it's not possible how can you just accused someone you just met " I groaned.
"I swear sis am telling the truth, you can as well ask him am sure he's not gonna deny it . Look Elle he's not what you think he's, a monster that's what he's" she sobbed even louder.
I held her close and comforted her , no no this is not possible.
Not now that I found out that am in love with him ,God this is took much to take in.
I hate the fact that I fell for him without running a background check on him , now am in love with the same person that rapped my sister.
" Take care bee I will be right back" i said coldly and walked away.

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