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Billionaire Heir-Chapter 15


Billionaire Heir-Chapter 15

Subtitles: Inlove With The Bad Boy

©munay berry

Argh!! " I screamed out loud in a pains vase wave of memories were coming back in a rush.
"Seven dear are you okay " I kept hearing voices but I was in so much pain that I didn't know who is speaking.
Then I saw her face clearly , she is the misterious girl that was raped by the guys right in front me , I couldn't do anything to save her.
After they had their way with her they left her to bleed to death, I took her out but she woke up halfway to the hospital and accused me of raping her simply because she saw me face. She cried so much ,it's all my fault but I know she won't ever believe me so I took the blame.
I was the one that took her to the hospital and saved her life ,but I know she would never forgive me because she thinks I did it.
"Seven !! Seven !! Look at me !" I heard another faint voice in my head
"It hurts so much I want it to go away !! Leave me alone" I screamed out in pain with my eyes closed tightly.
My nose started bleeding as I felt more pain from my chest.
Make it stop ,make it go away it's too painful" I mumbled
"Calm Down seven am here just open your eyes and look at me" I heard Elle faint voice and that of her parents too.
The pain became unbearable as I blacked out immediately.
No no it can be !! It must be my imagination no .
He was the same guy who rapped me years ago with his group of friends.
I can't believe my cousin is dating a rapist .
Danielle doesn't deserve someone like him ,he is gonna ruin her life
No I can't let history repeats itself ,am gonna do something fast to prevent all of this .
My sister has a good heart and am going to make sure she's happy but not with that rapist.
If I say I understand what's going on then am lying,have never been this confused all my life.
We took him to the bedroom and called the family doc who came shortly.
He examined seven for a while before turning to me and my parents.
"He is gonna be fine , it just a memory knock down " he said briefly.
" Doctor I don't understand why did he had a memory knock down?" Dad asked while I nodded me head too urging the doctor to explain in details.
"You see actually memory knock down usually happens to people who has anesthesia ,in his case it seems he had lost his memory temporarily my guess is he saw something or rather someone that triggered his memory but it was too much for him that's what led to the bleeding from the nose " he explained.
What ???
" Seven had a memory lost ? Gosh I never knew" I said with shock as I looked at how peaceful he slept.
"Yes ma'am now if you don't mind I need to get going ,.one more thing please once he is awake get him a skimmed milk it will help Alot " he said dad shook hands with him as he led him away.
I sat down close to him and pecked his forehead
"You gonna be fine soon" i whisper into his ear.
The truth is have fallen so madly for him but am gonna keep it to myself ,seven can never love someone like me.
He looked so cute even in his sleep and pale too .
He must have gone through alot that's why he's always cold ..
"I love you please be fine for me" I mumbled to myself.
I kept playing with my fingers till I heard my name.
"Elle?? "

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